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33 Inspiring B2B digital marketing case studies

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

If you need convincing, here are 32 B2B digital marketing case studies that prove the potental ROI. In this post, we wil feature case studies in the areas of content marketing, social media marketingm social CRM, social selling, LinkedIn marketing, and webinars. HUBSPOT : Focused social media on solving customers’ problems as a way to earn leads. For million.

Lead Gen Tactics from 4 MarketingSherpa Case Studies

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Tweet Our sister publication, MarketingSherpa, publishes three weekly newsletter case studies, and in the B2B beat in particular, those weekly articles routinely feature a story covering marketers tackling lead generation for the complex sale. For this B2B Lead Roundtable Blog post, I want to offer four of those case studies published over the last couple of years addressing that very topic. If you only have a few minutes, this post provides highlights from each case study. 150% increase in lead generation from 2010 to 2011.

Social media success story: Marketing a medical practice

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Here is one of the toughest marketing challenges I can imagine — engage customers with a medical practice, which of course is surrounded by patient privacy issues. Our idea was to offer patients free information about breast augmentation that is helpful but not easily found online. Case studies Marketing best practices Social Media Strategy economics of social media facebook

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The Content Marketing Sweet Spot

Content Marketing for BI

From the 2010 Content Marketing Spending Research by Junta42. newsletters – Publish monthly and include product and company news, customer success stories, technical “how-to’s”, and business ideas. Case Studies – These can be as short as two pages, but make sure you provide concrete information about the customer’s initial challenge, how it was solved, and lessons learned.

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15 things marketers should stop doing and thinking in 2011

Chris Koch

The ultimate risk in business is that your customers stop buying from you because they don’t trust you. Preventing employees from speaking to customers because they might make a mistake ignores this much bigger risk—which existed long before social media came along. Customers want to speak to the people they will be working with. We did some case studies at ITSMA this year that showed that companies could easily blow up half their offices and do away with most of their administrative and bureaucratic structures without a single customer noticing.

6 Tips for Understanding the B2B Business Decision-Making Process.


content marketing communications strategy that recognizes this as every business buyer’s position can make the difference between an engaged prospect or an unsubscribe, a loyal customer or a lost sale. This is the time for case studies, data, and proof of time/money savings. It helps organize information and sets expectations with the reader. Why buy? Buyer Personas).

B2B Marketers: When NOT to Pursue a Case Study

Savvy B2B Marketing

If you're in charge of getting case studies published for your company, you likely feel the pressure to pump them out fast and furiously. Here are four instances when it's best to put a case-study opportunity on the back burner. 1) Customer isn't yet seeing results. Will the story help round out examples of customers in a certain industry?

Top 20 Most Useful LinkedIn Blog Posts of 2010

WindMill Networking

Although Facebook and Twitter always steal the social media spotlight, 2010 should be remembered as the year where LinkedIn accelerated development and released a plethora of new applications, features, and functionality to their platform for professionals.  You may already be following some of these tips, but they serve as a good reminder in case you’re not. CASE STUDIES.

9 Indispensable B2B Social Media White Papers

Social Media B2B

White papers and eBooks can be helpful resources when they’re well-prepared and provide usable information. Below are a list of 9 B2B white papers that have useful information for B2B social media marketers. Only one of the white papers requires registration and all were published within the past year. 1. Published by Hubspot, May 2010.

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Infer Grows Predictive Scoring Customer Base by 150 Percent Quarter-Over-Quarter


Infer Inc., a leading provider of predictive applications that help companies win more customers, today announced a 150 percent increase in its customer base over the past quarter. In short order, it has generated hundreds of thousands of predictions that have helped drive net new customers and revenue.”. About Infer. News & Announcements Press

Recipes For Great B2B Videos [#B2Bchat Recap]


About | Advertise | Submissions | Write for Us CrowdsourcedFRD Home Advertising Branding Content Marketing Lead Gen SEO-SEM Social Media More Strategy Design PR eBooks Educational Facebook Guest Posts Twitter Recipes For Great B2B Videos [#B2Bchat Recap] July 23rd, 2010 | By Anol Bhattacharya It was great to be a part of this week’s #B2BChat. Technology Naughty Vs. Nice In 2010 2.

