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Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers

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My real challenge was getting my staff to warm to the concept of being a blogger. That was the voice of many of my bloggers at one time or another. Q: How do you compare your video marketing efforts on YouTube with your blogging program? But, remember, a YouTube video can be easily embedded into a blog post. In fact, that is exactly why I created our YouTube channel.

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So click here to find out whether they changed my mind… Read more… Stan Woods | June 16th, 2009 | one comment The Content Marketing Workbook It’s here. Read more… Doug Kessler | June 11th, 2009 | 3 comments Choose your patients carefully The most respected surgeons in the world have the best survival rates. Here’s why B2B marketers should do the same thing… Read more… Doug Kessler | June 8th, 2009 | no comments Featured post The Content Marketing Workbook It’s here. Come and get it! Come and get it! World&#. See it here.

The Fun Theory: How to Change Behavior

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Volkswagen launched what became quickly a viral campaign with emails being forwarded, youtube videos with over 1 million hits and comments from all corners of the web. This entry was posted on Monday, November 30th, 2009 at 8:00 am and is filed under Communication , Marketing Strategy , Social Media. How are you changing your customers and your prospects behavior?

Best of 2009: Social Media Marketing, Part 1


Another noteworthy post from this publication is Facebook is a Personal CRM for Baby Boomers , in which Daniel Flamberg reports on an Accenture study showing that in early 2009, “boomers posted a 59 percent increase in use of social networks; a rate of adoption 30 times faster than any other age group.&# She explains how to use tactics like blogger outreach, social networking and social news marketing to create engagement with prospects and move them toward your solutions. 11 Reasons You Can’t Ignore Social Media in 2009 by Digital Labz. by HubSpot. by Dave Fleet.

Best of 2009 (So Far): Cool Web Tools, Part 1


Find them all and others here in the first set of the best cool web tools for 2009. Mail), social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace), blogging platforms (WordPress, Blogger, TypePad), media sites (Flickr, YouTube) and more. Looking for a slick tool to easily build branded widgets? Maybe a cool application for online project management? Low-cost video production? per year.


Online Marketing News in 2009: The Year’s Hottest Events

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Here is our 2009 year in review. December 2009 Online Marketing News. Top word of 2009: Twitter. November 2009 Online Marketing News. October 2009 Online Marketing News. Technorati release their state of the blogosphere - shows that most bloggers are just hobbiest and number one use of Twitter is to promote blogs. YouTube is routinely serving more than a billion video views per day. FTC Cracks Down on Blogger Payola, Celebrity Tweets. September 2009 Online Marketing News. August 2009 Online Marketing News. Big M&A Month-.

Best of 2009 (So Far): Social Media Marketing, Part 2


Study: Company Blogs Lead Social Media Options by MediaPost Mark Walsh reports that " blogging (is) the most important lead-generation source among social media options, followed by StumbleUpon, YouTube, Facebook, De.lic.ious and Digg " (not a surprising result, considering that those other sites tend to support a corporate blog, not replace it). tools (delicious, Feedburner, LinkedIn et al.),

Business Value of Social Networking

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Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website Business Value of Social Networking by Achinta Mitra on July 29, 2009 in Social Media Marketing , Social Networking Saw a very interesting video where Seth Godin talks about how useful social media is to businesses. But like many b-to-b marketers, I’m not sure how it has impacted my business. All Rights Reserved.

Social Media Buzz at a Live Event

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We just finished up Eloqua Experience 2009, which was a spectacular event all around. For bloggers, a simple step is to have all relevant material that they might possibly need in order to blog about anything they saw at the sessions readily available to them. I was asked many times what we did to have that much social media buzz at a live event.

Adding eBooks to the B2B Marketing Mix: An Interview with Cindy Kim of Lumension

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We wanted to syndicate it to influential bloggers and journalists, as well as to prospects, with the hope that it would go viral. We worked with a local videographer to shoot the video of our CEO, and then we uploaded it to YouTube in time for our eBook launch. We also reached out to industry bloggers and social media leaders like David Meerman Scott and asked for their feedback.

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Adding eBooks to the B2B Marketing Mix: An Interview with Cindy Kim of Lumension

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We wanted to syndicate it to influential bloggers and journalists, as well as to prospects, with the hope that it would go viral. We worked with a local videographer to shoot the video of our CEO, and then we uploaded it to YouTube in time for our eBook launch. We also reached out to industry bloggers and social media leaders like David Meerman Scott and asked for their feedback.

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Get a Reporter’s Mentality in Your Marketing Department, Social Media Will Reward You

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Dots 1 and 4 mean if you are less of a corporate shill and contribute to an objective conversation of issues impacting your universe, others in the online world, journalists, bloggers, customers et. Let’s connect some dots. DOT 1 - Social media recognizes, even rewards candor and honesty. DOT 4 – Companies realize they are not the center of the universe, just part of it.

