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Case study: Fast-growing B2B expands social media exposure

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invited him to share his inspiring success story … When I started at Hinda Incentives in 2009, we had very little digital marketing efforts outside of a website and a Google AdWords account. This has been powerful — just in the last week we received a few hundred thousand dollars in sales opportunities through this advantage. Setting Our Own Table. The Results.

Why Case Studies Work in B2B Sales

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The case study is an age old marketing technique that some consider obsolete and outdated in in the face of social media, which offers a place for prospects to search for customer opinions of products and services. Case studies give buyers a way to promote a message from a customer to a potential buyer, and offer what we think is an invaluable sales pitch.

28 Indispensable Research Reports and Marketing Case Studies for #SmallBiz Strategy


Ongoing education is critical, which is why we’ve compiled 28 of the brightest and most-inspiring research reports and case studies to hit the web in the recent months. IBM Global CMO Study. CopyPress’ interview of 329 content marketers is among the most spot-on studies we’ve seen hit the shelves in recent months. Connecting the Dots Between Content and Sales.

Confessions of a Google Spammer


Before I became an inbound marketer, I once made $50,000 a month spamming Google. My Mindset in 2009. Google made me do it. They rationalize spamming Google's index in so many ways: We're helping Google improve their algorithm! Google's lying to people. Sales of our SEO SaaS subscriptions peaked at around $150,000 a month in subscriptions.

ClickInsights: What was your "Aha" moment in 2009? - Part 1

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have invited our Panel of White Paper Experts to reflect on 2009 and answer the following question: What was your aha moment in 2009 ? This experience included a variety of sales, marketing, business development, and management positions. Since I’ve started a Twitter presence in February 2009, I have been able to build a 4000+ following relatively easily. Blogs.

102 Compelling Social Media and Online Marketing Stats and Facts for 2012 (and 2013)


79% of marketers measure website traffic from social media, and 68% track engagement metrics on social networks, but just 26% measure the relationship of social media activity to leads and sales. Furthermore, half of all Google+ users are under 25 years old. companies have integrated social media with their customer service, sales, or product development processes. eMarketer ).

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Kadient: Blogging About Internal Processes Connects With Buyers

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The personas were being used to best focus their development efforts for their Sales Enablement products, but the effort Kadient had put in to understand their users (including life sized cardboard cutouts of Anya and Luke, two of the personas) won them recognition, awareness, and credibility with potential buyers in the social media sphere of influence. Google blog search for Kadient shows these blogs highlighted at the top of the results, adding credibility to any buyer considering Kadient’s solutions. What are your thoughts as B2B marketers? Have you measured them successfully?

7 Things About Online Reviews Every B2B Business Needs to Know


Online reviews are read by anywhere from 67-97% of consumers, depending on which study you cite. Really positive customer stories, of course, are sometimes known as case studies. You’ve run into the influence of Yelp and Google Local already. That’s according to a Harvard Business School study by Michael Luca. Don’t limit yourself to just Google Local and Yelp.

100 Social Media & Content Marketing Predictions for 2010

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2009 was about learning social media.     Laurent Francois There'll be more & more Social Media and content strategies at the hyper-local level; citizen consumers interested in their neighborhood are already keen to ask Google what they've seen in their preferred shop or street.   They will start creating remarkable content that spreads via social media, draws in links from other content creators, and ranks in Google's search engine.    The real ROI is always sales first; brand equity, like seventh. machines.

ClickInsights: What is the biggest mistake to avoid when writing a white paper?

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Stephanie Tilton is an expert case study and white paper writer who helps B2B companies advance the sales cycle by engaging prospects and customers. Sarah Mitchell is a freelance copywriter with a focus on B2B content, specifically case studies and white papers. In nearly every case, there was at least one other title trying to get out. Blogs. Books.


ClickInsights: How can B2B marketers use content effectively for demand generation?

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Mac McIntosh's Sales Lead Insights: A B2B marketing Blog. B2B Lead Generation Benchmark Study 2009. Sales Lead Expert’s Learning Center. Her company Marketing Interactions helps companies with complex sales and quantify marketing effectiveness by using interactive e-marketing strategies driven by compelling content. B2B Lead Generation Benchmark Study 2009.

The end of PR as we know it

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Being a regularly reader of {grow} I couldn’t pass up a chance to work with Mark or his challenge.  To mix things up, Mark agreed to participate in a Twitter chat (#SM4B) with me on Wednesday October 7, 2009.  A sampling of the comments from the chat are included at the end. Bifurcated Mental Focus:  Cases can drag out for months or even years. You don’t want to try this at home.

