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3 Real-Life Examples of Incredibly Successful A/B Tests


Whether you’re looking to increase revenue, sign-ups, social shares, or engagement, A/B testing and optimization can help you get there. But for many marketers out there, the tough part about A/B testing is often finding the right test to drive the biggest impact -- especially when you’re just getting started. By optimizing it, of course.

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7 Dead-Simple A/B Tests You Should Run on Your Homepage


You don’t have to be a tech savvy marketer to find out because you can run A/B tests -- all without an expensive, sophisticated redesign of your website. If you’re a newbie to website optimization, check out HubSpot’s A/B test FAQs to get started. Those are the pages to optimize and try to drive more traffic to. Right?

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5 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation


Optimizing your website to generate leads is a no-brainer. But it's not as simple as throwing a "click here" button on your home page and watching the leads pour in. Instead, marketers and designs need to take a more strategic approach. In this post, we'll go over some quick ways you can optimize your website for lead generation that actually work.

24 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools for Research, Feedback, Analytics & More


In an effort to truly leverage that investment in traffic, marketers must use conversion rate optimization, or CRO, to convince said traffic to complete a desired action. In some cases, these optimization techniques might be as basic as changing the color of a CTA. In other cases, there's a lot more that can be improved. Don't know a thing or two about either?

HubSpot Launches New Version to Deliver Better-Targeted Content

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HubSpot yesterday launched a “completely re-envisioned and rebuilt” version of its marketing system at its Inbound 2012 user conference. This is a major expansion beyond HubSpot’s original focus on “inbound marketing” to attract leads. The blocks are stored in a library and the same block can appear within multiple emails, HubSpot landing pages, or external Web pages.

How to Identify and Fix Friction on Your Landing Pages


You’ve spent a lot of energy (and budget) getting targeted traffic to your website. Often times this comes as a result of landing page friction -- a barrier that prevents your visitors from completing the action you'd like them to take. For example, a commonly stated cause of negative friction on landing pages is long submission forms. But why? The answer: good testing.

6 Conversion Experts Answer 20 of Your Most Important CRO Questions [Live Google Hangout]


Whether you're new to marketing or decades into your career, conversion rate optimization is an ever-changing topic and necessary asset in your marketing playbook. An effective CRO strategy can help you achieve all that -- without forcing you to crank out a bunch of new content. Want to learn more about conversion rate optimization? Looking to learn more about your audience?

Landing Page Best Practices You Should Still Test For Yourself


Wouldn''t it be nice if people in your industry did some A/B tests, talked about or published their results, and then you could just replicate their tactics and get the same results? While best practices can give you a great jumping-off point, if you really want your business to be successful, you''ve got to put these best practices to the test. Is there a happy medium?

9 Real-Life Conversion Rate Optimization Tests to Try Yourself


But in conversion optimization, examples are especially hard to come across. Below are nine fascinating case studies to inspire your next conversion optimization test. 1) Slide-in CTAs increased CTR by 192% and generated 27% more submissions. Most successful blogs include a call-to-action at the end of their blog posts. This story comes from the Sidekick team at HubSpot.

How to Optimize Your Promotion Channels & Increase Conversion Rates


Written by Katherine Boyarksy , Lead Generation Specialist at HubSpot.  . With more and more companies straying away from their dependencies on email – including us at HubSpot – it’s important to consider how you can optimize your current channels as well as the content itself. Once you’ve mastered placement of these CTAs and pop-ups, you can optimize them through testing.

17 of the Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers


From writing to SEO to analytics, these plugins will help you arrive at the solutions you're seeking while saving you a ton of time in the process. Just Writing takes WordPress' Distraction-Free Writing Mode (DFWM) to a whole new level. It will also notify search engines when you create a post about new content. 4) FD Word Statistics. 40,296. Check it out: Pre-Just Writing.

Why Your First Idea Might Be Your Worst Idea


This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Agency Post. There’s a common mistake both young professionals and expert contributors fall victim to when coming up with ideas. It’s known as the Einstellung effect -- when a person defaults to a known solution rather than a novel or optimal way of solving a problem. What Is Design Fixation? Students.

9 A/B Tests Mere Marketing Mortals Can Use to Increase Leads


If you are not trying any A/B tests currently, you're probably doing yourself a disservice. Running A/B tests on your website is a killer way to learn how to generate more leads from the same amount of traffic. In other words, stop losing leads you could be capturing today by making just a few small tweaks here and there. Test a few! 5.

