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SalesFusion Combines Online and Offline Marketing with CRM

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Beyond the usual outbound email and Web forms, the system provides: - Web analytics to support search engine optimization and Web advertising, - API-level integration with Google AdWords to support paid keyword campaigns, - IP-address lookup to identify the company and location of anonymous Web visitors (and send rule-based alerts to salespeople), - personalized URLs (PURLs) to tie in responses from offline campaigns. The system can cap the number of points earned by any one type of event, although this takes some configuration by the vendor.

Youcalc: On-Demand Analytics Without Stored Data

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Summary: Youcalc is an on-demand analytics vendor with 130 prepackaged applications primarily for sales and marketing reporting. Youcalc is fundamentally different from other on-demand analytics vendors like Birst , Cloud9 Analytics , Gooddata and Pivotlink : while those vendors all query data stored in their system, youcalc queries the source data directly. That is, youcalc provides analytical applications that read from an existing system, typically a Software-as-a-Service vendor like or Google AdWords. No free lunch here, folks.

Prediction: Statistical Methods Will Replace Conventional Rules for Marketing Decisions

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Vendors who replace conventional decision rules with automated statistical methods may gain a key competitive advantage because the automated methods produce substantially and measurably better results. The more sophisticated vendors will of course continue to add features, but it’s not clear that most marketers will be interested in the additional capabilities or be able to handle the added complexity. Because it’s much harder for vendors to build a loyal, locked-in base of resellers, it’s easier for new players to duplicate the service infrastructure of established competitors.

B2B Marketing ROI

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Written by Adam Blitzer June 16, 2009 at 5:38 pm Posted in Design , Marketing Strategy SpamAssassin Rules and what they Mean for your Emails leave a comment » For the past several years I have been following  SpamAssassin’s rule set  and I am always amazed by how many seemingly innocuous things (e.g. Prospects want information and they want to get it fast without much effort.