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The Content Marketing Workbook | Velocity - the B2B marketing acceleration agency for technology companies

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HOME | RSS FEEDS | SITEMAP | CLIENT ZONE | CONTACT US Who we are What we do Our clients About Velocity Our blog The B2B Content Marketing Doug Kessler Tuesday, June 9th, 2009 Your prospects are being buffeted by a firehose of information. Content Marketing is your way to cut through the noise and hop over the barriers. The book of the webinar of the movie: The Velocity B2B Content Marketing Workbook.  Over 45 breezy pages of good, solid advice about thought leadership and content marketing for [.] Add Comment Click here to cancel reply.

Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers

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Blog HubSpot TV Contributors Marketing Kit Internet Marketing Blog The HubSpot Inbound Internet Marketing blog covers all of inbound marketing - SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Landing Pages, Lead Generation and Analytics. For Indium Corporation , a supplier of soldering materials and electronics assembly equipment, blogging is now a central piece of the marketing mix.

Your Content, Their Content & the Brand

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Thanks to Kenneth Weiss, author of the new book, Slightware – The Next Great Threat to Brands, for this guest Junta42 blog post. Ken offers some interesting thoughts on content and the customer conversation.  So how do companies leverage the power of content while continuing to be a steward of the brand? Your Content Almost everyone within an organization is creating content these days. Engineers create white papers. Their Content Customers, writers, editors and experts are talking about your brand.    Be ready to offer content.

BtoB Content Marketing: Six Places to Find Hidden Content Gems

Savvy B2B Marketing

Looking for more content to support your marketing efforts? The Savvy Sisters welcome Joe Pulizzi, co-author of Get Content Get Customers, who shows you six places to uncover valuable content. It amazes me when I talk to b-to-b marketers who say they don't have enough content to support their online efforts. Companies churn out miles and miles of content.

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B2B Search Marketing: 5 Must-Read Tips - Online Marketing Blog

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Online Marketing Blog TopRank's internet marketing blog on the intersection of social media, digital public relations and search engine marketing. Therefore, B2B marketers must think a bit differently in terms of target keywords, online content and link building. Content is key for B2B websites. Enjoy!] For B2B companies, getting found is just the beginning.

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Should you make the leap into sponsored content?

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The sponsored content wasps are swarming! Every day I get pitches from companies seeking to pay me to feature their products on my blog, or even pay for entire posts about their products. As the effectiveness of “traditional” advertising channels dries up, marketers will seek to “borrow” the large and loyal audiences of bloggers and other content creators.

Interviews and Content Marketing - Ambal Balakrishnan

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Her recent post: Aggregating the Best Content in B2B Marketing covers a lot of ground on aggregation especially as it relates to B2B Marketing.  Some other bits of background about Ambal: Ambal’s book “Content Marketing Tweets: Bite sized tips on creating compelling content your customers and prospects will love&# will be published in late 2009. Ambal’s Blog: ClickDocuments - Connect the Docs. ClickLaunch is ClickDocuments’ platform for launching new and exciting eBooks, books and white papers. The 4P’s of Content Marketing.

6 Steps to Content Marketing Domination

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Second, I made a big promise – that content marketing domination in an industry category is actually possible. Get Content Get Customers was published in 2009. Managing Content Marketing was in 2011. Epic Content Marketing was published in 2013. That was the initial thought behind my 2015 book, Content Inc. This is what we dubbed the Content Inc.

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How To Build An Army Of Volunteer Contributors For Your Blog

B2B Marketing Insider

Every content marketer faces the challenge at some point of trying to figure out how to publish enough content to make a difference to your audience and your business. Part of the answer comes down to building a volunteer army of contributors who will give you high-quality content, on the topics important to your business, for absolutely no money. Content Marketing

Building Content Marketing Strategy – 10 Steps

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As we look back on 2012, I think the award for biggest buzzword for the year should go to Content Marketing. Plus, content marketing has been around for a long time, especially in B2B high-tech marketing. In this post I’ll cover why content marketing is so important today and I will provide some practical advice about how to be good at content marketing.

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Email Autoresponders 2.0 in B2B Marketing

Anything Goes Marketing

Dynamic Content : This is one of the key areas that makes me smile when I'm reviewing how our customers are getting the most out of our product. Dynamic content in an email allows you to: Simplify the autoresponder email creation. Pull in content from RSS feeds: I've outlined this concept in an earlier post Latest Trends in Email Marketing: RSS and Calendar Reminders. Chad H.

