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The Best B2B Marketing Ideas of 2010

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MarketingProfs Member Login | About Us | Members Benefits | PRO Members MarketingProfs Daily Fix Blog Home Marketing Resources Online Seminars Conferences Videos Research Store PRO Members Forum Blog Jobs Blog Home Archives RSS/XML Veronica Maria Jarski BIO 12.20.10 The Best B2B Marketing Ideas of 2010 A guest post by Jeff Ogden , president of Find New Customers Although companies like Marketo, Eloqua and Kinaxis have produced terrific written content in blogs, e-books, etc., Juan Eloqua This witty campaign by Eloqua used the famed Juan Valdez model of a coffee grower.

Infer Infuses Microsoft Power BI with Predictive Intelligence to Deliver Next-Generation Sales Analytics


Infer Inc. , a leading provider of predictive technologies that help companies win more customers, today launched a new sales analytics package for Microsoft Power BI. The package combines Infer’s valuable predictions, buyer signals and scores in meaningful, detailed data visualizations. Lead Scoring Predictive Intelligence Press Releases Profile Management Uncategorized

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Lead Scoring Best Practices

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More and more B2B marketers are turning to lead scoring as a way of optimizing lead management. Many of us will remember when we used to process raw Excel lists, handing over hundreds of names with job titles and companies to our sales department, only to find that leads weren’t being followed up on. What is lead scoring? marketing automation system.

The Best B2B Marketing Ideas of 2010

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B2B Lead Generation | The Best B2B Marketing Ideas of 2010. The final standings in the best B2B marketing idea of 2010 are: 4. Juan Eloqua by Eloqua (6%). 2. You Don’t Know Jack (about online marketing) by Marketo (36%). 1. Juan Eloqua. This witty campaign by Eloqua used the famed Juan Valdez model of a coffee grower. Stay tuned.

Everstring Offers Fast, Flexible, Account-based Predictive Models for B2B Sales and Marketing

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Remember how much simpler life was back in 2010? Today, at least a dozen vendors are offering predictive models for B2B lead scoring, sales intelligence, and customer success management. Many of the original scoring vendors specialized in a single application. The late start has let it adopt a broader scope from the beginning, offering both lead scoring and new prospect identification. The approach also lets clients score anonymous leads if IP address or similar information can identify their company. Sounds pretty simple, eh?

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Ranking B2B Marketing Automation Vendors: How I Built My Scores (part 1)

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Summary: The first of three posts describing my new scoring system for B2B marketing automation vendors. I’ve finally had time to work up the vendor scores based on the 150+ RFP questions I distributed back in September. Raab Associates’ primary business for the past two decades has been selecting systems, so we have a well-defined methodology for vendor scoring.

Are B2B Companies Finally “Getting” Content Marketing?

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Seems to me that despite articles like Inside the Mind of the B2B Buyer, great books like Content Rules and Get Content, Get Customers , and the insights of experts such as Ann Handley, CC Chapman and Joe Pulizzi, content marketing remained a tiny sliver though 2009, 2010 and early 2011. A few excelled – Hubspot , Marketo , Eloqua , Kinaxis – to name a few.

Email Design Review Gallery « The Effective Marketer

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Design #1 Email Sender: Marketo Email Title: Social Best Practices for Marketing in the Cloud What I Like: Clean design; date and time of the webinar on top easy to find; orange “Free Webinar&# button calls attention to the important action (register now!) Big but concise lead-in. Big lead-in helps keep users reading. Are you in search of inspiration? Too confusing.

Impressive Marketo User Summit


At this week’s Marketo Summit , I realized we’re right in the middle of B2B Marketing Event Season. MarketingSherpa’s B2B Marketing Summit was last week, Pardot’s user conference was 2 weeks ago, and the Eloqua Experience is coming up next week. In this post I’m giving a short impression of the Marketo Summit. The Marketo User Summit was BIG: 600 customers and partners were attending. Marketo University. The program started with the Marketo University, with a beginner and an advanced track. Global Marketo Roll-Out.

The Economy is Terrible! Or is it?

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Marketo Closes Record Quarter – Adds More Than 170 Customers, Grows Revenue 140 Percent Year-Over-Year. ELOQUA NAMED AS FINALIST IN 2011 AMERICAN BUSINESS AWARDS. 2010 Proves to be Another Outstanding Year for Kinaxis. They all produce terrific content and nurture and score sales opportunities. They give only high quality, well-nurtured leads to sales. Jeff Ogden ( @fearlesscomp ) is President of the B2B lead generation consultancy, Find New Customers. B2B Demand Generation | Does this make sense? Stocks Plunge on Fears of Global Turmoil. Or are they?

Marketing Automation Catching On Fire

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That points to the evolving nature of the market, and the key functions of lead nurturing, scoring, and automated triggers becoming part of email marketing and other marketing solutions. Note: I used publicly available data and wasn’t able to find Eloqua’s Series A, so I deducted based on valuation of their second round. Some have even suggested that marketing automation market is floundering , but it is such a new market and offering that is innevitable to have doubts, especially with these many vendors in the space. What do you think ? Very helpful article.

Infer Partners with Terminus to Introduce Predictive Ad Targeting that Drives Advertising ROI through Top-of-the-Funnel Engagement


Press release: New Strategic Partnership Brings Profile Management and Predictive Scoring to Account-Based Marketing. Rather than take a spray-and-pray approach or focus only on known accounts, Infer helps companies accurately pinpoint which accounts or leads are most likely to engage with a given campaign, and then leverage this intelligence for greater advertising impact.

