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Why You Don't Need Agency Experience to Launch an Advertising Agency


This post originally appeared on Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post. For a lot of people on the outside, it appeared that my move into the agency world was some big audacious thing where I thought that my Twitter following would somehow translate into successfully acquiring clients for an agency. Sure, I’d never run an agency.

Audience Lab is a secret weapon for political advertisers


Audience Lab is a secret weapon for political advertisers who are interesting in only reaching their target audience surgically every time instead of wasting time, money, and goodwill by firing for effect at best and carpet bombing at worst. The post Audience Lab is a secret weapon for political advertisers appeared first on Biznology. This is game-changing. Why war? Good to go.

Selling is to hunting like marketing is to trapping


Even if you’re coddled by a sales team or protected by the full force of an agency, you’re developing the skills associated with selling and marketing. That said, you can take advantage of contextual advertising and affiliate marketing in a vacuum. Business Development and Sales Networking Salesmanship Advertising agency Brand Etsy linkedin Self-employment social media

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4 Lessons from Responsive Design for CMOs

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Posted in Advertising Content Marketing Conversion Optimization Customer Experience Design Innovation Interactive Marketing Internet Optimization Web Design. Responsive design brings a variety of benefits – both for brand marketers and the consumers interacting with content across multiple devices. Rule #1: Don’t Become Complacent. Rule #2: Always Be Refining. touch, swipe).

Using Analytics to Get Higher ROI from Remarketing

KEO Marketing

Remarketing is one of the most popular tactics for online advertising campaigns. When you want to optimize your online strategy, you need one of the top advertising agencies in your corner. KEO Marketing can handle your remarketing tasks and all aspects of your online advertising campaigns for you. Paid Search Advertising remarketing campaign top advertising agencies

Conquering PPC in a competitive market

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Blog Google paid search paid search agency Birmingham PPC advertising agency PPC agency BirminghamIf you’re vying with your rivals for the same audience and keywords, get ahead by making your paid search campaigns as relevant as possible – by targeting local users with location-based tactics. Google loves it.

Why I Won’t “Do&# Your Social Media

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There are many who feel that they can simply “do&# social media by using an “agency&# and outsourcing “campaigns&# to them. I know many talented and intelligent people who work at agencies and have had great successes implementing campaigns, and I have a great deal of respect for them. What does “doing&# their social media mean? Definite ego trip. A: OK.

Selecting an Advertising Agency


How do you select the best marketing agency for your needs? Two new pages recently added to WebMarketCentral address this issue: "How to Choose an Ad Agency (Marketing Agency)" and "How to Write an Ad Agency RFP." Selecting an agency is a common enough practice that I had assumed there would be a wealth of advice on the Web pertaining to this, but when I googled phrases such as "choosing an advertising agency," "selection process for an ad agency," and "how to write an advertising agency RFP" I was surprised at how little (of value) I could find.


Tips for getting to know your prospects from David Ogilvy

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Before David Ogilvy became one of the biggest names in advertising, he was a door-to-door salesman for AGA ovens. As you’d expect from a man who later went on to dominate the advertising industry, it contains some incredible tips for salesmen. Ogilvy was a keen believer in the power of research, a fact that later came to define his advertising agency.

Why customer personas may be an outdated marketing technique

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I’m not saying that personas are without merit (especially when it comes to tech and developing user interfaces) but I would like you think critically and not go down this path just because a consultant or advertising agency tells you to do it. The president and founder of the company was handed a persona-based content development plan from an ad agency and was miserable.

“Advertising is Great Story-Telling” Young and Rubicam CEO David Sable on Marketing Made Simple TV

Fearless Competitor

In this show, David Sable, Global CEO of the huge Young and Rubicam advertising agency speaks with Jeff Ogden of Marketing Made Simple TV. Why good advertising is really good story-telling. Advertising is NOT dead. The post “Advertising is Great Story-Telling” Young and Rubicam CEO David Sable on Marketing Made Simple TV appeared first on Fearless Competitor.

Here's An Industry Comparison Of The Most Widely Used Marketing Channels


This is consistent with our intuition as B2C companies invest heavily in brand advertising with video ads, display ads, retargeting, social media, and paid search. Marketing Agencies Rely On Content, Referrals And Paid Social To Generate Business. We expect marketing agencies to prove their expertise through case studies and educational content. We also see an emphasis on SEO.

The Thin Line Between Social Media Marketing and Spam

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In this case, a Twitter search showed there were 44 Tweets of an advertising agency’s post in the prior week. 43 of them were copy-paste replies from the same employee of the agency (a “strategist” no less!) You can share. You can publish. You can broadcast. You can spam. Today, communication is more accessible than ever before. Enter the opportunity for spam.

