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SEO, Meta Descriptions, Content, and Generating Leads


Hi, It’s Paul Mosenson, President of NuSpark Marketing.  I welcome a guest post from our chief SEO tactician, Elizabeth Donkus. Most SEO people aren’t marketers. First, what exactly is the Meta description?  A Meta description is a few sentences or a short paragraph that briefly highlights the content of the page. All content needs to be original.

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Best Google AdWords Tips and Tactics of 2010


According to recent research from eConsultancy, “Paid search consumes the largest portion of online lead generation budgets, accounting for 28% of spending (in 2010), up from 22% in 2009.&# In addition, more than half of companies that use paid search increased their budgets for it last year. Google Instant) and changes within AdWords itself. Where do image ads fit in the mix?

The Biggest SEO Shakeups of All Time


But every once in a while, Google rolls out something earth-shattering, completely disrupting the way SEOs go about their business. I’ve compiled a list of these SEO shakeups below, and have highlighted what impact they’ve had on how we think about SEO today. Nowadays, marketers often use nofollows when linking back to their content from external sources.

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The Top 3 Priorities for 2010 Marketing Budgets

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About | Advertise | Submissions | Write for Us CrowdsourcedFRD Home Advertising Branding Design PR SEO-SEM Social Media Strategy More testchannel AdROCK eBooks Educational Facebook Guest Posts Twitter The Top 3 Priorities for 2010 Marketing Budgets November 2nd, 2009 | By guestblogger By Tom Pick | Online Marketing Executive | KC Associates With a lingering recession, the U.S. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – this is the ultimate no-brainer. There are lots of excellent articles on SEO that provide guidance and tips. Buyers won’t buy from you if they can’t find you.

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Best of 2009 (So Far): SEO Guidance, Part 3


How can you help SEO clients, whether internal or external, understand what SEO (and isn't) and set proper expectations for an SEO project? What are the key signals of SEO quality on a website? How does the increasing use of social media affect SEO efforts? What common SEO mistakes should you avoid, and what myths to dispel? Tags: SEO Practice

Best of 2009 (So Far): SEO Guidance, Part 4


Find the answers to these questions and others here in more of the best SEO blog posts from this year. SEO Basics: 6 Tips for Google Webmaster Tools by TopRank Online Marketing Blog Thomas McMahon serves up more tips for using Google's webmaster tools, including how to spot site errors such as broken links, analyze meta and title tags, and identify a site's top keyword search queries.

Best of 2009 (So Far): SEO Guidance, Part 2


What two simple words answer almost every SEO question? What common SEO mistakes should you watch out for? Discover the answers to these questions and others here in more of the best articles and blog posts on the practice of SEO so far this year. title tags, and viewing SEO as a one-time process rather than an ongoing discipline. The Answer To All Your SEO Questions!

Best of 2009 (So Far): SEO Guidance, Part 1


What key aspects of SEO should you consider when doing a site redesign? Which SEO tactics should you avoid? What can SEO professionals learn from traditional marketers? Find the answers to these questions and others here in the first set of the best blog posts and articles on search engine optimization (SEO) from 2009 (so far). Tags: SEO Practice

SEO Tips to Reach the Modern Searcher

Content Standard

During its short lifetime, content marketing has matured from product- pushing to problem solving. No longer stuck in a phase of youthful selfishness, content marketing has developed an empathetic mentality needed to become what people love. But not every content strategy has matured at the same rate. Search is no longer just a tool, it’s a content discovery mindset.

How NOT to pitch a blog | Online Marketing Blog

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In our case, I can understand because Online Marketing Blog has become pretty popular, but it’s highly unlikely we’re going to run a story about another SEO firm’s recent client win or office expansion. Missed Opportunity Online Public Relations and Blogs Highest Rated Posts 25 Must Read Social Media Marketing Tips What Not To Do With Your Business Blog Lowdown on Press Release Optimization 5 Ways to Re-Purpose Content for Blog SEO Search Engine Optimization is a Team Effort follow leeodden at [link] Hosting sponsored by VISI. Please don’t. Kudos!

Best of 2008: AdWords Tips and Tactics


While Google AdWords certainly isn't the only option for search engine marketing, it's by far the biggest. Search marketers need to get AdWords right before expanding campaigns to Yahoo! Even features unique to AdWords often "migrate" to other services over time, so search engine marketing (SEM) mastery begins with AdWords.


Best of 2009 (So Far): Social Media Marketing, Part 4


by HubSpot Rick Burnes notes that without a strong content strategy to back up social media efforts, marketers risk the "all hat, no cattle" syndrome: lots of attention on Twitter and Facebook, but no compelling content to back it up and turn the curious into the converted. But what metrics are really most appropriate for social media measurement? What’s In Your Social Media Toolkit?