All your best content may now be considered fake news


Looking at it another way, this could be the beginning of a process of licensing and verification that will separate the proper journalists and reporters from the bloggers, propagandists, anarchists, marketers, and dirty, dirty affiliate marketers. The real bloodbath started in 2009. It’s time for you to really invest in your own personal or professional social platforms.

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Content Shock: Why content marketing is not a sustainable strategy

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Fast forward to 2009, the year I became a serious content creator. ” Red Bull was a beverage company, not a media company, Chipotle was making burritos, not clay-mation films, and there were roughly one-third as many bloggers as there are now … not to mention podcast producers, video-makers, Pinterest pinners, Facebook posters, and Instagram photographers. Let me explain.

The Enemy of Productivity

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Stress vs. Productivity from If your office is anything like mine, your colleagues send you Youtube videos, web links, and other stuff that although very entertaining doesn’t help you get your projects done on time. This entry was posted on Wednesday, November 4th, 2009 at 8:15 am and is filed under Communication , Marketing Management , productivity.


Content Creation Made Easy

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Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website Content Creation Made Easy by Achinta Mitra on August 24, 2009 in Content Marketing , Industrial Marketing Blog Are you struggling with creating content? Leave a Comment { 1 trackback } 7 | Industrial Marketing Today Previous post: Business Value of Social Networking Next post: 101 Tips from 50 Small Business Bloggers FREE Marketing Guides Engineers Can Sell™ White Paper: Most people are skeptical about associating engineers with sales. How do you overcome this challenge? For example, “content creation.”

Driving Traffic to Your Homepage All the Time May Be a Big Mistake

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Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website Driving Traffic to Your Homepage All the Time May Be a Big Mistake by Achinta Mitra on October 26, 2009 in Industrial Websites , Website Design & Development You’ve read up on all the traffic generation tactics and optimized your site to rank high on major search engines. 1 comment… read it below or add one } Greg Campbell December 14, 2009 at 12:14 pm I absolutely agree with your points about landing pages and including specific information on products or services on those pages. They are: 1.

Facebook —Wake up! You’re a business, now act like one!

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Neicole Crepeau is among the smartest bloggers on my social media radar. Wake up, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even LinkedIn. Even YouTube, under Google, continues to focus on ads as its potential source of income. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn need to do the same. Here it is.&# Isn’t that cool? Now, you’re a business. Business users. Make money.

Best Cool Web Tools of 2009, Part 1


SlideSix lets you upload PowerPoint, PDF or OpenOffice presentations, mix in videos from YouTube or Vimeo, and share your presentations with groups. Mail), social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace), blogging platforms (WordPress, Blogger, TypePad), media sites (Flickr, YouTube) and more. Jing lets you capture on-screen action or animate still images, add narration, and upload the final video or YouTube or other video-sharing sites or share by email. Looking for a more powerful way to share presentations online? Generate word-of-word referrals? SlideSix. PeoplePond.

Social media: Old people rule!

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Today I’m pleased to introduce a special guest-blogger, my daughter Lauren, who provides a 20-something perspective of social media. Sure, we all have Facebook or MySpace pages and we love YouTube, but at college, we’re using these channels just for fun and we’re too self-involved to realize that SM can be used by businesses on so many other levels. My qualification? I’m young.

how to use social media - lessons from ama digital conference

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Peter Contardo and Shaun Pope, from Endavo Media , gave us a great primer on monetizing online video, clarifying that although easy to create (anyone with a webcam can upload to Youtube), need some thinking before you can actually make money with video. I got a couple pages worth of notes from her presentation. The guy really knows his stuff. Like Be the first to like this post.

Social Media's Next Victim?

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And now with social media, there’s no telling who will be the next United to see its market cap hurt because of a blog post or youtube video. This entry was posted on Friday, November 6th, 2009 at 8:15 am and is filed under Uncategorized. Get yours [link] 8 hours ago Good tips for corporate bloggers - "13 Tips for Creating a Top-Ranked Blog" - from @ MarketingProfs [link] 1 day ago Why #MarketingAutomation Projects Fail? Who doesn’t like to see a big giant fall down on its face, especially if it’s in public? Like Be the first to like this post.

Alterian Pushes Into Social Media Management with Techrigy Acquisition

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Current users probably track just a small number of individuals and cases, such as key bloggers and specific complaints that must be resolved. message boards/forums (such as LinkedIn discussions), wikis (such as Wikipedia ), video and photo sharing sites ( Flickr , YouTube ), and some mainstream media blogs ( The New York Times , Wall Street Journa l). Summary: Alterian's purchase of Techrigy marks the first integration of serious social media management with marketing automation. Others are sure to follow. Sparingly. But that makes the acquisition still more intriguing.

How to become an influencer (even if you’re a little guy!)

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Back in 2009, I started a Twitter account because I saw the potential to have a worldwide presence. There are so many Twitter chats for fashionistas, financiers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, travelers and more. ”) If you’re not good at writing, you may consider YouTube or a podcast. Only now am I thinking of diversifying my content into a YouTube channel.

