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Mergers and Acquisitions as Part of Your Growth Strategy

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Mergers and acquisitions have become a popular business strategy for companies looking to expand into new markets or territories, gain a competitive edge, or acquire new technologies and skill sets. M&As are especially popular in the professional services space with the growing wave of retiring Baby Boomers and a rapidly changing economy and marketplace. One caught my attention. Bingo!

Are you ready for the mega-shift from social media to private media?

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Falling data prices, cheaper devices, and improved features are helping propel their growth: Implications for marketing. I am beginning to think through some of the implications for this trend and I would be delighted to hear about your ideas in the comment section. Snapchat is a juggernaut with the 18-24 age group, now earning more daily check-ins than Facebook. The rise of private media.

37 Big Data Case Studies with Big Results

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Prices by hotels can be personalized by taking data such as how much you typically spend at the bar or casino to incentivize you with a lower price for your room. The hotel can give you a better price, knowing you’ll spend money on other services. Now, P&G can load and integrate data faster and execute reliable analysis at scales that were previously not possible.

Quantivo Offers High-Volume Customer Analytics at a Modest Price

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Acquisitions by enterprise software giants have opened opportunities for smaller, more nimble alternatives. For example, the first analysis might find all transactions that involve a specific product on a single date. Indexes also allow analysis across pairs that are not directly built into the data. Support for multiple hierarchies and queries across hierarchies also minimize the price of making a bad decision during initial schema design, since even unplanned queries will execute reasonably efficiently. These are exciting times in the world of analytical systems.

LinkedIn Buys Fliptop: Why Account Based Marketing and Predictive Analytics Are a Natural Fit

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Predictive analytics vendor Fliptop today announced its acquisition by B2B social network LinkedIn. would have looked so much more prescient had they announced the acquisition after I had published this post! It's an important idea because it promises to improve results by delivering more relevant content for the same price.

Alterian Pushes Into Social Media Management with Techrigy Acquisition

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Marketing automation vendor Alterian yesterday announced its acquisition of social media monitoring company Techrigy. Even though the Techgrity deal is the first direct acquisition I recall of a social media monitoring system by a marketing automation vendor, it strikes me as an obvious step. Previous acquisitions include Web content management (MediaSurface, 2008), contact optimisation (Campaign Calculus 2.0, In fact, according to Alterian’s very interesting FAQ about the Techrigy acquisition , “Engagement marketing” is the core of their current corporate vision.

Reltio Makes Enterprise Data Usable, and Then Uses It

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It can work with data from multiple sources, relying on partner vendors such as SnapLogic and MuleSoft for data acquisition and Tamr , Alteryx , and Trifacta for data preparation. This is where the real fun begins, because that profile is now available for analysis and applications. Pricing depends on the number of users and profiles managed but not the number of sources or data volume. I’ve spent a lot of time recently talking to Customer Data Platform vendors, or companies that looked like they might be. Or not.

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Just Released: ABM Vendor Guide Gives Detailed Comparison of 40 ABM Vendors

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You, Dear Reader and Potential Buyer at the Bargain Price of $495 Which You Can Order Here , will be the final judge of that. It may also include analysis of account data to identify gaps in contact lists and understand current engagement levels. Select Targets This includes predictive model scores to rank potential targets , conventional account profiling, and behavior analysis. Analyze Results Reporting Results Analysis Nearly every system will have some form of result reporting. Format: PDF File Price: $495 Order From: Awesome!

Comparing and Selecting Solutions Using TCO Analysis

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Costs are tallied for planning, acquisition, setup & installation, manage & support, evolution and retirement. In these studies of early IT investments, the purchase price of the hardware and software was found to be only 15% of the total cost of owning the asset. The accounting system is called the “Chart of Accounts”. ROI TCO Pisello Alinean

Uses of Lifetime Value - Part 2: Component Analysis

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The primary exception is promotion costs, which are typically listed separately for initial acquisition. In sum, then, a publisher’s lifetime value model might look like: LTV = (Acquisition cost) – (number of initial copies x (initial price per copy – initial cost per copy)) + (number of renewal copies x (renewal price per copy – renewal cost per copy)) Note that number of orders, value per order, and average years per customer—all seemingly natural components for a lifetime value model—do not even appear. Today we’ll look at them. This is a key point.

Uses of Lifetime Value - Part 5: Trend Analysis

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For example, you might find that this year’s acquisition cost is $50 per customer and it has been increasing $5 per year over the past three years. You would therefore estimate next year’s LTV using an acquisition cost of $55 per customer. change in source mix could easily change the aggregate component values even if behavior within each source remained stable. (A stable aggregate value could also mask significant changes within particular segments—another reason to do segment-level analysis.) But it isn’t. So let’s backtrack a bit. This confusion exists on several levels.

I've Discovered a New Class of System: the Customer Data Platform. Causata Is An Example.

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Users can run SQL queries to extract data for analysis and predictive modeling in third-party software including QlikView , Tableau , SAS, and R. The lack of native analysis and modeling tools creates some friction for users, but also lets them stick with familiar products. Pricing is based on the number of data sources and touchpoints, with additional charges based on data storage.