ClickInsights: How to choose a white paper syndication partner?

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Stephanie Tilton is an expert case study and white paper writer who helps B2B companies advance the sales cycle by engaging prospects and customers. This experience included a variety of sales, marketing, business development, and management positions. ClickInsights is an Expert Interview Series brought to you by Connect the Docs (ClickDocuments blog). Find White Papers.


ClickInsights: What is your favorite white paper? Why do you like it?

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This experience included a variety of sales, marketing, business development, and management positions. Twitter search criteria set to keywords: “White Paper”, and “White Papers” Google Alerts set to “White Paper”, and “White Papers” Michael Stelzner. White papers come in all shapes and forms. Which white paper stands out in their mind?


Best Random but Interesting Posts, Articles and Resources of 2009


Beyond standard content like case studies and white papers, what other information formats work best for b2b lead generation and nurturing? collection of two dozen observations, insights and pearls of wisdom for b2b sales success, such as “It is not the increased efforts for getting more contacts, but the effort of getting the best contacts that will increase your sales,&# and “Having a lot of contacts, telephone calls, email exchanges and meetings with potential customers is not the best approach. What exactly is “Web 3.0?&# ’ by Futurelab.

How Web 2.0 Impacts B2B Marketing: An Interview with C. Edward Brice of Lumension

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If a prospect wanted information on a product or service, he or she had to approach the company and get inserted into its sales process. For example, according to TechTarget/Google research, the primary source of information about products and services is someone's peers and colleagues. They have to stop focusing on the sales cycle and instead focus on the buying cycle. world.

How Web 2.0 Impacts B2B Marketing: An Interview with C. Edward Brice of Lumension

Savvy B2B Marketing

If a prospect wanted information on a product or service, he or she had to approach the company and get inserted into its sales process. For example, according to TechTarget/Google research, the primary source of information about products and services is someone's peers and colleagues. They have to stop focusing on the sales cycle and instead focus on the buying cycle. world.

Why Social Media Is Not For Everyone « The Effective Marketer

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We’re told that if you have a good plan , if you follow a proven framework for rolling out your social media activities and integrate them with your sales efforts , then the ROI will be clear . That is, if you can translate all those additional site visits, downloads, and re-tweets into sales. Sales? says: July 24, 2009 at 4:41 pm [.] Otherwise it’s just buzz.


No budget? Apply guerrilla marketing ideas to the social web

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I first connected with Nathan Dube in 2009 when I fell in love with his now-famous destroy your printer contest. We actually generated sales leads and new customers from this promotion. Nathan Dube has been a long-time member of the {grow} community and is a marketing and sales professional at Expert Laser Services near Boston. Post on Google Buzz. Go guerrilla!

16 Must-Read B2B Marketing Strategy Ebooks

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It also offers information on a large selection of free analytics tools, including Google Alerts, Google Trends and BlogPulse. 3. The New Rules of Sales Enablement. This sales and marketing strategy ebook provides best practices and tips for empowering sales teams for success. Five B2B MarCom Strategies to Increase Sales Now. Enjoy! 1. Social Web Analytics.

because you can't beat free marketing training

The Effective Marketer

To get more insight into the formula and how it works, after watching the presentation, check out some of their website design case studies. While the decision on whether to nurture or pass leads directly to sales will vary based on your own industry and experience, the concept is a powerful one. So, in this case they should have the different lists of bulk email IDs.

My Blog got me a New Job and a Book Deal!

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Bottom line over the last 3 years my blog has helped me build a strong personal brand as I worked hard in my off hours for my blog become: Voted #2 on the Junta 42 list, Voted a Top Blog to Watch in 2008 and 2009, listed on the Top 20 Marketing Blogs as well as on the AdAge 150 with over 1800 Twitter followers, 1900 RSS readers and 6500 email subscribers! I realize you can’t pick up a paper or listen to the news without hearing about more job losses and for those that are affected by the economic situation my thoughts and prayers are with you all. And hopefully help you in the process.

LA Fire Department has lessons for B2B marketers

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I was in a conference session the other day and a case study on the Los Angeles Fire Department’s use of social media. Similarly in B2B marketing, when the deal is finalized, it is usually with a direct sales person in the field, not over Twitter or any form of social media. In the same way, as marketers, if we think of our mission as purely generating leads for sales, we are focusing far too narrowly. mentioned it on Twitter and was quickly thanked by the good folks behind @LAFDTalk , their Twitter handle for general community engagement. think there are many.

