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An interview with GE's Social Media Wizards

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So when I started my role as a social media communicator, I did the most logical thing I could think of — I scheduled a Parker family meeting. We spent a couple of hours one Sunday afternoon in the family dinning room going from the principles and theories of social media up through the latest and hottest tools. How has GE’s social media strategy changed since its inception?

How to create B2B social media policies

Chris Koch

One of the cornerstones of a social media strategy is having a clear set of corporate social media guidelines or policies. Here are some recommendations based on a cross-section of social media policies from B2B companies, including social media policy examples from some leading B2B companies. IBM and SAP put their draft guidelines on wikis, where employees were invited to make comments and suggestions. The code of conduct is the “umbrella policy” for your social media policy; it does the heavy lifting for the more serious aspects of employee conduct (e.g.,

Demand Generation Vendors Offer Few Social Media Applications

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Summary: marketing vendors offer several types of social media applications. But none truly automates social media management, which is what's ultimately needed. Social media is this month’s Trend of the Year. But no one knows how best to use it, which has led to a wide range of offerings under the social media label. They provide three basic functions: - send messages via social media. CRM vendor RightNow offers something similar under the label of Cloud Links. - add social media data to prospect profiles. scan for social media mentions.

The 4 C's of Social Media


Social media is a bit like art—most of us are pretty sure we know what it is, but articulating a common definition can be challenging. There are many definitions of social media floating about of course, they just aren't consistent. Social media "are primarily Internet- and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing information" according to Wikipedia. Social Tagging

My Company is Blogging and Tweeting: So Now What Do We Do?

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Here’s the article: Recently, I had the great pleasure of talking with Forrester’s B2B marketing guru,  Laura Ramos , about the emerging social media landscape and opportunities for B2B companies to build better relationships with their customers and target prospects. Laura Ramos: Social media is clearly relevant for B2B marketing today for two reasons. First, at Forrester we’ve studied how B2B buyers participate socially and found that participation is much higher than U.S. There’s tremendous activity right now because social media is a novelty to the B2B world.

Demand Generation Best Practices: Thought Leadership with The LeadSloth

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Are they practicing what they preach, and do they share their knowledge about demand generation via a blog, wiki or help-system? Inbound marketing is about social media like blogging, Twittering and Facebook to connect to more potential prospects. It's about creating thought leadership with webinars and online TV-broadcasts. One of the great things about blogging is the opportunity to build relationships with thought leaders I would not otherwise meet. That's why I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet Jep Castelein , author of. You can also follow Jep on Twitter ( @jepc ).

An interview with GE's Social Media Wizards

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

The GE Social Media Team: Gary Sheffer, Jen Walsh, Sean Gannon, Lisa Lanspery, Mike Eisenreich, Megan Parker and Vivek Kemp A few weeks ago I was introduced to GE's social media initiative when doing research for an article on Social Media's B2B Superstars. How has GE’s social media strategy changed since its inception? An example of her creative flare: "Hey baby!