12 Things You Learned in College That Prepared You for the Real World


When I was a freshman in college, one of my very first professors gave our class a piece of advice that I'll never forget: "Begin emails with 'Hi,' not 'Hey.'". To my professor, a middle-aged man who wore a coat and tie to every class, there's a world of difference between "Hey" and "Hi." He reads emails beginning with "Hey Mr. X" as "HEY! think I got a B-.

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Top Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading


For marketers, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that blogs are the second most used tactic for content marketing (behind social media content). That’s exactly why we share a list of the top marketing blogs each year. HubSpot’s Marketing Blog. They have a vast library that spans across all marketing topics. Analytics, SEO, and Conversion optimization Blogs.

How to Generate Leads From the Most Popular Pages on Your Website


But regardless how many pages you have on your site, you'll find that the vast majority of your traffic comes in to a few, very specific pages -- often your homepage, your "About" page, your "Contact Us" page, and maybe one or two of your most popular blog posts. Trust me: Optimizing these pages can pay off big time in the long run. 15 Examples of Beautiful Product Page Design.

5 Smart Ways Marketers Can Prepare for Unexpected Changes


Let's face it: 2016 (so far) has brought about a number of shocks, surprises, and setbacks for businesses -- from stock market instability to events like Brexit. And as a result, it's likely that many people are likely feeling a little less certain about their strategies than they did a year ago. Developing your product’s value proposition is both part art and science.

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The Anatomy of a Lead-Generating Website


As a result, your business won't be able to grow at a healthy rate. Do you use a tool that automatically pulls the submissions from your forms and puts them into your contact database? Do you have lead generation CTAs on each of your blog posts? (Do you have a blog at all?). The Anatomy of a Lead-Generating Website. 1) Lead generation forms. Request a demo?

How To Build Landing Pages That Convert


Though anyone can create a landing page, not everyone can do it well. Approximately  96% of the people who arrive at your website are not ready to buy just yet – so a targeted landing page is essential to building a positive experience and helping prospective customers find what they need. home page isn’t a landing page. Have a strong CTA (and test often).

Terminus Offers Targeted Display Ads for B2B

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Coincidentally, yesterday''s FierceCMO blog indirectly quotes Lenovo’s Michael Ballard on this very point: “ Adobe is not a solution for everyone because it requires a lot of expertise and attention. For many smaller companies, a suite like Adobe, Oracle , IBM , , SAS , or Teradata isn’t an option and would be overkill if it were. automated optimization.

Unveiling The Pipeline Marketing Technology Stack


To make it a little bit easier for you, we put together what we believe to be the essential technology for today’s modern B2B marketer after reflecting on our own analyzation of the marketing technology industry. Starting at the top of the marketing funnel, B2B marketers need technology that drives traffic to their website (marketing channels) as well as tools to optimize the process.

Facebook Advertising Advice: 10 Tips From Experts at Trello, WeWork & More


Facebook started as a way for college classmates to communicate, and it’s since evolved into a hub for content creation, sharing, and advertising. Over one billion active users engage on Facebook every day, which represents a tremendous opportunity for advertisers to leverage their content in front of potential customers. don’t] love our content. Facebook lets you do that.

10 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work (And Why)


And while the community is clearly there, connecting with them from a marketing standpoint isn't always easy. One way to do just that is to create optimized Facebook Ads targeted at the right audience. Optimized ads can help you spend your PPC budget wisely and see a positive return on your investment. So, what does optimized Facebook advertising actually look like?

19 Simple Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Email Open and Clickthrough Rates


CAN-SPAM ( C ontrolling the A ssault of N on- S olicited P ornography A nd M arketing) is an act that was passed in 2003. Essentially, it's a law that establishes the rules for commercial email and commercial messages, gives recipients the right to have a business stop emailing them, and outlines the penalties incurred for those who violate the law. just can't win.".

6 Tips for Making the Most of Your Retargeting Campaigns


This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Agency Post. Only 2% of traffic converts on the first visit to a website. Considering you work tirelessly to drive traffic to your website in the first place, it's crucial that you have a plan in place to win back the attention of the 98% that took off empty handed. What's a burn pixel? Or would you find a new movie theater?

Plain Text vs. HTML Emails: Which Is Better? [New Data]


Having an HTML email does not hurt your deliverability as long as you have two things: a properly coded HTML email and a plain-text version. 1) The HTML email needs to be properly coded. That'll hurt deliverability -- not just for that email, but also for any emails coming from that particular email address in the future. 2) The email should also contain a plain-text version.

