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Drip Campaigns: Tips From Marketing Automation Monday


Often, this is based on product, company size, industry or sales channel (direct, partner, affiliate). Some companies were actively capturing more information on prospects (e.g. Another company was pulling revenue information from their billing system into the CRM system. Several people had worked with the sales team to better understand the buying process, and one company even started a user experience group to better understand the customers. One company measured how long it took from initial lead creation until an opportunity was created: Organic search: 30 days.

More New Systems Challenge the Marketing Automation Status Quo

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It also provides the rest of the standard marketing automation functions, including landing pages and microsites, Web behavior tracking, lead scoring, and integration with SimplyCast is yet another multi-channel system, although it was designed that way from its start in 2010 and – quite unusually these days -- uses its own messaging tools rather third party systems.

Everstring Offers Fast, Flexible, Account-based Predictive Models for B2B Sales and Marketing

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Remember how much simpler life was back in 2010? Among our quaint notions, we thought that B2B companies couldn’t build predictive models because they didn’t have enough data about their customers and prospects. The Internet has changed that, providing oceans of relevant detail from company Web sites, social media, job boards, and other sources. The company plans to extend its offerings later this year to include real-time treatment recommendations. Matching against six million companies rather than 100 million individuals speeds things up too.

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Right On Interactive Offers Lifecycle Reporting

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When I reviewed Right On Interactive in a July 2009 post , the company was selling its 5Buckets marketing software as a multi-channel output generation tool that complemented conventional marketing automation systems. They can also load data to the system API. CRM integration: Right On can synchronize data with and Microsoft CRM on a regular basis.

Klout Founder says Lithium deal will propel new development

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Klout Founder Joe Fernandez spoke to me shortly after the public announcement and discussed his emotional journey in founding a company, fighting for funding and legitimacy, building an enterprise, and finally positioning his life’s work for a new era of growth. I have to imagine there are a lot of emotions going on for you today as your baby is adopted by another company. .

Kwanzoo Builds Content for Cross-Channel Marketing

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But the company reached out to me recently and provided a clearer explanation. Data captured by Kwanzoo can be directly posted to Eloqua , Marketo , Constant Contact and a parameterized API call) that makes the Kwanzoo pages available within Eloqua’s own content builder and can read Eloqua cookies in real time to help guide the response selection. There’s certainly a market today for this approach: Kwanzoo has landed about 25 clients since its launch in 2010 and seems to be growing nicely. Here’s the story. True enough.

Aprimo Marketing Studio Supports Sophisticated Business Marketers

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Small digression: most business marketing systems are designed around data from a sales automation system such as This starts with the core functions of any business marketing system: outbound and multi-step email campaigns, landing pages, Web behavior tracking , lead scoring, integration, reporting and content management. External systems can also add names through the Marketing Studio API. Salespeole working with can see a list of their leads with priority ratings. You know who you are. Good stuff.

Online Marketing News in 2009: The Year’s Hottest Events

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40% of Marketers plan to increase their budgets in 2010. announces Chatter, social computing for enterprise companies. A Robert Half Technology study announces 54% of companies blog social media sites. McKinsey releases global survey about how companies are benefitting from Web 2.0 – companies increasing spend in web 2.0 Study shares that 8% of US companies have fired an employee because of social media misuse. Twitter announces an API to help control, standardize and mainstream retweeting. Here is our 2009 year in review.