Top 15 Recommended Social Media Books of 2010

WindMill Networking

It seems like only yesterday when I was blogging about the top 15 recommended social media books of 2009 , but here we are ending out 2010.  With the growing use of social media by both businesses and professionals, there was another influx of excellent books regarding its various uses that were published in 2010.  Not to mention the ever-growing importance of social strategy.

Want to Engage Senior Executives? Think Mobile. |


May 26th, 2010 | By Jeff Wilson It’s the question that has dogged B2B marketers since the beginning of time, how can we get time with senior executives in large enterprise companies? The recent years of economic instability mean being in constant connection with their organization, customers and suppliers. Technology Naughty Vs. Nice In 2010 2. Think Mobile. Agree? Disagree?

How to Engage Hyperactive Tech Buyers: Insights from TechTarget

Savvy B2B Marketing

Does that mean they are collecting content as they find it, yet will continue gathering information throughout the process? A. And they search for and gather information that reflects their interests and needs despite where they are in the buy cycle. If these hyperactive researchers are collecting information up-front for later reference, how can marketers accurately score them? A.

The Three Biggest Mistakes Companies Make with B2B Websites

delicious b2bmarketing

Case studies / testimonials / client lists – Third-party endorsements help prospects decide whether they should do business with you. Web users expect more from brands than just a brochure site with some information. Andrew I would also add lack of storytelling and persuasion, lack of architecturally sound experiences that drive customer engagement, demand and conversions.

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Where In The World Is B2B Social Media ROI? |


September 9th, 2010 | By Jeremy Victor Is this a familiar scene? If you are looking for the perfect case study to show up or the exact B2B Social Media ROI formula to use to convince you to get started, quit now. Our goal is to engage, educate, and make it easier for B2B marketers to find the information they care about to do their jobs successfully. Way too late.

Integrate Social Networks with your Corporate Website with ‘Social Sign On’

delicious b2bmarketing

The Techcrunch acquisition dispels those myths 2 days ago « People on the Move in the Social Business Industry: Sept 21, 2010 Upcoming Research Teaser: What do Employers Want in a Corporate Social Media Strategist? More accurate contextual information as first time users information can be used to match relevant content, media, products, and even advertisements.

Attack of the Customers Press Release

Paul Gillin

New Book Explores Recent Epidemic  Of Online Customer Assaults on Businesses.   ‘Attack of the Customers’ Helps Marketers and Business Owners Manage and Prevent  Reputation Threats Carried on Blogs and Social Networks. Attack of the Customers analyzes the motivations and goals of people who drive negative campaigns and offers guidance for how to respond to and prevent online attacks.

The Future of Marketing: The Greatest Marketing Challenge of our.


What’s channel strategy?  It’s the strategic deployment of a marketing budget into media channels that will most effectively attract the largest number of customers. The diagram below shows an example of some of the choices available to attract customers today: Looking at this diagram reminds me of playing darts. Technology Naughty Vs. Nice In 2010 2. Step 2. 11 P.M.

Nuture Leads – Feature Customers on Webinars

Stories that Sell

This morning, a perfect example of customer case studies in action arrived in my inbox. The subject line reads: "Webinar – How IGN Entertainment Increased Self-Service Rates to Over 90% Using Parature Customer Service Software." One of my clients, Parature , is taking a case study a step further by having a happy customer speak about her experience using the software. Once again, the power of letting the customer say it for you shines through. Case Studies for Lead Gen/Nurturing.

Five Reasons You May Not Be Spending Enough on Content Marketing

Tom Pisello

This requires the right content at each stage of the buying cycle; Information Overload –buyers are inundated with more marketing messages over more channels than ever before, becoming overloaded and confused, leading to stalled decision cycles. Evidence of this shift can be found in IDC’s 2010 Customer Experience Survey. Death of a Salesman? Death of a Salesman?

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Variety of Content is the Key in the Early Stages of the.

Industrial Marketing Today

In Needs Awareness and Research phases, the first two stages of the industrial buy cycle (see my earlier post Deconstructing the Four Stages of the Industrial Buy Cycle ) your prospects and customers use a variety of online content to find solutions to their current problems and needs. Copyright © 2010 Tiecas, Inc. Not every action needs to be scored. All Rights Reserved.