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CallidusCloud Buys LeadFormix Marketing Automation for $9 Million Cash

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The price is surprisingly low for an established marketing automation vendor. This would translate to around $7 million revenue, for a price of just over 1x revenue, compared with 4 to 5x revenue in other recent acquisitions. suspect the actual LeadFormix revenue was considerably lower than $7 million, but, even so, the price may give pause to investors in other marketing automation firms who are hoping for a great payout. These include products for hiring, training, collaboration, content distribution, proposals, incentives, quota management, and analysis.

Why Is B2B Marketing Automation Growing So Slowly?

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Not surprisingly, the rate is higher among larger firms. I’ve excluded business under $5 million revenue from this analysis because that’s a very different market. more tactical consideration is that mid-to-late buyers have different purchasing styles (more risk averse, more support oriented, more price sensitive, more brand driven) than early adopters. million vs. 39.6 million).

Google Rolls Out Latest Penguin Algorithm Update, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week


With new developments like Google''s latest Penguin algorithm update, Yahoo!''s acquisition of Tumblr, and Twitter''s new Lead Generation Cards, marketers have got a lot to catch up on. Penguin 4 also includes more sophisticated link analysis software that better understands website links. recent acquisition of Tumblr make me wish I had a cool billion dollars to throw around.

31+ of the Coolest Social Media, Search and Web Tools of 2010


Discover how to accomplish all of the tasks above and more using some of the coolest free and modestly priced social media and web tools released in the past year or so. realtime social media monitoring tool featuring sentiment analysis, key influencer tracking, and the ability to sort/view results by geography and demographics. Pricing ranges from $30 to $150 per month. Klout.

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10 LinkedIn Groups Every Entrepreneur Should Follow


The reason for economic progress according to Austrian economic analysis … that’s right my friends, the entrepreneur. Extra Credit: Want to understand prices? Finance Plus is a larger group that provides a steady stream of “news from private equity, venture capital and mergers & acquisitions” without the need of a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification to join.

How to Fix 6 Failing Marketing Metrics Your CEO Actually Cares About


How to Fix 6 Critical Marketing KPIs When They''re Underperforming. 1) Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). Revenue and cost efficiency are the primary concern of upper management, so while Sales may be closing deals, further analysis shows that your marketing budget is rendering your customer acquisition cost high. Your pricing strategy may also need to be reevaluated.

What Every Managing Partner Needs to Know About Marketing Professional Services

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The discipline of marketing should help inform which specific markets you are going after, which services you are offering, pricing, introduction and promotion of those services, evaluating the client experience, developing strategies for increasing business with existing clients and evaluating and planning for mergers and acquisitions, to name just a few. Little Perspective Please.

26 Awesome Search Engine Marketing Guides


Miranda Miller writes that Google’s recently introduced Callout extensions enabole “you to add more text to your ad to spotlight free shipping, discounts, price matching and more. Search engine marketing (SEM) accounts for roughly three out of every eight dollars spent on digital advertising , with Google alone commanding 31% of the market. Image credit: John A.

What to expect when you’re expecting #MarTech next month


If you haven’t registered yet, our “beta” rate discount — which is $350 off the on-site ticket price — expires this Saturday. We’re 6 weeks away from the next MarTech conference in San Francisco. My anticipation is building — I’m eagerly drumming my fingers on my desk as I write this (much to the annoyance of the person sitting next to me). Siri anyone?

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Whatsnexx Manages Customer States, Not Campaigns

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The process is this: users first define “scenarios”, which are customer processes such as acquisition, retention or complaints, and "states", which are customer types such as new, high value, or disgruntled. Whatsnexx’s Jacques Spilka says he finds huge time savings in the analysis stage that precedes the campaign set-up: instead of taking a week to understand client needs and processes, he can do it in a few hours using the state-based technique. Most of the time setting up any system is spent on analysis, not the mechanics of the campaign design.

How to Calculate Social Marketing ROI

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ROI analysis enforces rigor that leads to better decisions. It may be possible to calculate a payback through extensive customer perception or employee satisfaction analysis, but why bother? Do you suppose the storage giant conducts an ROI analysis before making that decision? simple one is an ROI analysis of the impact of hiring a new sales representative. EMC Corp.

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Six B2B Marketing Tools to Put on Your Wish List


Are your product prices, company contact info or events highlighted in rich search results? Triblio defines your campaign-audience segments by persona or account, and you can choose to personalize by any of the following: Acquisition, upsell or retention accounts. Combined with a comprehensive influencer strategy, you can use Little Bird to get better results for: Trend analysis. At 6sense we believe 2016 is going to be the year of customer-centric, data-driven marketing. Here are six B2B companies we love here at 6sense. Google Search Console. TrackMaven. Triblio.

