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The Fatal Flaw of A/B Testing

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So I went to my freelance hour-tracking software service and looked for a “pause” option, so that I wouldn’t have to pay $20/month for 2–3 months. What a poor customer experience! And with righteous indignation, I copied a little information from the account and closed it entirely. So I felt a lot better about writing to them. Empathy will get you a long way in UX.

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4 Common A/B Testing Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)


Enter A/B testing : one of the easiest and most popular forms of conversion rate optimization (CRO) testing known to marketers. The trouble is, small mistakes made during A/B testing can lead to round after round of incremental optimizations that fail to producing meaningful results. Common A/B Testing Mistakes (And How to Fix Them). png">.

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The A/B Testing Checklist You'll Want to Bookmark


But basing marketing decisions off of a "feeling" can be pretty detrimental to results. One of the easier (and most common) types of CRO tests is called an A/B test. An A/B test simply tests one variable in a piece of marketing content against another, like a green call-to-action button versus a red one, to see which performs better. or days.

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Getting Started with A/B Testing: What, Why and How


Do your leads respond better to a red button or a blue button? Do you see higher open rates on emails whose subject lines ask a question or those that make a statement? In the digital world, even the most minute details can make a big difference. It’s actually not as hard as it seems, it’s simply a matter of conducting some straightforward A/B testing.

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Do You Know Your A, B, C’s?

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Do You Know Your A, B, C’s? Depending upon the client’s situation, one of the top five actions we take is to perform an A, B, C analysis of their customer base. If you are unfamiliar with this concept essentially the client generates a list of all their customers showing total combined revenues and margin over a recent 3 or 5 year period.  After this report is created, the next step is to perform a Life-time value analysis. 15% of clients= make up 65% of sales=A. 20% of clients= make up 20% of sales=B. How many employees?

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24 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools for Research, Feedback, Analytics & More


In an effort to truly leverage that investment in traffic, marketers must use conversion rate optimization, or CRO, to convince said traffic to complete a desired action. In some cases, these optimization techniques might be as basic as changing the color of a CTA. In other cases, there's a lot more that can be improved. Don't know a thing or two about either? Ready?

The Button Color A/B Test: Red Beats Green


Back in the day, we ran a button color test on the home page of Performable's website , and the results surprised us. Button color had a big effect on the overall conversion of the page. Green was also in Performable's color scheme (along with black and gray), so a green button fit a bit more nicely into the page design. We ran the test over a few days of traffic.

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How to Do a Landing Page A/B Test and Measure Results


If you have not implemented an A/B Testing program for your landing pages you may be missing out on a valuable opportunity to for conversion rate optimization. Although the name implies there are only two versions, A/B Testing compares the success rate for multiple variations of a single landing page. A/B Testing has recently gained in popularity simply due to the fact that it works. A/B Testing Basics. Here are some of the landing page components, and how they can be adjusted to facilitate the best results in A/B Testing.

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Three Types of Goals and KPIs Needed for Social Media Analytics

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By Brooke B. Good social media analytics are needed for businesses to understand the social consumer. Companies looking to garner better social media results need to start with those two questions — and from my experience, these are the three areas that need addressing when looking to grasp social media analytics. How is this platform helping you meet a company goal of X?

Audienti merges SEO, Advertising, and Influencer Engagement services


I have had access to Audienti for a couple years now, back when it was called OMAlab. If you have a brand site you want to turn into Google catnip, Audienti’s for you. It’ll ask you for all your Social handles and pages, your Google Analytics creds, and even your Google URL Shortener creds. That’s then, this is now.  . That’s all well and good.

10 case studies show how web analytics prove ROI


Web Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of internet data for the purposes of understanding consumer behavior, improving user experience and optimizing web usage. This might sound intimidating to some, but the reason why companies do web analytics is simple: to find insights that help make better business decisions. Who does it well? Like this post?

Your website must adapt based on data


Now, they’re mostly semi-automatic, human-assisted, systems, but they’re quickly becoming not only fully automated, after a lot of front-end setup, but they’re verging on becoming automagical, possibly, one day, autonomous, problem-solving, creative, and adaptive. There’s more but I don’t get some of it as I am not a sales maven. love it. Not anymore.

Using email effectively in your content marketing


That’s not a bad thing. Spam is a bad thing. Irrelevant content is a bad thing. Which is why email deserves a little more respect from marketers. Certainly, there are things it can’t do, but when it comes to things like lead nurturing and maintaining relationships with existing clients, email is in a league of its own. More on A/B testing below.).

5 Ways to Uncover Powerful Website Analytics

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Jamie Lewis If you’re not tracking your website analytics, it’s time to step it up. Contrary to more traditional marketing channels, your website and web analytics are direct, specific, and measurable. So what exactly is website analytics? 75% of the data you need is gathered just by placing a JavaScript code into the footer of your website.