3 Winning Examples of B2B Blogs Done Right

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Even though Kinaxis has already seen tangible results from their blogging efforts, they saw value at further increasing their blogging activities by allowing outside bloggers to post next to internal employees. times increase in blog traffic in 2009 when compared to 2008 numbers. Blogging Content Marketing Social Media Marketing Blog Business business to business Forrester Research hubspot internet-marketing Kinaxis LinkedIn Marketing and Advertising Twitter YouTubeWhat are the common factors in a successful B2B blog? You can’t just start a blog and expect results.

100 Social Media & Content Marketing Predictions for 2010

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With shoot-and-upload video getting easier and easier, everyone's going to jump onto YouTube. 2009 was about learning social media. Looking back at the 2009 predictions published in this space last year, I think we have a long way to go. Much the same way as in 2009.   Sites such as twitter, facebook, youtube, and linkedin will keep growing.    Everyone was busy rushing in 2009 to explore Social Networking just to get on the bandwagon, without really deciding if "tweeting" or certain other presences were really what they needed.

Should you make the leap into sponsored content?

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As the effectiveness of “traditional” advertising channels dries up, marketers will seek to “borrow” the large and loyal audiences of bloggers and other content creators. She pointed out the number of young YouTube stars who are being paid to peddle everything from candy bars to backpacks withot disclosing that this is paid advertsing. Chris Brogan Thanks!

New Hub Site Focuses on B2B Marketing Intelligence


Hosted by community organizer (I mean that in a good way) Tony Karrer using his Browse My Stuff technology, B2B Marketing Zone features content from rockstar B2B bloggers like Brian Carroll , Paul Dunay and Newt Barrett. Additional bloggers meeting the high standards for the community will be added over time.

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Creative Briefs: Who Needs ‘Em?

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Even Youtube weighs-in with 1000+ videos (a useful one, actually, is of a Creative Director talking head on the topic here. UPDATE 7/15: here’s another take on the same subject from a fellow blogger. Other Popular Posts: Navigating the Messaging Minefield Agency and Marcom Behavior Social Media Statistics ScoopDog’s Blog Home Page. Welcome!

Don't They Know Who You Are? Why Reputation Management is Critical


Upload the video to YouTube and Vimeo so it's easy to share on blogs and other sites. Hire a social media-savvy PR person to help you get interviewed by prominent bloggers and writers in your industry. In the old days—like, six or seven years ago—if someone had a bad experience with a company, he or she generally vented about it to a few friends and that was the end of it.

50 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011 (So Far)


John Bottom has crafted an amazing, creative, interactive B2B social media landscape image with links to a large group of key B2B bloggers like Mark Schaefer, Joe Pulizzi, Beth Harte and Tony Karrer. Influence in social media: how to find the top bloggers by blur Group. 9 new rules for YouTube marketing by iMedia Connection. Which social media monitoring tools should I use?

7 Google for Nonprofits Tools That Will Change Your Cause Marketing Forever


Each of these groups has used Google''s tools to heighten their awareness, particularly through Google Ads, YouTube, and Google+, among other features. 3) YouTube for Nonprofits. Not only can your nonprofit use YouTube channels to share videos about your organization, its events, its achievements, and even to say thank you, you are also able to collect donations through it.

One thousand posts. No navel gazing.

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We were “baby bloggers” together and went out of our way to support each other when the rest of the world did not seem to be listening. Jenn Whinnem — Jenn is a passionate young woman and her firey posts caught my attention back in 2009. I think he holds the record for the most guest posts on {grow} (aside from the paid regular bloggers). Who was here first?

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90 Tips to Make Your Blog Rock

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Jeffbullas's Blog Internet Marketing Home Bio Speaking Grade your Site Marketing Resources Twitter Jeff’s YouTube Contact Congratulations: You have successfully subscribed! Try your hat at a guest blogger or two, this could add credibility to your site , especially if the person is influential in his or her space. 90 Tips To Make Your Blog Rock 1. be authentic. s more.

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Klout overhauls its business model, but does it answer its critics?

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Spammers almost killed Twitter in 2009 and Quora in 2010. But after several years of effort, Klout is still missing out on a real gold mine of online influence — blogs and YouTube videos. You can also connect YouTube, Instagram, Tumbler, Blogger, WordPress, Lastfm and flickr, but they don’t compute in your score. But what is the real impact? Transparency.

Best Social Media and Digitial Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 1


Sure, teenagers spend a lot of time on YouTube, but did you know that three-quarters of business executives watch work-related online videos weekly? Among the findings: “Three-quarters of all executives said they watched work-related videos on business websites at least once a week, and more than half did the same on YouTube.” Or that 73% of U.S. And 73% of U.S. Oh yeah.

Best Social Media and Digital Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 2


Also noted: • One in four Americans watches a YouTube video every day. • In the coming year, 77% of companies plan to spend more on YouTube; three-quarters plan to increase spending on Facebook and blogs, and 73% will invest more on Twitter. The most rapid increase in adoption has been in the use of social networking, which has nearly doubled since 2009. • hours to 6.3 hours.