8 Ways to EARN Media Attention Instead of Buying It


Ways to Earn Media Attention Instead of Buying It. 1) Consider a Unique Pricing Strategy. Who says that pricing can't be a differentiator? Dow Jones Bar in Barcelona prices its drinks based on demand, just like in the stock market: my purchase of Heineken will make it more expensive for others. Unless, of course, there's a crash -- when drinks can be bought at bargain prices!

Can the social web play a role in customer retention?

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The recession has culled the weak from the pack but it’s likely that your competition is still fierce.  Is there a way to attract and retain B2B customers without lowering your price? Notice that all of these ideas go beyond the basics of price, quality and service. Tags: B2B and social media customer acquisition marketing strategy process to retain customers. Lower risk.

MarTech Europe preview: here’s what to expect in 6 weeks


Here’s what you can expect at the event: Vendor-Neutral Analysis of Marketing Technology Solutions. Justin Dunham, director of marketing operations and digital acquisition at Urban Airship , will present why Marketing Ops is a Philosophy, Not a Department , pulling lessons from “DevOps” in the software community and applying them in the context of modern marketing teams.

Act-On Buys Marketbright Assets

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Part of his answer was because they could: having raised $10 million in June, Act-On can now consider acquisitions of less-well-endowed competitors. In other words, the Marketbright acquisition was a tactical measure to pick up some modest assets at a modest price. The system’s $500 per month starting price and no-annual-contract policy encourage such casual implementations by reducing the financial risk. The most popular are drip marketing, anonymous visitor identification, sales integration, and Web traffic analysis.

Just How Many Leads Do You Need? – by Christopher Ryan

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The actual analysis requires specific knowledge of your company’s revenue goals, but let me offer a simplified scenario that will give you the concept.  To work your monthly lead target, you will need seven pieces of data.  If you don’t have all this data, use what you do have and begin to collect the missing data:  . You think this would be a simple question.

Mastering Direct Mail Marketing: How To Build A High-Converting Campaign


Direct mail has some of the highest response rates and competitive cost-per-acquisition across most marketing channels including digital ones like email, social, and display advertising. Cost-per-acquisition for direct mail is very competitive at $19, compared to Email ($11-15), Social Media ($16-18), Paid Search ($21-30). Determine Cost-Benefit Analysis. Number of recipients.

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Looking for Differences in MPP Analytical Databases

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One final point about Dataupia is pricing. A 2 terabyte blade costs $19,500, which includes both hardware and software. Presumably the Microsoft acquisition will change those last two. Aster pricing starts at $100,000 for the first terabyte. WX2…WhiteCross…get it?) It also has by far the highest list price, of $180,000 per terabyte. They also note that the price per terabyte drops when you buy more than one.) Tags: database technology analytical database analysis systems You’ll note I didn’t refer to these systems as “appliances”.

Alterian Branches Out

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Over the past two years it has moved from being primarily a data analysis and campaign management tool to competing as a full-scope enterprise marketing system. Specifically, it added high volume email generation through its May 2006 acquisition of Dynamics Direct, and added marketing resource management through the acquisition of Nvigorate in September of that year. But apparently that is a price they are willing to pay for growth. Tags: marketing software marketing automation columnar database analysis systems These include 10 of the top 12 MSPs in the U.S.

Optimove Helps Optimize Customer Retention (And, Yes, It's a Customer Data Platform)

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The system assumes the data has already been coded with customer IDs, which something that makes reasonable sense given the focus on retention rather than acquisition. The system then uses the life stages and segment attributes to assign customers to "microsegments" that cluster analysis has found will behave similarly. The connections may be through file transfers or APIs.

Avoid the Commodity Trap: How Brand Research Helps You Get Ahead

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However, it’s very easy to relegate the choice of goods to a price point—putting more pressure on companies to invest in brand, advertisement and product innovations to appear more differentiated. ” This is, in fact, the first hint of self-commoditization that we see in research analysis. Response : Competitive pricing/cost. Research is important.

2013 Marketing Automation Trends That Will Boost Your Social Media

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Learn more about this from David Raab’s analysis of acquisitions by Microsoft and ExactTarget. 2) The use of social media to distribute content will continue to increase, driving demand for social media integration in MA. This term describes when consumers visit physical stores to try products, then check a mobile device for the best price online. What Happened in 2012?

NitroMojo and Marketing Advocate Specialize in Marketing Automation for Channel Partners

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NitroMojo says about 60% of leads reply to the surveys, giving enough information for meaningful analysis of program, partner, and salesperson performance. Pricing starts around $3,000 per year plus $100 per user per month, which is usually less than the cost of marketing automation and sales automation systems that NitroMojo would replace. It provides a resellers with a vendor-sponsored microsite that gives them access to marketing content, prospect lists, acquisition email campaigns, and automated nurture emails. did they eventually buy?

More on Marketo Financials: Despite Past Losses, Prospects Are Bright

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They allow for some interesting analysis. Given that Marketo’s list prices start at $2,000 per month for the smallest implementation of its full-featured edition, this is pretty firm evidence that the company has indeed been aggressively discounting its system – as competitors have long stated. The bad news is they have quite a way to go before they’re selling at full price.