Best of 2009 (So Far): Cool Web Tools, Part 1


Find them all and others here in the first set of the best cool web tools for 2009. It provides instant access to any video linked in a feed post, a slideshow view for Flickr photos or YouTube videos, and the ability to customize your profile and the appearance of your content. Looking for a slick tool to easily build branded widgets? Low-cost video production? Social media analytics?


Best of 2009 (So Far): Twitter Tips and Tactics, Part 2


What are the four stages of Twitter enlightenment? How important is Twitter for business? How can you get more retweets and efficiently manage unfollowers? How exactly did Dell generate so much revenue by Twittering? What are the "secrets" of top corporate Twitterers? Great advice for newbies, and experienced Tweeters will likely get a smile of recognition out of this post as well. Social Tagging

Best of 2008: SEO Guidance, Part 5


Which social media sites are most helpful for SEO? StumbleUpon and Digg) is "spiky" and doesn't convert well, but supports SEO through the links generated. These include duplicate content, lack of keyword research, ignoring link building, her post ! Still, even experienced SEOs may find some useful tips here. Is SEO Worth the Cost & Effort?

Best of 2008: SEO Guidance, Part 3


How can you effectively explain SEO (and avoid unrealistic expectations) to prospective clients? For new websites, how can you incorporate SEO best practices into the design from the beginning? What emerging topics and techniques should SEO specialists investigate? How can PR and SEO work together more productively? Tags: SEO Practice

Best of 2008: SEO Guidance, Part 4


Where can you find the best SEO tools and resources (I mean, other than here)? What are some of the best tools and techniques for competitive SEO research? What information should you include in a killer SEO proposal—and what language should you avoid? Find all of this and more here in another group of the best articles and blog posts from the last year on the practice of SEO.

Best of 2008: SEO Tools, Part 2


Find the answers to these questions and others here in more of the best blog posts and sites for SEO tools. 5+ SEO Text Analyzers for SEO Diagnostics & Copywriting by Search Engine Journal The always brilliant and resourceful Ann Smarty here reviews several different for analyzing keyword usage and prominence (a.g., Tags: SEO Practice Which URL shorteners work best?

7 Ways NOT to Select an SEO Consultant


Here are seven characteristics to help avoid hiring one of those types for your next SEO project. Given the still relative newness of SEO as a profession, any SEO practitioner over the age of 30 probably did something else before SEO. real estate, automotive, wedding photography, sports writing, air travel, nutritional supplements) as evidence of their SEO prowess.

Inbound Marketing & Marketing Automation


But Inbound Marketing focuses primarily on organic search, not pay-per-click (like AdWords). I’ve personally often used Google AdWords to drive traffic to websites: it’s instantanious and you can fine-tune campaigns to target a specific audience. SEO has not exactly been a science: you have to optimize your site’s structure and content, and you ask other sites to link to you. Inbound Marketing is more than just SEO. blogging, creation of high-quality content, and website conversion optimization. But it can quickly get expensive. 

inbound marketing training for free

The Effective Marketer

Review of the first 5 classes: Class: How to Blog Effectively for Business (GF101) Professors: Ann Handley & Mack Collier, MarketingProfs This was a basic introduction to blogging, so for those already familiar with what blogging is, there wasn’t much new content. Unless you have the staff available to create new content quickly, you will be stuck. Do you have the people? Thanks.

15 Ways Sharp Content Creators Use (and Don’t Use) Keyword Strategy


Is SEO dead? We’re now in an era where quality content creation reigns supreme, and search engines are increasingly taking social signals into account to judge the quality and relevance of content. There are ways to direct your energy that make a far bigger impact than others  – and we’ve highlighted the best and worst practices for today’s content marketer: 1. H1 Tag.

Best Random but Interesting Posts, Articles and Resources of 2009


Beyond standard content like case studies and white papers, what other information formats work best for b2b lead generation and nurturing? 25 Free Social Media Marketing & SEO Ebooks, White Papers + Other Downloads by SEOptimise. ** 5 Stars. Tad Chef supplies an outstanding list of ebooks and white papers related to social media in general, blogging, social media marketing and SEO. Need Content? There’s no magic to linking to a YouTube video, but want to know how to link to a specific point, by minute and second, in a video? What exactly is “Web 3.0?&#

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Class: Advanced SEO Tactics: On Beyond Keyword Research (GF401) Professor: Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz SEOmoz is one of the best places for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) information, and the presentation was full of nice tidbits about SEO. If you want to get some good insights on effective SEO, check out his presentation and the free articles they have on the SEOmoz website.

free stuff that sells. maybe.