What's Next for B2B Social Media? FYIndOut Now


That is, buyers don't want to listen to 50 vendors pitch products or services they don't need or can't afford in order to find the one solution they seek, and vendors don't want to waste marketing dollars and sales time chasing prospects who don't need or can't buy their offerings. How can b2b firms approach social media more strategically? It will also require generating scale quickly.

My Company is Blogging and Tweeting: So Now What Do We Do?

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Laura’s groundbreaking study, with G. First, at Forrester we’ve studied how B2B buyers participate socially and found that participation is much higher than U.S. Laura Ramos: Today, most of the B2B social media is buzzing around the front of the sales funnel – about driving awareness. Seeing a community like this is a much more compelling experience for prospective buyers than a written case study or a brief call to a pre-selected happy customer. changed the B2B marketing landscape and sales process? Here’s a link to the orginal article.

Blogging Benchmaks: In Search of the Missing Metrics

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Impressions, click-thrus, awareness, brand -buildihjng, lead gen, incentive direct sales, et al.  There’s also recent discussion about a decline overall in RSS feed importance, as well as some inconsistencies in Google Feedburner reporting. Again, not finding any solid benchmarks for “growth over time” so I’m just measuring this blog’s progress against itself until I can gather multiple case studies to generalize.  . (T)raffic:   Ultimately, this is what it’s all about. Read time = 3-4 minutes)   In the B2B space, we’re fairly obsessed w/metrics and measurement.

B2C Versus B2B – Is There Really Any Difference?


Perceived risk is generally higher for B2B buyers In business to business (B2B) marketing, a purchase of professional services may impact the company’s customer service, productivity, operations, legal issues, reputation, sales, and/or the bottom line. Buying committees look to Google and service providers’ websites for information first and repeatedly, according to Enquiro.

Best of 2008: SEO Guidance, Part 5


by SEO Book Aaron Wall makes the case for SEO with a brief case study of two similar websites. Google’s Top Search Engine Ranking Factors by Green Marketing 2.0 Which social media sites are most helpful for SEO? What common mistakes should you avoid when optimizing a site for search? Get the answers to all of these questions and others here in the final(!)

Book Review: Website Optimization


It pays for itself in the first 50 pages—two chapters covering natural search engine optimization and an organic search case study. Press releases are an especially effective way to get guaranteed inbound links that say exactly what you want in the link text.Spend the extra money to include link text for your URLs rather than using 'naked' URLs for maximum Google juice."

How 3 Insurance Companies Took Content Marketing by Storm


During his time at State Farm, Johnson also helped the marketing team shift its focus from traditional TV commercials to more engaging video content across different mediums. “We always see this positive correlation between running TV ads and eventual sales, but people aren’t clicking on their televisions,” he said. He also has his book,  Content Warfare ,  and some impressive case studies to prove it. And this was back in 2009 when the term “content marketing” wasn’t as widely accepted as it is now. We need to be top of mind.” Oscar.

Demandbase: A New Twist In The Lead Management Automation Market

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Demand Stream™ includes a Web widget that shows sales and marketing the names of companies visiting the Web site in near real-time. worry that this tool only ends up helping sales pick out cold calls to make, and is not used by marketers enough to segment, collect, and improve their prospecting databases. One side of the supply helps firms generate demand — acquire leads in a sales-led “push” model, one that feels more focused on outbound communication. 10) eLearning — checklists, directed sales tools, self-serve courses, quizzes, certifications, etc.

55 (of the) Best Social Media Tips, Tactics and Tools of 2010


If 2009 was the year many marketers puzzled over, poked at and pondered incorporating social media into their marketing mix, 2010 was the year of diving in. According to a HubSpot study, 71% of marketers viewed Twitter as a useful marketing tool last year, up from just 39% in 2009. How to Use Your Blog to Drive Social Sales by Social Media Examiner. Post on Google Buzz.

B2B Lead Management Market Heats Up

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The lead management vendors are developing one-to-one email capabilities that help sales people be more consistent and productive. Tools that analyze who’s clicking – and help B2B marketers make heads or tails out of Google’s analytics – are bleeding over into the lead management space. 4) Online portals – I know, this is a broad category. B2B marketers also need systems that help them align sales activity and marketing messages, monitor marketing’s impact on the pipeline, and close the loop on closed deals. But does the B2B need the same platform components as B2C?)

5 Proven Strategies for B2B Social Media Marketing

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Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Social media Android Mobile 2.0 The following five case studies lend insight into how B2B marketers can use social media to generate leads, create specialized communities, improve SEO, become knowledge sources, and strengthen marketing campaigns. Generate Leads There are two types of marketing departments — those that are cost centers and those that bring in leads and sales. The Supply Chain Expert Community launched in August 2009 and is home to 3,620 members and counting. link].