Solving the SaaS Problem: The Ultimate Tech Stack for B2B Marketers


What are the core tools that should go into a SaaS marketer’s arsenal? Effective marketing strategies, no matter how diverse, share a single trait in common: They’re all customer-centric. A CRM is a one-stop shop for visitor insight, allowing you to record every engagement with your website visitors as they progress from lead to customer. Google alone handles over 3.5

How to Create Email Newsletters That Don't Suck [Free Ebook]


Your email newsletter''s goal could be to gain more blog visitors, generate leads and sales, or inform your customers about your company’s latest product updates. Heck -- maybe you just want to create a stellar internal newsletter for your company’s employees. In this comprehensive ebook, you’ll discover: What a great email newsletter actually looks like.

Seven Simple Ways to Screen Marketing Candidates — Just by Looking at Their Resumes

CMO Essentials

Have you ever received a resume from a marketer that you just knew, at a glance, would not proceed in the hiring process? Marketers can be evaluated to a great degree by looking at how they present themselves to the world in writing during the job pursuit. Here are seven red flags to watch for when looking at candidate resumes for your marketing team. 1. Missing metrics.

9 Signs It's Time to Grow Your Content Team


Growing traffic can be a bittersweet experience when you’re first starting out in content marketing. Fail to grow your content team and you could find yourself among the 57% of marketers who are struggling to consistently produce content. or maybe even a few? It helps you stay on top of topic areas and ensure that content is published on a regular basis.

7 Marketing Skills You Need to Get a Promotion


Are you vying for a promotion? One thing to keep in mind: No matter how talented you are, you only have 24 hours in a day -- and hopefully you''re not working for all of them. If you can master these marketing skills, you''ll be in a much better place when management considers who to promote. 1) Plan your blog content in advance. An effective marketer plans ahead.

How to Use Twitter Retargeting Ads to Generate More Customers


When you think of lead nurturing, do you think of a series of well-timed, relevant emails to a perfectly segmented audience? At HubSpot, we started experimenting with Twitter Ads as a method of lead nurturing. Well, my team's job is to drive product interest through trials, demos, and inbound marketing assessments. Not so great on a mobile-first platform.

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The Top 10 Stats from 2016 that Show the Importance of Email Marketing

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When I think about digital storytelling, there are a few images that come to mind. picture crisp, vivid photography that draws my eye to a publication. And I think of videos, whose power to transport has rendered the medium invaluable for a solid content strategy. It’s not enough to have a newsletter or a targeted approach to distribution. ” 2.

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The Complete Checklist for Creating Compelling Calls-to-Action


Lots of times, when marketers want to make a big impact on their marketing, they focus on going after a big project: big email campaigns , big website redesigns , big social media plans , big everything. not a lot of time for those big campaigns, huh? The good news is you don''t need them to make a big impact on your marketing -- often, a smaller tweak can work wonders.

Inbound Marketing vs. Content Marketing – What’s the Difference?


While both inbound and content marketing are relatively new practices, they’ve both won some serious proponents (and probably a few detractors) during their years in use. Both inbound and content marketing rose to prominence for the same reason, which was a rapidly shifting landscape of consumer behaviors. However, the very next year, it was a whopping $400 million. Caution.

The Beginner’s Guide to Content Experiments


Testing and optimizing content is extremely important to your marketing strategy. No matter how small or large your team is, optimizing content can generate the same or even more leads than brand new content. In a study from HubSpot , one marketer managed to double the amount of monthly leads from the blog by optimizing old posts. That’s a lot of new leads.

10 Stops to Take on the Road to Lead-Generating Landing Pages [INFOGRAPHIC]


If you’ve ever wondered how to build a landing page that converts , or even why you should be using them, you’re in the right place. Today you’ll learn tons of great landing page tips, and get to go on a road trip at the same time. We'll take you on a trip across the U.S., Time for a little recap. Social proof can be a great way to increase conversions.

6 Tips to Increase Your Email Marketing ROI

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According to Econsultancy, email marketing was ranked as the best channel in terms of ROI (68 percent), increasing 3 percent from last year. According to a report by the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing yields an ROI of 4,300 percent for US brands. You can increase email marketing ROI through personalization, automation, dynamic content, and optimizing for mobile consumption.

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How 7 Experts Solve Their Most Painful Email Marketing Problems


Planning email marketing campaigns can be, well, a pain. And what happens when you have more emails on your plate than you can manage? I''d guess that a crafty little outbound devil comes and whispers into your ear a slew of easy tactics to get your message out. Just buy a new email list and send them the same message you sent last week!". confidence.

7 Tips for Making Your Transactional Emails More Personal


While promotional emails seem to drive the most traffic and results, odds are you are missing out on a great opportunity to improve your transactional emails by making them more personal. Promotional emails are usually tied to specific campaign goals and are custom built for targeted delivery to promote a specific product or service from your company. Glad you asked. That's it!