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Personal time versus social media time: Something has to give

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Elizabeth and I owe our personal relationship to Twitter and blogging (both hers and mine). ” In 2009, we were just entering the grip of the recession. At the same time, we were seeing the explosive growth of blogging, Facebook, and YouTube. Elizabeth and I owe our personal relationship to Twitter and blogging (both hers and mine). This is how we met. This is it.”

10 Most Popular Content Marketing Posts of 2009

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In fact, visitors searching our site for the phrase “content marketing” increased by 85% in 2009 over 2008. How To Create the All-Important Elevator Speech For Your Presentations and for Your Content Marketing It is so hard, but so important to explain what it is that you do and how it will benefit the person to whom you are communicating. Thanks to everyone for their support in 2009!

Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers

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Website Grader Badge Connect with Us HubSpot on Facebook HubSpot on Twitter InboundMarketers LinkedIn Group ProMarketers Facebook Group Subscribe to Blog RSS Want to share your Inbound Marketing advice with the community? posted on Monday, June 29, 2009 at 10:02 AM by Jack Leblond Jack - thanks for the comment. Submit guest post ideas to rburnes[at]hubspot[dot]com. Wrong.

36 (of the) Best Facebook Guides, Stats and Rants of 2010


It’s hard to overstate the impact of Facebook. Having long ago passed MySpace as the most popular social network, Facebook recently replaced Google as the most-visited website in the U.S. Find out here in three dozen of the best Facebook marketing guides of last year—along with some interesting stats and even counterpoints from a few naysayers and holdouts. As A.J.

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7 Key Steps to Facebook Growth

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If your social media plan includes the goal of reaching more people with content marketing, maximizing your Facebook presence can be a good tactic. After all, your potential customers are likely already on Facebook, and those who ‘like’ your Facebook business page are more likely to see the content you post on there. Have any Facebook growth tips of your own?

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Break the mold: Why content marketing needs to be like a chalupa

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Notice in this one post he’s leveraged Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and a private “see first” feature. When I wrote the first edition of  The Tao of Twitter  in 2009 I noted that the real opportunity for business “is not B2B, it’s not B2C, it’s #P2P — connecting People to People.” Thinking like a media company. The content chalupa.

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12 Revealing Marketing Stats About Facebook for Business


Were you one of those people back in 2008 who looked at your Facebook profile and thought. "I see some real potential here for business owners.". Is Facebook as a marketing mechanism ridiculous, a no-brainer, or somewhere in between? To read the whole lot of 'em, check out our latest free Facebook ebook, 47 Handy Facebook Stats and Charts. That's cool.

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Best of 2009: Social Media Marketing, Part 1


Facebook Lets Users Open Up Profiles by MediaPost Online Media Daily. Mark Walsh helpfully outlines the recent changes Facebook has made to its privacy settings, though noting that “ profiles opened to everyone, however, will still not turn up in searches on Google or other outside search engines. &#. Rick Burnes notes that without a strong content strategy to back up social media efforts, marketers risk the “all hat, no cattle&# syndrome: lots of attention on Twitter and Facebook, but no compelling content to back it up and turn the curious into the converted.

Lessons learned while deleting 274 blog posts

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Between 2009 and mid-2011 I could see a definite shift toward a more confident and authoritative voice. If the Beatles ran Facebook. Between 2009 and mid-2011 I could see a definite shift toward a more confident and authoritative voice. After more than seven years of blogging I had a lot of clutter. Irrelevant posts. Broken links. Out-dated information. Silly stuff. The firsts.

Personal Brand Organization Tips

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Ok so you are comfortable with getting your personal brand out there on the web. Here are a few tips for keeping your personal brand clean, organized and synchronized. Plus I also use Tweetscan for twitter mentions and Samepoint for comment mentions all sent directly to a personal brand folder in my Google RSS Reader. Tags: Personal Branding Here is how.


