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Are the 4Ps Still Relevant or In Need of a Major Reset?

The ROI Guy

Promotion - Communication to provide information to prospects about the products / services including advertising, public relations, content marketing, and sales presentations, collateral and tools. Today buyer is more empowered with: Information, leveraging the Internet and social media / peer recommendations to make more informed purchase decisions More ways to buy Products that are more personalized / customized for the individual. As a result, according to research a few years back from Forrester, the 4-Ps of marketing are outdated and in need of a major rethink.

Let's Face It For Facebook: It's All About The Benjamins


Image via Wikipedia. Like Forrest Gump's momma told him, "Stupid is as stupid does," the same applies to Facebook. Facebook needs to get their information in the open for marketers to spend money with them. By the way, in order for this opportunity to see its fullest potential they need your information to be available for use by businesses. by Frank Reed. Money talks.

Top 40 Posts and Hot Topics of Inbound Marketing and Social Media

B2B Marketing Zone Posts

June 2010. fascinating “hardcore” B2B social media success - grow - Practical Marketing Solutions , June 20, 2010 With many companies now engaged in social media marketing strategies for nearly two years or more, success stories are starting to emerge, even in the difficult marketing world of industrial B2B.  I discovered a great success story to share with you through a masters thesis being developed by Haakon Jenson of Norway. Marketing Interactions , June 10, 2010 The amount of information available is staggering. Problems with Inbound Marketing , June 30, 2010.

Gerhard - The Sales 2.0 Host

Smashmouth Marketing

Below are a few questions for Gerhard on the topic: Mike : Given the economy, some people instinctively think "cut budgets", but I think it was Forrester at the last Sales 2.0 Gerhard : It wasn't Forrester who said that, it was IDC. The exact quote was: "Companies that significantly reduce their sales and marketing investment in 2009 will be gone by 2010." My view is that they are correct. Wikipedia is the poster-child of a new movement where we all want to contribute to a world where all information is available to all people. Sort of an informal survey.