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Thought leadership is still dead; long live idea marketing

Chris Koch

Regardless, it’s a twist on an old consultant’s trick: Gain attention and credibility with press, customers, and influencers by creating your own definition, which gives you the ability to insert the “what we call x…” phrase into descriptions of otherwise basic things. The education is the exchange of value that begins a relationship between the customer and the deliverer—whether that deliverer is a salesperson, a marketer, or a subject matter expert. It will be a case study of your offerings in use, or it will in fact be a brochure. Yikes. What a mouthful.

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78 Questions to Ask Before Launching a Blog

Savvy B2B Marketing

That said, I believe that - in the majority of cases - a blog will enhance your Web presence. To reap the bountiful SEO benefits To build a brand community To create an information hub To provide support and training To establish thought leadership To generate additional traffic to your main Web site AUDIENCE: This one is obviously also a foundational item. Congratulations! Got it?

18 Hot Topics For B2B Blogs | - B2B Social Media.


About | Advertise | Submissions | Write for Us CrowdsourcedFRD Home Advertising Branding Content Marketing Lead Gen SEO-SEM Social Media More Strategy Design PR eBooks Educational Facebook Guest Posts Twitter 18 Hot Topics For B2B Blogs September 13th, 2010 | By Rachel Foster One of the biggest challenges marketers face when they develop a corporate blog is finding the resources to devote to it.

Content SEO

delicious b2bmarketing

Longer sales cycles due to more complex products and services and business purchasing processes often require more information. Here are a few of the most important questions to ask (and get answers to:) How many web pages are published on the corporate domain name? reconcile the difference and fix) How many and what type of images are being published ON the corporate domain name?


Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: Social Media Hierarchy of Needs - Best.

Tom Pisello

Thursday, December 23, 2010 Social Media Hierarchy of Needs - Best Practices for ROI Success From our social media ROI studies, analyzing the investment, popularity, practices and results of social media marketing for over 500 companies, a key indicator to social media ROI success was level of engagement. Similarly, the more timely the information, the more popular it is.

My Favorite 6 Social Media Sites for B2B Social Media Marketing

WindMill Networking

This is why your website is even more important with the advent of social media, and you need to make sure that your website is “social media optimized&# to lead others to your social media profiles as well as to help others share your information throughout  their social media channels. If there is one site where decision makers at your potential customers are it is LinkedIn.

How to enhance information absorption for your white paper?

Connect the Docs

Many companies are producing video white papers as online presentations based on information that would normally go into a printed white paper. Visual connection seems to engage viewers better and also enhance information absorption. " A video white paper combines information with a real person to create a very unique delivery mechanism " Michael Stelzner's Bio.

How to Create Remarkable B2B Content

Savvy B2B Marketing

Just producing the type of content your prospects and customers are looking for can be enough to set you apart. understand why organizations are averse to taking this step, but the problem is that your prospects are looking for this information. Do More With Case Studies You can use case studies for more than demonstrating the value of your solution.

How to Write a Social Media Policy


Even one offhanded remark about a coworker, customer, product or financial situation can damage a company’s reputation. Share this information with employees. Improve customer service? Rules may include: • Never disclose information that is proprietary, private or commercially sensitive. Why is having a social media policy in place so critical? Wikis. Blogs.

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Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: The End of Marketing as We Know It.

Tom Pisello

Friday, September 17, 2010 The End of Marketing as We Know It: Overcoming Buyer Challenges with Interactive Smart Content The past decade has seen an exciting and dramatic increase in new digital marketing channels including Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, search engines, webinars, virtual trade shows and more. As a result, buyers now suffer from Information Overload. They do if they are.

Content Curation in B2B Marketing

delicious b2bmarketing

November 7, 2010 Content Curation in B2B Marketing Posted by: Lee Odden of Online Marketing Blog on 06/29/10 1 Comment : Linking Blogs : Add to : Many of the B2B companies that publish corporate blogs have long realized the value of publishing useful content in the form of white papers, case studies, webinars, newsletters and other types of educational content.

5 B2B Social Media Success Stories

Modern B2B Marketing

Study these 5 B2B social media success stories and take your own organization’s social strategy to the next level. SAP entered the world of B2B social media as a way to open its platform to developers outside its own walls.  So in 2005, it introduced the SAP Developer Network (SDN) to open the company’s content, strategy and technical information to a global audience. UnitedLinen.