The Effective Marketer

It is a free week long online training program featuring some great speakers on topic such as blogging, SEO, viral marketing, email marketing, lead nurturing… all the tools online marketers need to know. As an attendee the question is whether the content will be good. Simon Mason says: June 16, 2009 at 12:25 pm Hi Daniel, Interesting post. Maybe. Give away free stuff. Maybe.

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The Effective Marketer

Who in your industry is the king of PPC and SEO? This entry was posted on Sunday, February 15th, 2009 at 10:02 pm and is filed under Communication , Marketing Planning , Marketing Strategy. One Response to If you’re gonna copy, make it right Jason Cohen says: February 16, 2009 at 10:14 am Thanks for the great write-up! Why do I care? Let me explain. are the proof. Maybe.

how to use social media - lessons from ama digital conference

The Effective Marketer

Ron Adelman, from WSI Marketing , discussed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in a down-to-earth manner that was refreshing at the same time very entertaining. This entry was posted on Saturday, March 7th, 2009 at 9:32 pm and is filed under Marketing Planning , Marketing Strategy , Social Media , Uncategorized. The guy really knows his stuff. Like Be the first to like this post.

Best of 2008: Social Media Optimization, Part 6


How can online video help with SEO and online reputation management ? Domains for SEO and Reputation Management by Search Engine Journal Loren Baker describes how to use While his focus is on television commercials (b2c), the tactics he outlines work equally well for video content produced by b2b enterprises. Which social bookmarking sites have the most clout?

3 More Tips for Optimizing SEM Campaigns


The previous post on this topic advised search engine marketers to bid on their own company name and branded terms, keep keyword lists clean and cross-pollinate SEO and SEM efforts. Here are three more tips for optimizing results from SEM programs such as Google AdWords. 1. Keep your content network clean. Be sure to save your work. 2. Establish a test schedule and stick to it.

Best of 2008: Amusing, Creative and Just Plain Odd, Part 1


Signs that you need a break from SEO. The Steven Wright Guide to Content Marketing by Copyblogger Brian Clark uses a series of one-liners from the inimitable comedian Steven Wright to illustrate his thesis that copy matters when writing blog posts, white papers, web copy or anything else you hope will be read and acted upon. Poking fun at Web 2.0 naming conventions. It's still funny.

Best of 2008: Social Media Optimization, Part 5


Use Facebook fan pages to help with SEO? Take advantage of new tools to raise your own profile by commenting on existing content? tags: social media marketing Facebook fan pages SEO? How can you make a big splash in social media without a huge budget? Attract lots of targeted Twitter followers in a short time? How I attracted 8000 Twitter followers in 14 weeks! Social Tagging

Best of 2008: Cool Web Tools, Part 3


Or one to help you find just the right word, or submit content to all of your favorite social networking sites at once, or grab screen images, or test landing pages, or instantly perform special searches on Google? Need a tool to help you collaborate with colleagues online? How about one to automatically create animated GIFs? Clinton" and "Whitewater").


Best of 2008: Blogging for Business, Part 3


Content Marketing: How do you write to entertain readers? How can generate more targeted traffic to your blog? What techniques will help you write more compelling posts? Which "rules" should every blogger know and follow? Find the answers to these questions and others here in WebMarketCentral's final list of the best posts on business blogging from the last year. about your organization?


Best of 2008: SEM Landing Pages


12 PPC landing page tips by Econsultancy Graham Charlton presents a helpful set of tips for improving landing page conversions such as writing relevant, scannable content; giving visitors enough information to make a purchase/registration decision; and limiting navigation options. Here are a few of the best posts about SEM landing page design from last year.

Best of 2008: Random but Interesting, Part 2


Improving Web Site Traffic: Miscellaneous Techniques by PromotionWorld Rob Wood offers 10 ideas for increasing traffic to your business website, from creating a "what's new" page where you can post fresh content to adding articles and incorporating site search. Networking, gaining knowledge and gathering material for blog content are just a few of his recommendations.

Best of 2008: Interactive PR, Part 2


How do PR, SEO and social media work together to build name recognition and credibility for a company? Digital PR and SEO Series: Part 3 Social Media Monitoring by Online Marketing Blog The prolific, mercurial Lee Odden explains how to integrate media relations, SEO and social media to optimize your brand's online presence, reputation management and engagement with key audiences.


Best of 2008: Blogging for Business, Part 1


The prolific guest-blogger also contributed 10 Innovative Blog Business Models —a post detailing 10 methods beyond the obvious (AdWords) to monetize a blog, such as selling educational courses, eBooks, premium content, consulting services (hmm, that sounds familiar) and digital products. What are some of the most effective ways to attract more readers to your blog?