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Direct Mail Strategy: Do you see direct mail more as advertising or sales?

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When direct mail became a mainstream marketing channel for the largest brands back in the early 80′s, many advertising agencies jumped on the bandwagon and started to offer direct marketing services. They were already creating print advertising. The post Direct Mail Strategy: Do you see direct mail more as advertising or sales? Copywriting Direct Mail Direct Marketing General Lead Generation Print Advertising It was a natural extension for them. All they needed to do was reconfigure the same creative approach [.].

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Your 2013 Social Media Strategy: Grow a Pair.

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Shove it off to an advertising agency. Stop abdicating leadership to advertising agencies who just made Timmy from Accounting your community manager because he’s 23 and enjoys Facebook. If you’re in pharma or another highly-regulated industry, stop waiting for guidance from the FDA or whatever agency and just figure it out. Now, on with the show.

Insist on the Right Copywriter


If your primary source of outside help for marketing communications and public relations projects is a marketing or advertising agency, you have probably worked with whichever copywriter the agency assigns to your account. You may be better served by bringing in your own freelance writer to work with the agency, especially for certain situations and projects.

PeerIndex Founder reveals social marketing developments

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Why is social scoring so disruptive for many traditional advertising agencies? Click here is you can;t see this video interview with Azeem Azhar, founder of PeerIndex. I had a chance to catch up with PeerIndex founder Azeem Azhar at his homebase in London. In this interview we cover: Is social scoring getting traction? How is the company going to use its new round of funding?

The Characteristics of a Marketing Automation Expert [Infographic]

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She has spent the last three years in content marketing and community management at and Radian6, and has a background in account management for interactive and full service advertising agencies. Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of Amanda Nelson , Director of Marketing at RingLead, where she leads the content marketing strategy and execution.

Can We Please Stop Using Branded Content?

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It’s a word created by the world of paid media … by advertisers, agencies, and media planners. First off, let’s look at the Wikipedia definition: Branded content is a form of advertising medium that blurs conventional distinctions between what constitutes advertising and what constitutes editorial content. Simply put, branded content looks and feels like advertising.

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Why Ad Agencies aren’t adjusting to a real-time social media world

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Here are the signals coming at me in the last few days: “Our advertising agency is staggeringly out of touch with the demands of a digital world. “We are losing a lot of digital business to smaller agencies. ” — Creative Lead, Large New York Agency. Why the ad agency angst? The dynamics of social versus advertising. Execute. Repeat.

Do You Need a Freelancer or an Agency?


Technology companies typically maintain relationships with one or more advertising, marketing, and public relations agencies for services related to sales promotion, including copywriting. But some marcom projects don’t need the full agency treatment, with the associated higher costs, longer development and review times, and involvement of extra people. Lower costs.

Why content marketing is a “do-over” for social media

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The basic concept behind print advertising hasn’t really changed for centuries. A respected senior advertising exec just jumped ship to join a start-up content marketing firm. Advertising agencies have a right to be concerned because nobody sees their ads any more. Comments If clients and agencies can move beyond the misunderstanding. Intimidating. Agree?

KEO Marketing CEO, Sheila Kloefkorn, Accepted into the Forbes Agency Council

KEO Marketing

August 16, 2016 – KEO Marketing (, a full-service business-to-business (B2B) marketing agency, announced today that president and CEO Sheila Kloefkorn has been accepted into the Forbes Agency Council. KEO Marketing is a leading business-to-business (B2B) digital marketing agency in Phoenix. PHOENIX, Ariz., Women Business Leader.” About KEO Marketing.

How to Match Great Content to Your Sales Funnel

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She previously worked in content marketing and community management at and Radian6, and has a background in account management for interactive and full service advertising agencies. In the B2B marketing world, the buying cycle is long. It's about driving them through to the sale by creating great content at each stage of their journey. Navigating the Sales Funnel.

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[Infographic] How to Form Your Digital Advertising Team

Modern B2B Marketing

All marketing teams should think of it this way—and digital advertising teams are no exception. So, what’s the best way to form your digital advertising team, in particular? With this transformation comes a new set of roles and duties that need to be taken into consideration when forming your digital advertising team. Let’s explore…. View the infographic in a new window here.

