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Beyond Buyer Profiling To Buyer Personification

Tony Zambito

Whereby sales organizations, in particular, went through training on how to adapt to the personalities of individuals in the buying process. With an emphasis on strategic selling and understanding the key strategic initiatives, risks factors, buying teams, buying processes, and buying criteria involved in selling.   (Many may remember profiling performed with Miller Heiman blue sheets.).

6 Tips for Understanding the B2B Business Decision-Making Process.


The marketer’s goal is to get buyers into and moving through the purchase funnel of awareness, interest, evaluation, acquisition, and loyalty. The decision-making process for purchasing business software, for example, is longer and more complex than that which involves an individual consumer and an impulse buy. Technology Naughty Vs. Nice In 2010 2. Why buy? Use numbers.

Connecting Social Media Marketing with Buyer Behavior

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

In 2010 The Base One Agency of London sponsored some of the most important research I’ve seen in our field.  Their Buyersphere Report provided statistically-valid data connecting inbound marketing activities with buyer behavior. Here is the report summary of data from more than 1,000 European B2B purchasing agents.  What are your main take-aways from this research?

Baseone Buyersphere 2011 Report and the Changing B2B Buyer Behavior

Tony Zambito

  The Basone Buyersphere Report surveys approximately 1,000 businesses, heavily comprised of UK and European firms and ranging from small to multi-national enterprises, on the steps they take in making purchases.    The annual report is aimed at surveying the changing B2B buyer behavior. Use Buyer Personas to Segment by Buying Behavior (

Buyer Personas: Where (and How!) to Start | - B2B.


It goes beyond statistics and demographics, and defines behaviors, motivations, likes/dislikes, traits, etc. And that same thing is true for ALL the individuals involved in the B2B buying process from users, to the influencers, and the executives. First things first, you need to begin by gaining a full understanding of how your products are purchased. Right? Be honest. Sign up.

Four Must-Have Metrics for Marketing Measurement

Customer Experience Matrix

But the deeper point still stands: whether it’s evolutionary stages or purchasing stages, someone imposes conceptual order on the jumble of reality.)* If the picture isn't enough reason to attend, the Webinar will also present four essential metrics of stage-based marketing measurement. Marketing programs exist in the context of other activities that influence buyer behavior.

B2B Market Segmentation – Part 2: How to Approach Segmentation

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But it doesn't get to the core of why companies are buying and what problem they are looking to solve (don’t get me wrong, demographics are still an important factor in the segmentation process, but they shouldn't drive the first steps of segmentation). better segmentation strategy is to start with why companies purchase a solution. HOW DO I MARKET TO SEGMENTS? Regulatory drivers?

Predictions for B2B Marketing in 2011

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Mainstream B2B marketers will purchase marketing automation systems in large numbers, having finally heard about it often enough to believe it's worthwhile. But many buyers will be following the herd without understanding why, and as a result will not invest in the training, program development and process change necessary for success. Since this measurement will draw on data from multiple systems, including sales and Web behaviors, it will occur in measurement systems that are outside the delivery systems themselves. 7. So I figured I'd share it here as well.

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The Brave New World of B2B Marketing - Are You Ready?

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Remember that today's prospects are actively searching for high-value information to help them better understand problems and solutions, make sense of available solutions, select the best fit for their requirements, and ultimately make an informed purchase decision? Clearly presented, educating the reader along every step of their decision making process.

Turn B2B Buying Into a Social Experience

Tony Zambito

B2B marketing and sales has lived in a neat framework centered on the purchase transaction.    In some industries and marketplaces, this purchase transaction has been fairly straight forward.    In others, there has been a mix of complex buying and selling cycles put into play to ultimately reach a purchase transaction.  Image via Wikipedia.

5 Steps to B2B Marketing Success

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They want to be able to engage with a vendor when they are ready and actively seek out advice, often very late in the buying cycle, and have the vendor guide them through a complex buying and problem solving process - outsourcing part of the buying process to the vendor community if you will. Prospects and customers are becoming more sophisticated and better informed than ever before.

Can CMOs Master The Customer Experience For Hispanic Shoppers?