Eight reasons to monitor social media and a list of tools for doing it

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Some of the tools let you define the types of comments or conversations that deserve a response, flag them, and route them to a designated person for action. Most of the tools let you segment the different types of social media to determine where conversations are happening—such as blogs vs. Facebook. If you read this blog regularly, you know that I think that monitoring social media is one of four key aspects of a social media engagement strategy. At its most basic, social media monitoring starts with what is known as the “vanity search.” Assign a response. Track propagation.

Facebook MythBusters

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Would you ever have imagined that your relationship status determines whether or not you're likely to use a Facebook app? And, the common belief is that the more wall activity a person has on Facebook, the more likely they are to send virtual gifts. No one has ever analyzed 117 million records in Facebook and the results are surprising! Tags: Facebook Me neither!

The results are in: An experiment in social influence

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The total I am reporting represents the new value I created for Amachi by establishing an effective social media presence and creating new connections that did not exist prior to the time I started blogging in 2009. But nevertheless, about one-third of the donors were people who do not have a personal relationship with me, which is pretty cool. In short, it usually doesn’t work.

Facebook Launches 'Interest Lists' (Why Marketers Should Care)


Taking a page out of the Twitter playbook, today Facebook revealed its launch of "Interest Lists," strikingly similar to Twitter Lists, which have been around since October of 2009. According to TechCrunch , Facebook will be rolling out Interest Lists to users over the next few weeks. that Facebook recommends, or search for people/pages to add on their own. interesting.

Personal Brands RULE on Social Networks

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On Facebook you can’t be a Friend of a brand but you can be a Fan of a brand. But on Facebook that interaction is relatively low and un-engaging. Building and allowing personal brands to flourish is important to having a strong Social Brand. It’s the sum total of many personal brands that make up that experience people have with your brand on Social Networks like Facebook.

B2B Search Marketing: 5 Must-Read Tips - Online Marketing Blog

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Home About Resources Archives Subscribe Consulting Contact 5 Must-Read Tips for B2B Search Marketing Comments | Posted by Michelle Bowles on Dec 4th, 2009 in B2B , SEO , SEO Tips [Note from Lee: A few weeks ago, Michelle wrote a great post on Retail SEO tips and this week, Ive asked her to tackle B2B SEO and general search marketing tips, since one-size SEO does not fit all programs. Enjoy!]

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5 Tips for Optimizing your Facebook Marketing

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One of the great things about the Facebook platform is that it provides you access to a large audience of over 200 Million people worldwide at a low cost. Have a Strong Presence A Facebook presence, like a website, is a fundamental tactic and should be on everyone’s list of must haves for social network marketing. So try to direct them to someplace on your Facebook Fan page.

E-Quip Blog: Lead with Personal, Not Positional, Power


Lead with Personal, Not Positional, Power. Compelling others to do something because youre the boss can certainly get results, but they fall well short of what could be achieved by leading with "personal power." What is personal power? Key attributes of personal power include: Likability. Do you lead primarily by personal power or positional power? Expertise.

One thousand posts. No navel gazing.

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asked some of my friends on Facebook and the general consensus was that they wanted me to write a reflective piece on what I have learned, my expectations when I wrote post number one, and the challenges of success. Jenn Whinnem — Jenn is a passionate young woman and her firey posts caught my attention back in 2009. This is my 1,000th post on {grow}. Who was here first? In fact.

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YouTube and Your Personal Brand: 5 Reasons Why Every Professional Should Have a YouTube Channel

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You’ve seen me blog a lot about LinkedIn and Twitter, but yesterday I let you know that I wanted to add more Facebook content to my blog. Reasons to Start Blogging in 2010 As 2009 comes to a close, we start reflecting. Hey, it’s 2010, so it’s time to shake things up a bit. Today I continue to expand my horizons, and hopefully yours, by talking about YouTube. No, I [.] Related posts: 7 Reasons Why Every Professional Should Be on LinkedIn If you are reading this you hopefully already have. Young Entrepreneurs: 5 Reasons Why You CAN & SHOULD Leverage LinkedIn!

