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Can Old Database Marketers Learn Digital Tricks?

Customer Experience Matrix

Summary: Database marketing and digital marketing are more different than it seems. Yesterday’s post touched briefly on what I see as a fundamental transition between database marketing and digital marketing, and in particular on the changes that marketers and their supporting vendors must make to navigate the change successfully. What’s less obvious is that the skills and attitudes that have served database marketers well for the past twenty or more years – an entire career for many – don’t transfer to the digital world.

Porcupines Part III: Nobody Puts Bunny in a Corner

B2B Marketing Unplugged

Still on about the porcupine and examining how marketers can turn perfectly lovely people (bunnies) into angry, demanding, rude monsters that our customer service people have to shoot.  Marketers, though we would never, ever admit it, approach things more like trappers. Content marketing is not new but now that it has a spiffy name like database marketing we’re all about it. Educating your market about your area of expertise is a great way to stake out a leadership position. That’s not marketing, that’s a drive-by. And it’s not a bad thing.