Stacey Epstein, Banjo CMO: Keeping it Real with Big Data and Data Analytics

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Data Analytics. Demand data: Stacey defines “geofencing,” and gives another commercial example of target marketing combined with real time events and location, using the scenario of a high school basketball game as it affects retail sales of pizza and sweatshirts. The post Stacey Epstein, Banjo CMO: Keeping it Real with Big Data and Data Analytics appeared first on. Big Data.

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Rethinking CRO: How Remarketing Can Unlock Higher Conversion Rates


CRO isn''t just about making small adjustments to a landing page to get 5% more conversions. Both large and small optimizations can make a difference, but in my experience, it''s the radical optimization changes that have the highest potential to earn you more conversions. You might find they pay off in a big way. The median conversion rate is actually 2.35%. Crazy, right?

What A/B Testing Can’t Do for Your Email Marketing

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The digital marketing world sports dizzying array of metrics, automation tools and analytics platforms—so much so that many marketers rely entirely on them to guide their marketing decisions.   A/B testing can certainly improve an email campaign but there are some things that it can’t do, and experts say we should remember that imagination is as important as being tech savvy. “You can have a ton of numbers sitting in front of you, but if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, those numbers are useless.” You know what sucks?

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Why CMO’s Need To Be More Involved in Ecommerce

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But online is a big place. The modern day merchant must have an intimate understanding of the importance of online and mobile commerce, access to a vast array of customer data, and a strategy for transforming this analytical data into winning online experiences. Related posts: 10 Ecommerce Predictions for 2013 2013 just might be the year we see a real. If the $42.3

How To Adopt ABM Predictive Analytics at Your B2B Organization


B2B marketing orgs that are launching their companies into account-based marketing are forward-thinking marketing enthusiasts who care a lot about targeting. Predictive ABM analytics take a typical ABM strategy a step further. What are the steps to adopting a predictive ABM strategy ? Organizational Readiness Checklist Predictive ABM Analytics.

Want to Learn Marketing Analytics? Start With These 9 Great Resources


I''ve been interested in data and analytics for a long, long time. As a ten-year-old, I remember creating Excel spreadsheets with my dad for his annual Fantasy Football pool. Here are my favorite go-to resources for continuing my marketing analytics education. 1) The KISSmetrics Blog. What are your favorite resources for learning more about analytics?

Answers to the 19 Most Frequently Asked Questions About A/B Testing


A/B testing, also known as "split testing," is one of the most effective ways to make measurable (and scientific) improvements to your online presence. Questions on how to run A/B tests properly , however, seem to abound across the internet. We even got a few suggestions from Twitter (Thanks @hannahnymity )! So here it is, your FAQ to A/B testing.

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Email Marketing Trends and Stats


Email marketing consistently ranks among the highest ranking channels producing revenue and a strong return on investment. We have scoured the internet and collected a list of email marketing trends and stats that we have incorporated into our latest ebook, Reply All: Flat-Out Fundamental Insights into Crafting Compelling Emails that Deliver. Email A/B testing and engagement.

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How My Blog Homepage Redesign Increased Email Signups by 300%


At the beginning of 2014, I set a goal to reach 50,000 email subscribers for , my personal blog about marketing. To reach my goal of 50,000 subscribers I would need almost a 3X increase in the number of new, daily subscribers. didn’t have a framework or a set of priorities -- I just had a bunch of ideas that I wanted to try. Blogging A/B testing

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Get Your Next Promotion with Marketing Analytics


According to Forbes, 2014 is the year of marketing analytics. Last year, Forbes mentioned social media advancements numerous times, though social media was adopted by businesses of all sizes a few years before. think it’s safe to say that 2014 is the year of marketing analytics because your company should be doing it by now. it’s time to make the jump to marketing analytics.

5 Actionable Google Analytics Reports to Improve Your Marketing Today


You’ve got a simple analytics framework down. Counterintuitively, you shouldn’t waste time with A/B testing. The post 5 Actionable Google Analytics Reports to Improve Your Marketing Today appeared first on Opentopic. It’s assuming you’ve got the basics down. You’ve got Goals or Events set-up (properly). But you want action. You want to figure out how to move the needle in as short amount of time as possible. The good news, is that you also don’t need. Cognitive Technology

Implementing a Content Experiment from Google Analytics with a WordPress Website; Conversion Testing


Google recently introduced Content Experiment on Google Analytics as a replacement for the old Google Website Optimizer that was part of the Adwords platform. So here’s a step-by-step procedure for testing your landing pages with a WordPress site. First, I enter a goal URL that represents a conversion. Eventually a winner will be chosen.

