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Marketo Sales Insight Expands Salesforce Access to Marketing Data

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Summary: Marketo's new Sales Insight ranks prospects for sales people, based on recent Web and email activities. It lets Marketo sell seats to sales departments, which could be more lucrative than selling its core demand generation system. Marketo today officially launched “Sales Insight”, an application that makes prospect activity history directly available to sales people from within I had a personal demonstration last week (are you impressed?), but there’s an online demo that seems to cover pretty much the whole product.

Marketo Releases Marketo Lead Management 3.0


Marketing automation software vendor Marketo today announced the launch of its Marketo Lead Management 3.0 With more than 200 new features, the release is the most significant since the product's initial launch in early 2008. tags: marketing automation software, Marketo Lead Management 3.0, software suite.

First Look at New Marketo Release

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I’m going to diverge just slightly from my current obsession with usability to talk about a conversation I had today with Marketo President and CEO Phil Fernandez, who previewed the 3.0 In Fernandez’ view, this reflects a fundamental philosophical difference from his competitors: Marketo sees marketing as reacting to prospect-initiated behaviors, not executing company-driven interaction paths. Although I actually think that quite a few demand generation vendors share the Marketo philosophy, it’s still helpful to hear the distinction made clearly.

B2B Lead Management Market Heats Up

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Home Forrester Research « Getting Up Close and Personal | Main | Social Technographics Data Now Available » March 20, 2008 B2B Lead Management Market Heats Up [Posted by Laura Ramos ] Since the start of this year, I’ve been receiving a boatload of briefing requests from companies wanting to show me their lead generation and management solutions. Most recently, Marketo just announced their lead management solution. There are four primary buckets of technology solutions aimed at solving the “how do I make lead generation activities more effective?”

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Inbound Marketing Automation


Should Marketing Automation systems add Inbound Marketing tools as standard features? In my opinion any B2B company needs both Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation: the first to get in touch with new prospects, the second to move those leads through the funnel from suspects to sales-ready leads. wrote more about this and about Lead Management on the blog.

Low Cost Systems for Demand Generation

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My new obsession with Twitter (follow me as @draab) has led to several messages from people who seemed to have trouble choosing between Eloqua and Marketo. This is a bit perplexing, since those products are at the opposite ends of the spectrum: Marketo being relatively low cost / limited functionality / easier to learn, and Eloqua being higher cost / richer functionality / takes more training. Marketo is certainly a fine product, but marketers should still look around before picking it by default. Pricing for a full-featured system was $597 per month—quite a bargain.

New Webinars and White Paper

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Sponsored by Marketo. This will be feature myself, Sales 2.0 White Paper When Best Practices Go Bad: New Rules for Sales and Marketing Management. Tags: david raab whitepaper demand generation marketing automation david raab webinar lead management sales best practices I have two Webinars and a newly published white paper you might find interesting: Webinar Making the Right Start with Demand Generation , Thursday, April 30, 2:00 p.m. Eastern. I'll talk a bit more about results of the deployment survey. Click here to register. Eastern. Sponsored by

Inbound Marketing & Marketing Automation


Many digital marketers are using marketing automation tools to automate lead nurturing. But if you want to expand your business, you also need to continuously add new leads to your database. Traditional lead sources are tradeshows or lead programs with magazines. Those are definitely useful, but the number of leads is low and the cost per lead is high. It may be attractive to shift more budget to generating leads via your company’s website. Their main focus has been on nurturing and scoring your existing leads. Conclusion.

Demand Generation Usability Scores - Part 3

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Explicitly direct leads from one campaign to another. Users can directly send leads from one stage in a campaign to a different campaign. Marketo gets a half point because it can direct leads to lists, which in turn feed campaigns, but not to campaigns directly. Explicitly direct leads from one campaign to another Eloqua Manticore Technology Market2Lead Marketbright Marketo Neolane Silverpop Engage B2B 1 1 1 1 0.5 1 1 Linear campaigns embedded in larger campaign flows. Multiple scores per lead. 3.5 6 5.5 Complex 5 2.5 6 5.5 3.5 6 5.5

Demand Generation Usability Scores - Part 2

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As discussed in last Friday's post , I see this is one of two truly key features for making simple campaigns easy to build. Build a campaign as a list of stages Eloqua Manticore Technology Market2Lead Marketbright Marketo Neolane Silverpop Engage B2B 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 Build linear campaigns outside of a larger campaign structure. The flow of leads among these independent campaigns may be managed either through explicit routing (i.e., one campaign directly sends leads to another campaign) or implicitly (i.e., It's no surprise that Marketo has the highest score.

Demand Generation Implementation Survey - Background Results

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nbr responses vendor 8 Marketo 6 Eloqua 3 3 LoopFuse 3 Pardot 2 Market2Lead 2 Treehouse Interactive 1 eTrigue 1 Vtrenz (Silverpop) 7 No Response 36 Another intriguing bit of contextual information is the deployment date of the systems. Most of the answers for those entries reported features deployed within the first two months, or made the reasonable selection of 'later', so they could quite well be accurate. last week) but showed several features as deployed in month three. Hopefully I'll be able to post a more substantive analysis tonight or tomorrow.