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Posted in Advertising Behavioral Targeting Communities Mobile Personalization Testing Web Design. population between 2000 and 2010, rising from 35.3 million in 2010. According to the  Terra Third Hispanic Digital Consumer Study by comScore , Hispanics have actually outpaced non-Hispanics in the adoption of smartphones, increasing from 43 percent in 2010 to 57 percent in 2012.

Five Reasons You May Not Be Spending Enough on Content Marketing

Tom Pisello

Having the right content and tools to help fuel buyer’s decision making process is essential. Matter of Trust - although the research indicates that buyers truly rely on vendor content to help drive purchase decisions, with so much noise, buyers have become skeptical of vendor claims. Evidence of this shift can be found in IDC’s 2010 Customer Experience Survey.

Why Marketing Automation Is A Must Have (For Every B2B VP of Sales.


Highlights and Key Learnings B2B buyers no longer follow a linear purchasing process and therefore using a single sales discovery process with all prospects may frustrate buyers and can create an immediate disconnect in the buyer-seller relationship. You need a way to identify what the buyers know and what stage of the process they may be entering (or coming out of).

Ten social media and technology mega-trends to watch

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The next leap forward in the productivity of knowledge workers will come from interactive technologies combined with complementary investments in process innovations and training. 4. These “smart” assets can make processes more efficient, give products new capabilities, and spark novel business models. I just read a fascinating (and lengthy!) Crowd-sourcing moves into the mainstream.

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Marketing Trends for 2010 - And What to Do About Them

Cliff Allen on Marketing

There are several new marketing trends for 2010 that will have an impact on practically every marketing organization because of new trends in customer behavior, such as: Shift in consumer mentality from recession to recovery. Changes in how customers make purchase decisions. Big marketing trends for 2010. Marketing trend opportunities for 2010.

The Future of B2B Marketing: It's Social

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He goes on to explain how most marketers’ budgets are not aligned to what McKinsey calls the &# customer decision journey.&# He also implores us to block the traditional metaphor of the funnel which I also wrote about since it no longer aligns to the consumer buying process. And so this led me to the conclusion that the broader future of B2B Marketing is Social! All rights reserved

B2B Marketing and Sales Books: What's On Your Summer Reading List?

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Note that all of the links are to Amazon, should you choose to purchase them. Jill is a master saleswoman, and she artfully delivers a message to improve the sales processes of her readers. In fact, he calls out the lazy marketers who do not go about this process and warns about "skidding about on what my brother Francis called 'the slippery slope of irrelevant brilliance.'"

Do You Have Any Idea Who You're Talking To?

Savvy B2B Marketing

While part of it comes down to time constraints – it's not a quick process – I'm sure a large part of it has to do with simply not knowing where to begin. After all, unless someone shows you the ropes, it's not exactly an intuitive process. " Break it Down by Roles That said, you need to develop personas for all the roles involved in the buying process.

A Platform for Syndicating B2B Content to Partners

Savvy B2B Marketing

Next they have to contact each partner individually and get them to buy into the process, for example, logging into a portal to download all the information and materials. While the vendor handles the outreach, for example by sending an email to its partners, the rest of the process is hands-off for them. And it's tailored to the visitor's behavior on the site.

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: Drive Budget Planning with the “IT.

Tom Pisello

Thursday, October 07, 2010 Drive Budget Planning with the “IT Hierarchy of Needs&# For Information Technology, it’s not how much you spend, but what you invest in that matters. As well, those that cut business productivity, process improvement and intelligence investments were losing their competitive edge. Gartner reduces IT Spending Outlook for 2010, but.

How to Create Remarkable B2B Content

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You can also use case studies to address the needs of different stakeholders in the buying process. Microsoft uses its Channel 9 microsite to deliver a steady supply of videos to technical people who influence IT purchase decisions. With so much content online, it's getting harder to attract attention. But if not, don't worry. Here are some ideas to get your started.

Why Yellow Pages Ads Are Becoming Obsolete


Yellow Pages used to represent the final stage of the buying process when people were ready to make a purchase decision. But today the buying process is no longer a linear path ending with the book. Consumers increasingly consider online services before Yellow Pages as they make purchase decisions [ source ]. source ]. source ]. — Bill Gates [ source ].