Top Automated Marketing Personalization Tactics

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Personalized email/direct mail content. There are two parts to this and I could spend a whole blog post just on this topic. I’ve already discussed the first part which is personalizing the sender and signature of email or direct mail communications. Content must be created for each segment – this requires resources etc… To make this a personalization a bit easier, technology advancements allow you to add dynamic content sections to mostly generic communications. Emails and direct mail are fairly static while website content can dynamically change on the go.

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How to Make Your B2B Website More Buyer-Centric

Savvy B2B Marketing

Next to a few of their resources (white papers, eBooks, webcasts, etc), they indicated "new user" or "intermediate user" Instead of trying to have all of your content appeal to all of your readers, think of ways you can segment your readers and customize the content. Related posts: Does Your B2B Website Content Create a Competitive Advantage?

5 Reasons to Invest in Interactive Content

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Dennis Shiao The first time I downloaded a white paper was in 2000. The first blog post I read was in 2004, my first SlideShare viewing was in 2009, and I scanned my first infographic in 2011. Since then, I’ve consumed more B2B content than I’ve read articles about my favorite sports teams or TV shows. The Fourth Wave of Content Marketing. have no idea.

E-Quip Blog: More Favorite Free White Papers


More Favorite Free White Papers. Several months ago, I posted links to a few free white papers that Id found particularly useful. Since Im constantly downloading white papers in my insatiable search for more best practices and useful studies, I thought it was time to again share some of my more recent favorites with you. Search This Blog. Blog Archive. Posted by.

Three Tips to Engage the 'Short Attention' White Paper Reader

Savvy B2B Marketing

Today we're pleased to feature a guest post from Jonathan Kantor , white paper expert and author of the The White Paper Pundit blog. As we grow accustomed to the short, quick messaging methods commonly associated with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, our ability to read detailed white papers will eventually decline. Here are three of them: 1. But don't make it too short.

Three Tips to Engage the 'Short Attention' White Paper Reader

Savvy B2B Marketing

Today we're pleased to feature a guest post from Jonathan Kantor , white paper expert and author of the The White Paper Pundit blog. As we grow accustomed to the short, quick messaging methods commonly associated with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, our ability to read detailed white papers will eventually decline. Here are three of them: 1. But don't make it too short.

A Checklist for 2012 Content Marketing Plans

Writing on the Web

2012 Content Marketing – how did we get here so fast?  I’ve been reviewing my 2011 blog posts, email broadcasts, videos , and taking stock. Here’s a checklist for reviewing your 2011  content marketing results so you can know where to spend your time and energy in 2012: What were your most effective blog posts in terms of numbers of page views?

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Crunchy, salty, nutritious news & views on B2B marketing for technology companies | Velocity - the B2B marketing acceleration agency for technology companies

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Home > Our blog HOME | RSS FEEDS | SITEMAP | CLIENT ZONE | CONTACT US Our blog About Velocity Our clients What we do Who we are Recent posts The white paper is dead…or is it? presented a webinar the other day where I stated that while white papers are still the staple of content marketing, they’re getting really stale as a communications vehicle for B2B. A few people were so incensed they contacted me to say I was talking nonsense. The book of the webinar of the movie: The Velocity B2B Content Marketing Workbook. Zillions of blog posts.

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Got Content? 10 Steps to Repurpose Your Best B2B Assets

Savvy B2B Marketing

Do you have great content that is buried on your blog? Or maybe you have older content that is still very relevant but you're not quite sure how to use it in your marketing campaign? If you are looking for a way to highlight your best content, think about developing a series of emails on a targeted topic. Step 2: Find content to share. Step 1: Select your topic.

Set the Purchasing Agenda with White Papers


Many companies use white papers at the beginning of the sales cycle to attract prospects. But white papers can also be useful in a later stage of a sales cycle, when an individual customer or a buying committee is identifying the final purchase criteria and narrowing the list of products and vendors that will receive further consideration. Sales Materials White Papers

The Long-Form, Text-Heavy White Paper is Dead


Does this mean I think white papers are no longer effective as marketing documents? But they do need to change in length, content, and presentation. Continue reading this post on my Copywriting That Sells High Tech blog. Content Marketing White PapersNo, not at all.

ClickInsights: What was your "Aha" moment in 2009? - Part 1

Connect the Docs

have invited our Panel of White Paper Experts to reflect on 2009 and answer the following question: What was your aha moment in 2009 ? Blog WhitePaperPundit Twitter Jonathan_Kantor. Jonathan Kantor is the principal and founder of The Appum Group, " The White Paper Company ", and has been producing commercial white papers for the past 11 years.