Implementing a Content Experiment from Google Analytics with a WordPress Website; Conversion Testing


Google recently introduced Content Experiment on Google Analytics as a replacement for the old Google Website Optimizer that was part of the Adwords platform. So here’s a step-by-step procedure for testing your landing pages with a WordPress site. First, I enter a goal URL that represents a conversion. Eventually a winner will be chosen.

Reinventing the Fathom Website with Creative Conversion


As is common when a company decides to restructure and revamp procedures, establishing and promoting a brand identity was put on the backburner, and marketing and advertising the Fathom brand was lost in the dust to the hustle and flurry of the shuffle. However, this should not have come as a surprise. Think of it as your storefront window; it is a peek inside of your business.

SnapWrap: Analytics, Longetivity, Mistakes, and More!


Each Friday, we assemble a roundup blog post of the most insightful, most interesting, and most popular marketing content from the past week (give or take a few days). We pull from a wide range of sources and feature a wide range of opinions to give you the most diversified recap of all things marketing. In This Issue: How Google Analytics Ruined Marketing.

Helpful Instagram Analytics Tools, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week


You can tell they’re planning for a long 12 months ahead to start their fiscal year out right and please their devoted users, fans, prospects, and customers. Facebook has a secret announcement coming up , hot new measurement tools are coming out for Instagram, Yahoo! So let's speculate a little, shall we? Guess what. We’re almost 2 weeks into the new year already. Updates!

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How to Use Marketing Analytics to Get C-Suite Buy-In for Content Marketing

Hinge Marketing

Not because it's a passing fad, but because it works. If you can't quantify the value of content marketing, they won't see it as a worthwhile investment. In our own experience, we’ve seen a high correlation between website traffic and firm revenue. Intuitively, this isn’t a surprise. Did they download a few pieces of content? To your blog?

Four lessons in marketing data analysis for beginners

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Some time ago, I was working with an SEO professional who was helping my client with some A/B testing of a website (testing two different versions to see which performs better). After just a week, they came back with some good news. They tested a new version they had developed and indeed, there was a small, positive bump in sales.

Predictive Marketing Vendors Look Beyond Lead Scores

Customer Experience Matrix

It’s clear that 2015 has been the breakout year for predictive analytics in marketing, with at least $242 million in new funding, compared with $366 million in all prior years combined. Radius kicked off the sequence on November 3 with its announcement of Performance , a dashboard that gives conversion reports on performance of Radius-sourced prospects. Mintigo ’s news came today.

Introducing Analytics for PDFs (and More!)


Brands produce a lot of content, and Contently is no exception. Much of it goes on this blog, but as any marketer worth their lead funnel knows, there’s a whole universe of downloadable content (like sales decks, PDFs, and case studies) that lives elsewhere. To solve that, we launched Contently’s newest product, Document Analytics. What is it? ” (Thanks, guys!

How to clean up a cluttered website? Content analytics is the answer


That’s where content analytics–the science of understanding your content and gleaning actionable insights from it–is essential to effective web publishing post Panda. So why is your page not ranking? Often this is old junk that is just sitting on a server getting in the users’ way. It’s no longer an option to optimize pages in a vacuum. What’s the solution?

People-Centric Landing Page Conversion: Don’t Make Me Think or Puke


Most companies still use conventional landing pages, mostly with a form, to acquire leads or achieve another desired outcome. Obviously, landing pages are important in most forms of online marketing where you want to develop a relationship that goes beyond a connection or social relationship.  Conversion Customer experience Web Analytics A/B testing Avinash Kaushik bounce rate customer experience landing page conversion multivariate testing people-centric social sharing Steve KrugTherefore, it’s sad to see how many people, despite decennia [.].

9 Ways to Make Your Marketing Analytics Actionable


Tracking your marketing analytics can provide a ton of great insight into the performance of your marketing initiatives, show your boss how marketing is faring, and help you to prove that inbound marketing is really paying off. But that's only a small piece of why analytics are valuable. In fact, the true value of your analytics is what you can do with them.

A Special Message for You: The Power of Personalized Marketing

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Another newsletter I don’t remember subscribing to just sent me a weekly update. Then I click the next email, which is also a newsletter. Why do some ads strike us as annoying and disruptive, while others are so on-point that we’re a little creeped out? Sound like a lot of work? Five percent of respondents reported a 70 percent increase in open rates.). Great.

B2B Conversion Tracking Best Practices


Through digital ad tracking and website tracking, we have the opportunity to understand quite a bit about our prospects and customers before a word is even spoken. The technology is there, we just need to do a lot of things right to make sure our data is clean and actionable. In B2B marketing, there are multiple conversions in a customer’s journey. Analytics

The Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing


From planning your schedule to crafting your emails to fretting over subject lines, there’s a lot that goes into an email marketing campaign. Track Metrics and Conduct A/B Testing: How well are you doing currently and what can you do to improve? When it comes to A/B testing, common fields to test include subject line, image placement and design.