Why Your Brand Should Invest in Mobile Video Advertising


A recent spate of direct and anecdotal evidence suggests the cash is flowing into mobile advertising in general and mobile video advertising in particular. Moreover, I believe the evidence is compelling enough to at least consider an investment in mobile video advertising. Last December, eMarketer estimated that advertisers will spend nearly $600 billion ($592.34

Agencies Under Pressure to be More Digital


And increasingly, those company leaders are turning to agencies to catch up, keep up, and move ahead of their competition. Digital Work Drives Agency Growth. According to AdAge’s Agency Report 2015 , digital’s share of US agency revenue reached 40% in 2014. The digital surge has been good for the economy, and for agencies of all kinds. PR agencies grew 5.3%

7 Engaging CMO Interviews From 2016

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” JetBlue does local TV advertising because it isn’t a national brand and some two-thirds of its advertising budget goes to digital marketing. “A legend in the advertising industry, who shall remain nameless, said he would identify a product that could be an icon of what Kodak stands for, that only Kodak can deliver, then develop, offer and learn from it.”

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A Helping Hand and Then Some For the Data Driven CMO

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” The disciplines of marketing and technology have converged, and CMOs are in need of partner agencies that possess proficiency in both data management and experience-creation to help define and lead this agenda. While advertising agencies often manage the bulk of a CMOs budget, traditionally they have been restricted to the confines of “the campaign.”

15 of the Coolest Agency Offices We've Ever Seen


To showcase how marketing and advertising agencies around the world are accommodating their teams, we've compiled a list of 15 amazing offices. Ranging from minimal and clean to downright kaleidoscopic, these agency work environments are sure to inspire some office feng shui (even if that just means getting a new desk plant). 15 Examples of Cool Agency Offices.

Employees’ Tweets Lead to FTC Enforcement

WindMill Networking

Specifically, the FTC alleged that Sony Computer Entertainment America (“Sony”) and Deutsch LA (Sony’s advertising agency for the PS Vita game console launch), misled consumers with deceptive product endorsements for the PS Vita. […] Author information James Wu James Y. On November 25, 2014, the United States Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) proposed consent orders regarding two companies who allegedly mislead consumers. Wu contributes a monthly column on Social Media and Employment Law. Social Media and Employment Law

The Emotion found in Social Data

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Ideal Customer Persona – made with Social Data Some advertising agencies charge you hundreds of thousands of. Let’s be clear. Most people who write on social media outlets don’t do so just for the sake of doing it. In other words, they are emotionally invested in the product, service or experience about which they are opining. In some contexts emotions are considered bad.

6 Factors that turn social media strategy into RESULTS

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For 100 years, we have been conditioned to pay an advertising agency to handle our customer media and then sit back and wait for something to happen. Certainly advertising is still an important part of the marketing formula. After working as a marketing consultant for more than a decade, I know how exhilarating it is when a client really executes well on a strategy. 4) Focus.

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How to find homegrown content marketing evangelists

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Slowly, companies are realizing that their best evangelists, storytellers, and teachers aren’t working in an advertising agency or PR firm. Slowly, companies are realizing that their best evangelists, storytellers, and teachers aren’t working in an advertising agency or PR firm. But how do you find these people? It’s enthusiasm. Interview them for blogging topics.

KEO Marketing CEO, Sheila Kloefkorn, to Present “Top 15 Trends in Digital Marketing – What You Need to Know for 2017”

KEO Marketing

October 18, 2016 – KEO Marketing , a full-service business-to-business (B2B) marketing agency, has announced that CEO and president Sheila Kloefkorn will lead a session at the Arizona Technology Council’s “Lunch & Learn” event on Tuesday November 15, 2016. During the session, Kloefkorn will discuss recent changes with Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and other online digital and advertising platforms. The company was named a “top 25 Interactive, Social Media, SEO and Advertising Agency” by the Phoenix Business Journal. PHOENIX, Ariz., to 1:00 p.m. About KEO Marketing.

The Rise of the Unread: How to Avoid the Burial of Your Content

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For example, creative for a video may be distributed via an advertising agency, get framed and promoted by the social media team, leveraged for email marketing automation, and so on. The​ ​Unread​ ​(content)​ ​has​ ​risen​ ​and​ ​is​ ​stalking​ ​the​ ​internet. Nearly​ ​8​ ​in​ ​10​ ​(77%)​ ​companies​ ​planned​ ​to​ ​increase​ ​their​ ​content​ ​marketing​ ​budgets​ ​in​ ​2016.

How a Blank, 4-Minute Video Got 100,000 Views


In an advertising agency, having a good idea isn’t enough. To illustrate the inherent flaw of vanity metrics, we at ad agency Solve created a four-minute blank white video and uploaded it to YouTube. We then got our blank video over 100,000 views simply by spending $1,400 on YouTube ’s TrueView advertising platform. Advertising DailyHere's why. No sound.

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