Best of ClickDocuments "Connect the Docs" Blog in 2009

Connect the Docs

2009 was the first year of Connect the Docs. A big thank you to all our readers, guest bloggers and interviewees for helping us build Connect the Docs. Enjoy the following collated list of best blog posts from Connect the Docs in 2009. Top 5 Blog Posts. Content Marketing - The Ultimate Cheat Sheet. You and I live in an era when creating and distributing content have become democratized. What is Content Marketing? Why should I care about Content Marketing? How do I apply “Content Marketing” concepts? Content.

ClickInsights: What was your "Aha" moment in 2009? - Part 2

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have invited our Panel of B2B Marketing Experts to reflect on 2009 and answer the following question: What was your aha moment in 2009 ? Blogs. Forrester Blog for Interactive Marketing Professionals. Ardath Albee's blog Marketing Interactions. Rebel Brown's blog Phoenix Rising. Brian Carroll's blog B2B Lead Generation Blog. Get Content.

Winning with thought leadership: Six lessons from IBM and Deloitte

Reputation to Revenue

How should we produce and package thought leadership content? Through a series of white papers and other thought leadership publications and activities, Deloitte has taken a strong stand on what "risk intelligence" actually means, how it relates to business strategy, and how to operationalize it across the organization in even the most complex environments. Long gone are the days when thought leadership marketing meant publishing a white paper, research report, or journal article and then moving on to the next project. How should we promote it? How can we measure success?

ClickLaunch: Jonathan Kantor's Crafting White Paper 2.0

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What impact does this have on the readers of our white papers? How do we ensure that our white paper is not only read but also acted upon? Jonathan Kantor addresses this question and more in his new book Crafting White Paper 2.0: Crafting White Paper 2.0 Table of Contents and FREE Sample Chapter. and share his insights on white papers with us. Stay tuned!

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: Do White Papers Still Engage? They do if.

Tom Pisello

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy This blog is dedicated to the strategies and tools used by solution providers to better prove and improve the value of B2B solutions to frugal buyers. Tuesday, September 28, 2010 Do White Papers Still Engage? Do White Papers Still Rule? white papers per month in order to educate themselves on opportunities, best practices and solutions.

Creating Consistent Content - A Content Marketing Plan

Junta 42

As you will learn from Russell's post, he's advocating a content marketing schedule that is quite ambitious, challenging for most companies. If you’ve been following this blog, among others on similar topics, you’ve heard many times that content marketers need to think and act like publishers. An essential component of a story budget is the publishing schedule around which you plan, produce and publish content. In terms of content marketing strategy, it’s the busiest number. But in terms of content marketing, “7? In this case, “1? photo gallery.

102 Compelling Social Media and Online Marketing Stats and Facts for 2012 (and 2013)


Today’s most effective marketers are optimizing content across channels, coordinating search and social marketing activities with traditional PR, and measuring their web presence and performance with sophistication. B2B buyers are most likely to share useful vendor content via email (79%), followed by LinkedIn (53%), Twitter (39%) and Facebook (18%). More content = more leads.

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B2B Marketing Strategies for Small Companies: An Interview with Dianna Huff

Sales Lead Insights

Dianna helps businesses with their B2B marketing communications content strategy and implementation. Usually the person doesn’t know what the newsletter content will or should be, the publishing frequency, whether or not he or she wants to use segmented lists, etc., By this, I mean that a marketer or business owner will have a stated objective – i.e., “We want more leads&# – and the strategy for getting those leads might be something like writing articles for trade publications or developing a blog. My guest today is Dianna Huff of DH Communications.

ClickInsights: How to choose a white paper syndication partner?

Connect the Docs

ClickInsights is an Expert Interview Series brought to you by Connect the Docs (ClickDocuments blog). How do you market your white papers? Can syndication partners take your white paper to your prospects? Stephanie Tilton has published a timely 14-page report on White Paper Syndication Options for Technology Marketers. Costs to syndicate your white papers. Blogs.


Best of 2009 (So Far): Social Media Marketing, Part 4


by HubSpot Rick Burnes notes that without a strong content strategy to back up social media efforts, marketers risk the "all hat, no cattle" syndrome: lots of attention on Twitter and Facebook, but no compelling content to back it up and turn the curious into the converted. But what metrics are really most appropriate for social media measurement? What’s In Your Social Media Toolkit?

ReTweeting: Science or Art – Is 120 The New 140?

B2B Marketing Savvy

Microsoft employs social media research scientists: Here, Danah Boyd and Gilad Lotan (MS) joining with Cornell researcher Scott Golder to investigate the conversational aspects of retweeting: ( draft paper on RT here ) , scheduled to be published early in 2010. Timing matters:   4pm Friday EST!  I didn’t see that Zarrella’s data factored for content-type (ie B2B v.

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