All About Lead Nurturing (Really Customer Nurturing) [#B2Bchat Recap]


The chat zoned in on hot questions that dealt with the various lead nurturing strategies that would work, the kinds of content that would have the most impact and success, the significance of lead scoring, the tools that can be used, etc. What strategies work for lead nurturing, what doesn’t, and what could be improved upon? fearlesscomp : IMHO Scoring is critical.

The Fearless Competitor introduces you to Marketing Automation service

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Find New Customer s is pleased to announce the new Marketing Automation Acceleration Service to help purchasers of Eloqua , Marketo , SilverPop and the like to get full value from their investments. Find New Customers helps business develop and implement programs to drive more sales leads by improving the way they find and acquire new customers using best practices in lead generation.

Marketing Automation Acceleration service launched

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BETHPAGE, NY, June 10, 2010  /24-7PressRelease/ — Nearly seven out of 10 businesses say that “generating high quality leads&# is their top challenge, according to researcher MarketingSherpa. But marketing automation software customers are realizing that tools alone do not address the high-quality leads problem. About Find New Customers LLC.

Infer Named a 2016 CRM Market Rising Star


The Market Awards aim to recognize leaders in the CRM industry, and are selected based on a composite score that includes revenue, company growth, market share, customer wins, reputation for customer satisfaction, depth of product functionality, and company direction. Infer helps sales and marketing reps scour customer databases and the Web for highly qualified leads.

Bislr: A "Marketing Operating System" That Includes Marketing Automation As An App

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The current marketing automation leaders – Oracle Eloqua , Marketo , Salesforce Pardot , Silverpop , Act-On, etc. date from the mid-2000s and were originally built to feed leads to The newer products, including Leadsius , Salesformics , Leadsberry , Target360 , and Inbox25 as well Bislr, were all launched after 2010 and some are barely out of beta.

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5 Steps to Social Media Leads with Content Marketing

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The number one marketing trend for 2011, according to the 17,000 member B2B technology marketing group on LinkedIn, is the increasing integration of social media with traditional marketing tactics to drive qualified leads. Generating Leads with Social Media Going back to the original question: how do you leverage social media to deliver conversions? Great question.

5 Steps to Getting Started with Lead Nurturing

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But at the end of the day, we all must stay focused on the fact that we do those things in order to not only generate leads but eventually convert leads to customers. Here are 5 steps for building a lead nurturing system that will help convert your list to qualified sales opportunities and customers. Automate follow up - once you have created your content and determined the sequence of each step, automation can play a huge roll in a successful lead conversion campaign. Vendors include companies like HubSpot , Marketo , Eloqua and Manticore. New leads.

The Pond Just Got More Crowded: Google, and Sequoia Invest in HubSpot

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But if likes what it sees, who knows where that will lead? See my December 2009 post for a more detailed discussion of HubSpot's capabilities; basically, they are still pretty weak in outbound email, lead scoring, and nurturing, which are all core components of standard B2B marketing automation. intended to make money on its own) rather than strategic (i.e.,

Marketing Automation Acceleration Package – our exciting new service

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Congratulations on your purchase of marketing automation , such as Eloqua , Marketo , SilverPop , Manticore , or  Is it working or is it merely collecting dust? But remarkable content and lead generation processes are fuel and a driver for that Ferrari. Universal lead definition – get everyone on the same page about what is and what is not – a lead.

4 BtoB Marketing Action Items for 2011

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This will provide a high level overview of business to business lead generation best practices in a simple, easy to comprehend format. Lead nurturing , lead scoring , Universal Lead Definition, etc. It’s like a well-organized library of education on business to business lead generation. Quality leads matter. Originally posted 12/30/2010).

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Marketing Automation: Why It’s Leading the Nurture Marketing Revolution


As for building relationships, capabilities such as behavioral tracking, segmentation, targeting, and lead scoring all allow marketers to send the right messages at the right time, putting the tool at the forefront of personalized marketing. The post Marketing Automation: Why It’s Leading the Nurture Marketing Revolution appeared first on Fathom. Read on to find out.

Marketing Automation for the Inbound Challenged-Part 3: Vendors I

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Eloqua Eloqua provides you with contact management, campaign management, lead management and marketing measurement, all in one platform. Eloqua can work with a company that's just getting started, or improve the sophistication of existing marketing efforts. Marketo Marketo is made up of two sections: Marketo Lead Management and Marketo Sales Insight.

How Everybody Wins with HubSpot's Funding « The Effective Marketer

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This means that is time to update my previous charts on marketing automation funding (see below) and the funding timeline, because HubSpot just surpassed Marketo as the highest funded marketing software vendor to date. For Eloqua, at least, they say there’s no need to worry since HubSpot is serving a very different market. Everyone Wins But it also means something else.

Infer Named a 2016 CRM Market Rising Star


The Market Awards aim to recognize leaders in the CRM industry, and are selected based on a composite score that includes revenue, company growth, market share, customer wins, reputation for customer satisfaction, depth of product functionality, and company direction. Infer helps sales and marketing reps scour customer databases and the Web for highly qualified leads.

Infer Launches Industry’s First Predictive Account-Based Behavior Scoring


Infer Inc. , a leading provider of predictive technologies that help companies win more customers, today launched the industry’s most advanced account behavior scoring offering, which helps companies accelerate revenue generation by supercharging their account-based marketing (ABM) programs. the next three weeks). About Infer. Additional Resources. Follow Infer on Twitter @InferInc.