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Top 47 B2B Marketing Posts - Hot Topics Ning and Facebook - July 2010

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July 1, 2010 to July 31, 2010. The 20 craziest things you can do on Twitter - grow - Practical Marketing Solutions , July 7, 2010 OK, we’ve heard all the great business success stories about connecting and learning through Twitter. Marketing Dashboard: Active Discovery - Digital Body Language , July 27, 2010 One of the most valuable areas to gain an understanding of is the current state of how your prospects actively discover your company and your solutions. Free Download: 2010 Online Marketing Blueprint. July 2010. PointClear (4). doth protest.

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Use Webinars for Content Acquisition

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Dan McDade of PointClear said of this radio show “ If more people listened to Jeff (The Fearless Competitor) a lot more would be sold. The blog post was well received with engagement through our inbox, blog comments, LinkedIn, Twitter and was requested as a guest blog post by Shari Weiss (@sharisax). Or join the Fearless Competitor group on Linkedin. “). link].

Purchases are fun, but…….they don’t move the business needle

Fearless Competitor

When used primarily as an email engine, adoption is “probably more than 50% (DemandGen Report, October 5, 2010). Share the blog post on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, etc. Then I suggest you reach out to lead generation companies like the experts like AcquireB2B , BlueBird Strategies , Pointclear or even Find New Customers. I do too.

Sorry, Aplicor, but the Answer is NO!

Fearless Competitor

Early in 2010, I worked in marketing for a small Florida CRM company called Aplicor. Recently both of them have reached out to me via Linkedin. Dan McDade, Pointclear. B2B demand generation | The answer is no, nein, nada. After just 30 days, the CEO at the time dismissed me without warning - no reason given. They even set it up so any calls or emails from me were blocked.