How NOT to pitch a blog | Online Marketing Blog

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Ask them what they want and provide personalized pitches and story ideas that clearly indicate you’ve made an effort to understand what they write about. Sandwich that summary with a personalized message and you may just get somewhere. Keep it small, relevant and personal. In order to break through the clutter of the ‘email black-hole’ we constructed personalized videos to pitch the video campaign. The main thing is to be relevant, personal and bring something of value. Please don’t. That’s what AdRants is for. Just like tip #1.

Social proof and your battle for credibility

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Like any good business person, I’m competitive. One blog in the top 100 has not even been updated since 2009. personal decision. Communty-building Influence and Power personal branding Power and influence on the web Psychology and social media return on influence social media influence social media marketing social proofWhich directions are you likely to follow?

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Book Review: Me 2.0 by Dan Schawbel – Personal Branding to the Millennials

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and personal branding guru, that personal branding is more important than ever to differentiate yourself from the crowd.  . I’m just amazed at how much Dan has done all by the age of 25!  . Personal Branding – Not Just for Millennials. Me 2.0 is book that highlights Dan’s success in personal branding, providing a blueprint for identifying, creating, and harnessing the key elements of a personal brand. Three Questions for Dan. 1) Your book gives a lot of advice on personal branding. Personal branding is all about the individual.

Best of 2009 (So Far): Social Media Marketing, Part 4


by HubSpot Rick Burnes notes that without a strong content strategy to back up social media efforts, marketers risk the "all hat, no cattle" syndrome: lots of attention on Twitter and Facebook, but no compelling content to back it up and turn the curious into the converted. But what metrics are really most appropriate for social media measurement? What’s In Your Social Media Toolkit?

Is there a downside to Facebook?


Last week a client called to ask a question: We’re thinking of creating a company Facebook page, but before we do… is there a downside? Facebook and LinkedIn are handy for posting “updates&#. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are a nice way to share pictures of work in progress, links, pictures from open houses, and other day-to-day information. Some people choose to use LinkedIn for professional networks and Facebook for personal networks. Here’s some of what we talked about: 1. Don’t be dull. Go at your own pace. Be theirs.

Case study: Creating social media benefits in a regulated industry

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Rick has had a successful law practice for more than two decades but has transformed his business through social media — nearly 75 percent of his customers now come from Facebook. Like most people, Baker discovered the personal fun and connection of social media before it dawned on him that it could be used for business, Richard Baker. Legal. Financial. Pharmaceutical. Legal.

E-Quip Blog: Don't Let Personal Preferences Dictate Proposal.


Dont Let Personal Preferences Dictate Proposal Standards. Let expertise, not personal preferences, lead the way. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Follow my other posts: Facebook Page. Don't Let Personal Preferences Dictate Proposal St. ► 2009. (55). Friday, April 1, 2011. like brick facades on bridges. Why should they? Borrow from the best.

Three steps for B2B marketers to build a personal social media presence

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In my last post, I hope I convinced you why you should establish a personal presence in social media even if your company hasn’t done so yet. In pursuing a personal presence in social media, I had it easier than you will. You may have to adopt a more split business personality (and do more work). But his personal presence in social media is based on sharing best practices in B2B and social media generally—there’s nary a mention of his company or his day job. Monitoring is the foundation of your personal presence. That was the why of social media. Monitor.

B2B Marketers – It’s Time to Face Your Fear of Facebook

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Less than a year ago Facebook changed its privacy policies and clumsily lost the trust of some of its users – including those who wanted to establish a business presence on Facebook. The reaction was so intense I removed all mention of Facebook in the social media presentations I did for most of last year. Reality: There Are 600 Million People on Facebook. Tweet.

Best of 2009 (So Far): Twitter Tips and Tactics, Part 2


but in the end concedes that "Twitter is ripe for experimentation," and advises marketers to "be true to your brand personality and ethos and play with this (not so) new tool." In another iMedia Connection piece on Twitter, Twitter brand smackdown: The winners and losers , Rodney Rumford highlights lessons from the Twitter successes of Ford, Zappos and Dell. What’s a Retweet? Social Taggin


When will Amazon go Social?

