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Rise of the Marketing Platform

Modern B2B Marketing

The evolution of marketing has historically been measured in decades: 1900s – 1920s: Marketing is focused on product attributes. 1990s – 2010: Marketing shifts again to developing and managing customer relationships. But in the last few years, technology has taken marketing by storm. Five Big Trends in Marketing Today. Ready for it? Yes, I know, real “profound”.

Why is customer-centric marketing still more talk than action?

Reputation to Revenue

Michael Shrage’s recent Harvard Business Review post, Great Customers Inspire Great Innovations , got me thinking: Why, amid so much evidence of the power of customer-centric business, are so many companies still mired in inside-out operations? Busicom, a scientific calculator company, for example, commissioned Intel [in 1969] to design a chipset for its new programmable calculators.