How Demand Generation Systems Handle Company Data: Diving into the Details

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In theory, this would imply that company data is stored once and applied to all the associated individuals, and that the demand generation system could aggregate data by company, use that data to calculate company-level lead scores, and change which company an individual is linked to. If it turns out once you drill into details that two are missing some small-but-critical feature, you have to either go with the one remaining or start the process again with another set of candidates. Apparently some Marketo clients really wanted to do this, while others were firmly opposed.

Demand Generation Usability Scores - Part 4

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The main result of the conversations so far has been to clarify the items related to lead routing. Eloqua Manticore Technology Market2Lead Marketbright Marketo Neolane Silverpop Engage B2B complex 11 8.5 12 9.5 You can do that on your own through endless vendor meetings and random conversations with your peers, or can save time, effort and risk by purchasing the detailed, objective information conveniently assembled and beautifully packaged in the Raab Guide to Demand Management Systems for the low price of $595, satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

First Look: Adds Nurturing Campaigns to MarketingGenius

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Yesterday’s chance to write the first review (I think) of Marketo’s 3.0 Genius Enterprise expands the company’s beachhead in marketing by adding automated lead nurturing and lead scoring. As to the landing pages and forms themselves, companies can build their own, have professional services staff build them, or use Web to Lead pages created in In practice, Genius Enterprise delivers a cleanly designed lead nurturing and scoring tool that meets basic needs quite nicely. release seems to have awakened a long-dormant journalism gene.

OfficeAutoPilot: Simple, Powerful, Low Cost Demand Generation for Small Business

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The only other demand generation system I’ve seen use it is Marketo. Leads can enter a sequence when they fill out a Web form, are manually added by the user, or trigger the conditions specified in a “global rule”. The system checks each lead against all the global rules every time the lead’s data changes, allowing real time response to lead activities. There is no true branching within a sequence, in the sense of sending different leads down different multi-step paths. Users can add new fields to the lead profiles as needed.

ClickInsights: How to make marketing messages memorable?

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Brian Carroll's blog B2B Lead Generation Blog. Mac McIntosh's Sales Lead Insights: A B2B marketing Blog. Marketo's Modern B2B Marketing. Brian Carroll's book Lead Generation for the Complex Sale. B2B Lead Generation Benchmark Study 2009. Sales Lead Expert’s Learning Center. Marketing and Sales Alignment – Marketo eBook (New!).

ClickInsights: What ROI metric should B2B marketers use in this digital marketing era?

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In ClickInsights Expert Interview Series we feature top notch industry experts and thought leaders and get their insights, opinions and predictions. Brian Carroll's blog B2B Lead Generation Blog. Mac McIntosh's Sales Lead Insights: A B2B marketing Blog. Marketo's Modern B2B Marketing. Brian Carroll's book Lead Generation for the Complex Sale. Number of leads?

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What made the Digital Marketing World-Go-Round? 10 Takeaways from the MarketingProfs Digital Marketing World Virtual Conference

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Yesterday’s Fall 2009 MarketingProfs Digital Marketing World Virtual Conference was the perfect event to prepare for the planning of Q4 marketing programs. And I must not be the only person who thought so, as over 12,000 registered for the six hour virtual event that featured both B2C and B2B program tracks. focused on the B2B sessions along with hosting a one hour chat session on Email Marketing and Lead Nurturing in the network lounge during the event. Instead, it should be part of your marketing mix, to enhance your current campaigns.

Demand Generation Best Practices: Thought Leadership with The LeadSloth

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enjoy it so much that I will start my own demand generation practice this summer, working together with companies like Marketo. 2. These are some of the opportunities that I see to leverage demand generation: Capture more and better leads on your website with optimized landing pages and forms. Avoid letting opportunities slip through the cracks, by effectively nurturing leads via email. Make your senior sales reps more effective by sending them only sales-ready leads, based on automatic lead scoring and a lead qualification process by inside sales.

Marketing Automation Trends for 2010


2009 was the year in which Marketing Automation really took off. Manager, Inbound Marketing, Marketo. The vast majority of leads generated on a website never have a meaningful conversation with a sales rep. If there is no mechanism to pass the lead back to the marketing team (in an automated or semi-automated fashion), the lead is gone forever. Marketing automation solutions can facilitate remarketing to inactive leads, or so-called lead recycling, which helps drive value from a marketer’s most valuable asset, his or her lead database.

B2B Marketing Mix: Will Online, Social Tactics Lead?

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April 30, 2009 — Laura Ramos Email, Search, and Direct Mail Deliver Results Over Time I am very appreciative to Roy Young and Ann Handley at MarketingProfs for partnering with Forrester and me on the B2B marketing budget trends and effectiveness survey. Comments » 4 Responses to “B2B Marketing Mix: Will Online, Social Tactics Lead?&# What’s making a comeback?

B2B Content Marketing - Less is the New More?

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Feature the white paper on your website and as an email offer. Leading Lights: Marketing and PR Strategist David Meerman Scott – video interview. Blog Modern B2B Marketing Twitter Marketo InboundMarketer. "Simple Content Creates Quality Leads!" Content Marketing Strategy: Simple Content Creates Quality Leads. Marketo's Modern B2B Marketing.