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I was just searching on Amazon for my new book Facebook Marketing for Dummies (Wiley) which is due out in late August. And I was looking at the “personalized recommendations” that Amazon provided me. Obviously it lists Facebook for Dummies and maybe not so obvious, Twitter Power. Not bad recommendations but not exactly “personal”. How personal is that?

Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010


Facebook is the world’s most visited social media brand with 54% of the worlds internet population visiting the brand. More than 700,000 local businesses have active Pages on Facebook. Facebook, Twitter Growing As Video Referral Sources by MediaPost Online Media Daily. Are Twitter Followers Better Than Facebook Fans? Facebook reaches 57% of the U.S. Adam T.

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Best of 2009 (So Far): Twitter Tips and Tactics, Part 1


Despite a recent dip in users, Twitter remains a hot social media platform (and arguably a better venue for b2b marketers than Facebook). Bloggers not only use Twitter to promote their content, but writing about Twitter frequently is their content. Check out these posts, the first of the best from this year on using Twitter for b2b marketing. Twitter FAIL! Social Tagging

B2B Marketing Trends From Eloqua Experience 09 Via Twitter

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EE09 Eloqua : Omniture: EVERY email must be personalized and relevant. RT @chadhorenfeldt: [link] - The Eloqua Markies finalists #EE09 For more information on the winners, see: Winners of the 2009 Markie Awards where you can learn more about the categories, the winners and why they won. This sold out event brought together some of smartest marketers from all over the world. Chad H.

Why you need to build your Social Capital?

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Who would you rather hire – the person with 2 followers on Twitter and no Facebook or LinkedIn account or the person with 2000 followers on Twitter and a huge network on Facebook and LinkedIn with 36 glowing recommendations! Tags: Facebook social media But this is just a look forward – what about a look backwards? And what does this mean for our future?

Lead Generation Tip - Make Your Social Media Presence Known

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Tags: hubspot blogs fast company socialmedia SMM marketing tips facebook b2b marketing twitter b2b drivel demand gen green branding SEO inbound marketing linkedin SEM

Sales 2.0 and Social Media: Thought Leadership with Anneke Seley

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When we think of Sales 2.0 we often think about social media - but does it entail more than using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?  believe that customers look to social media for an authentic, personal, real-time view of you and your company.  What can Sales 2.0 do to improve your sales success?  Anneke Seley, Author and CEO, shares some of her thoughts about using social media in our newest B2B Marketing thought leader interview.  Anneke was the twelfth employee at Oracle and the designer of OracleDirect, the company’s revolutionary inside sales operation.  Sales 2.0 In Sales 2.0,

Market Relationships, Social Relationships, and B2B Marketing in Social Media

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However, it is when we attempt to merge the two that awkwardness can result. I’m not in any way saying that if you’re in a market relationship, you cannot be fun, engaging, and interested in a person’s family and personal life. Tags: Facebook LinkedIn Social media Twitter B2B Marketing Obviously a very awkward moment, and entirely the wrong thing to do.

The Medium is the Message: B2B Marketing, Social Media, and Conversation Context

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wrote recently about our Facebook B2B marketing strategy , which leveraged the context of the Facebook medium to guide the message being delivered. Facebook carries a very social vibe, and our goal with our Facebook strategy is to keep our conversations relevant to that context. Tags: Facebook LinkedIn Social media It is the same in social media.

6 Best Read Content Marketing Today Posts in 1st 6 Months of 2009

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How To Create the All-Important Elevator Speech For Your Presentations and for Your Content Marketing It is so hard, but so important to explain what it is that you do and how it will benefit the person to whom you are communicating. What I think is less obvious is that your blog is every bit as much a social media tool as Twitter, Facebook or MySpace. Not at length. Read more. Enjoy.