6 Lessons From Holiday 2010

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eCommerce blew the doors off during the Holiday 2010 selling season.   A key acquisition tactic was to invite customers to brag about their purchases, show their product knowledge or discuss how they used purchases to decorate their homes, enhance their lives or make others happy.   Mobile Makes Its Mark   Twenty percent of shoppers used their smartphones in the holiday shopping process. study from Deloitte found nearly half of all shoppers pre-researched purchases and comparison shopped. Anticipate customer shopping behavior. percent.

Using a Purchase Funnel to Measure Marketing Effectiveness: Better than Last-Click Attribution But Far From Perfect

Customer Experience Matrix

The solution boils down to this: classify different contacts as related to the different stages in the buying process and then measure their effectiveness at moving customers from one stage to the next. Leadforce1 offers a range of typical B2B marketing automation features, but its main distinction is to infer each buyer's position in a four-stage funnel (discovery, evaluation, use, and affinity) based on Web behaviors. As brand marketers constantly remind us, a well-designed message can increase lifetime purchases among all recipients, whether or not they are current customers.

Wake up and Send More Email

Anything Goes Marketing

In today’s B2B purchase process, the marketer is no longer in charge. The marketer needs to make educational materials that will guide the prospect along the buyer’s journey as they progress through the evaluation stages to the eventual product purchase. If the email content is relevant based on a prospect’s recent behaviors, then increased frequency becomes a non-issue.

Five Reasons You May Not Be Spending Enough on Content Marketing

The ROI Guy

Having the right content and tools to help fuel buyer’s decision making process is essential. Matter of Trust - although the research indicates that buyers truly rely on vendor content to help drive purchase decisions, with so much noise, buyers have become skeptical of vendor claims. Evidence of this shift can be found in IDC’s 2010 Customer Experience Survey.

Reinvent the B2B Buyer Experience to Grow Revenues

Tony Zambito

  We have new variables that were hard to fathom a few short years ago, such as social media and networking, that are directly impacting buyer behavior.    Past buyer behaviors may no longer be solid predictors of future buyer behavior.  Image by jackanapes via Flickr. Elmo Lewis – yes a very long time ago! 

The 4 B’s of Buyer Experience Innovation (2nd Rendition)

Tony Zambito

  However, gaining true insight into buyer behaviors, attitudes, perceptions, patterns, and etc.   It is fair to say that many organizations are adopting specific buying strategies whereby decisions are often made well ahead of any sales involvement and the decisions are more about who to purchase from versus what to purchase.  Image via Wikipedia.

The 4 B’s of Buyer Experience Innovation

Tony Zambito

  However, gaining true insight into buyer behaviors, attitudes, perceptions, patterns, and etc.   It is fair to say that many organizations are adopting specific buying strategies whereby primary decisions are often made well ahead of any sales involvement and secondary decisions are more about who to purchase from versus what to purchase

Macro Trends Transforming the Buyer Experience

Tony Zambito

  Lauren further adds that a confluence of trends is changing the way buyers experience buying decisions and purchases.    Buyers desire the same simplification, ease of use, and ease of access that they may experience in consumer type purchases.    Image via Wikipedia.

The Seven Phases of the Buyer Experience Journey

Tony Zambito

  Katzenberg unveiled before the audience the experiences they underwent as they tried various story boarding processes and began using revolutionary technology to create animation like never before.    Most revealing was how many phases of production took place and how each phase was an experiential process in of itself.  Image by david_shankbone via Flickr.

3 Ways to Enable The New Digital Buyer Journey

Tony Zambito

  The route the digital buyer persona takes today towards making a purchasing decision is a myriad of new paths along the journey brought on by traditional, digital, and social media avenues.  Image via Wikipedia. In Spain, for thousands of years Christian pilgrims have come to walk the Way of St. James where legend has it that the body of St. James is buried in northern Spain. 

Best of 2009: Social Media Marketing, Part 1


As the release notes, “Despite the fact that 77 percent of business technology decision-makers engage with social media on the job, most B2B marketers are not effectively using social technologies to influence the purchasing decisions of their customers.&# For those marketers, reading this announcement is a starting point. This very clever and ambitious post compares social media to chemistry, and lays out a “periodic table&# for social media encompassing different behaviors (e.g., But what metrics are really most appropriate for social media measurement? by HubSpot.