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Comparing B2B Online Data Sources - New Research

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At last year's MarketingProfs B2B Forum , I met Ruth Stevens , consultant, author, columnist, educator and B2B guru. Ruth was planning an analysis of online data providers and was considering some options for structuring the approach. Just this past week, Ruth and co-author Bernice Grossman , president of DMRS Group , a marketing consultancy, released an interesting study of major online sources of B-to-B data (Thanks to Ruth for acknowledging in the appendix my modest contribution). Ruth and Bernice asked fifteen compiled list providers to participate in the analysis and ten responded.

Buyer centricity on a shoestring lead generation budget

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If you are in telesales, how can you be both buyer-centric AND productive? For telesales groups that target the SMB segment (Small, Medium Business), the dynamics are very different than in pursuing large mid-market or enterprise accounts. The issue is exacerbated by the demanding metrics set for telesales. So what to do? How can you trade-off between efficiency and effectiveness?


Marketing on the Outbound

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In my last post on outbound marketing, I discussed the use of outbound marketing in targeting five types of buyers - buyers who can only be reached and persuaded to consider your solution through outbound marketing. Outbound marketing or lead generation is used to directly contact 'cold' prospects through tactics such as direct mail, email, events and teleprospecting. Photo Credit: jot.punkt.

Should marketing be compensated like sales?

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Frank Falcone , Senior Product Lead, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Canada; Ajay Sirsi , PhD, Associate Professor, Marketing, Schulich School of Business; (missing) Rick McCutheon , President, FullContactSelling (April 27, 2009). Should marketing carry a quota on revenue? 30% of the Eloqua marketing team's pay is contingent on Eloqua achieving its revenue objectives. Joe should know.

Don’t Let Inside Sales Break the Law

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Are you aware that your inside sales team could be wiretapping? A few weeks ago, my firm was invited by a large California-based tech organization to respond to a telesales RFP. Given the terms & conditions that were included, the client’s legal counsel was involved in the creation of the RFP. Yet, this organization requested that each bidder [.].


An Identity Crisis for the Sales Lead

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Do you find it startling that many sales and marketing teams still cannot agree on the definition of a sales lead? The irony of course, is that the deliverable for sales is crystal clear – the sale. The contract is signed and the PO received. The heavy lifting from sales is finished and that of accounts [.].

Sales 2.0 Chicago – What next?

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The Sales 2.0 Conference was held last week in Chicago (where I tweeted and published photos). The day long event featured provocative presentations and success stories on innovative approaches for sales to better meet the advanced needs of buyers and lower the cost of lead generation and selling. Geoffrey James, blogger of the Sales Machine, proved his [.]. Conference

Sales Leads vs. Appointments?

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Which to consider: lead generation or appointment setting? Answer: both. Both approaches are highly effective for building sales pipelines. Appointment Setting gets you in the door, while Lead Generation not only gets you in the door but gives you the right hot buttons to press with prospects that are actively evaluating solutions. In other words, with Lead Generation you only get appointments with accounts that are pre-qualified when the appointment is being set according to a robust list of qualification questions. Lead Generation would be favored in this case. Lead Generation = L.G.,

Having a blast with B2B email?

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When you think email, do you think email blasts? You know - a humongous email broadcast - the digital equivalent of a large mail drop. Otherwise known as Batch & Blast email, B2B marketers have viewed this type of email as best for retention marketing, rather than acquiring customers. In the early days of email marketing, two powerful types of email were unavailable to B2B marketers: 1to1 Sales emails that allow sales reps to automate, personalize and track emails. But all that is changing as. Multi-Function Email Suites dominate B2B email marketing. Image copyright - Fox Media.

Lead Generation Takes Precedence in the Downturn

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This was one of the main conclusions drawn from the recent BtoB webinar: Outlook 2009: Marketing Priorities and Plans. in 2009 and Global Marketing Investment Growth will drop by 10%. Sales investment in Lead Qualification and Demand Generation will increase by 20%+ in 2009. To read more posts, follow this link to The Acquiring Minds Blog To download the BtoB Magazine webcast, follow this link: Outlook 2009: Marketing Priorities and Plans. In response to a substantial drop in technology spending, B2B marketers will cut budgets and re-jig their media mix.

Sales 2.0 fuels PTC's SMB Expansion

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As a former paratrooper, Dan Maier’s background has prepared him well for his current assignment: managing a global inside sales team of 75 reps selling a $9,000 solution to hard-hit manufacturers. Dan Maier’s title is as long as it is deep: VP Worldwide Inside Sales & North America Mathcad Sales, PTC (see Dan's photo on the left that I snapped at the Sales 2.0 Conference in Boston ). Like many enterprise software developers, PTC has moved downmarket to sell to SMB accounts (Small & Medium size Businesses). At the Sales 2.0 hours. After Dan's presentation at the Sales 2.0 Sales 2.0

Network Solutions levers Sales 2.0 for a 360 degree customer view

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Travis Fore is in a unique position to profit from Sales 2.0. As SVP of Sales, Service and Product Delivery, Travis is responsible for the breadth of customer experience at Network Solutions. I spoke with Travis prior to his appearance on a panel discussing 'Sales Lead Management 2.0' at the Sales 2.0 Conference in Boston. Network Solutions has expanded its offering beyond domain registration to online services in such areas as search marketing ( SEM ), ecommerce , website design and hosting with customers spending from $500 to $50,000 per month. Travis discussed with me some of the Sales 2.0

Sales 2.0 Techniques for the Job Search

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Usually I write for the B2B professional who is conducting lead generation programs. Today's post is for the professional who is the program. As an out-of-work B2B practioner, you may be looking for innovative ways to search for your next position. If you are the proverbial cobbler , you may have neglected the marketing of you. The next generation of web applications (aka 2.0) should be very appealing to you (as it is to the resource-constrained B2B marketer): free or nearly free applications, easy and fast to get up and running and rich with interactivity and online tracking information.

Bizzuka interviews Robert Lesser on Lead Generation on BlogTalkRadio

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Paul Chaney , blogger and Internet Marketing Director from Bizzuka read our report on LeadGen Tools and asked me to appear on Bizzuka's internet radio show. John Muncell , CEO and Co-Founder of Bizzuka held a wide-ranging discussion with me for an hour. Have a listen to this podcast on BlogTalkRadio and hear my perspective on best practices and tools for lead generation, as exemplified by our recent research on LeadGenTools.

Networking & Photos from the Sales 2.0 Conference

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The Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco was a great opportunity to chat and catch-up with luminaries from the B2B Sales & Marketing world. The first day I sat at a table with Garth Moulton , VP of Community /Co-Founder at Jigsaw and blogger. Last fall, I had met Garth in Chicago when I spoke at a Chicago Association of Direct Marketing conference sponsored by Jigsaw. Garth and I spoke for a few minutes on best practices in using Jigsaw. Laura noted to me some of the obstacles that large businesses face in adopting social media. world. Conference

Lead Nurture through Social Networks

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Today is the second day of the Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. On Day One, Mark Wilson, VP Marketing, Sybase presented a unique perspective on social networks. Mark can be seen on the far right of the photo of the panel on Marketing for Sales Success (click on the photo to expand the photo size). The topic of social networks arose in an unexpected scenario: Mark Wilson advocates using social networks for lead nurture. Mark's perspective was that a social network was a great forum for prospects to connect with Sybase customers and fans. More posts to follow on the conference.

Technology Spend - A Repeat of 2001?

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Fasten your seat belts. We will be encountering turbulence. Like an airplane riding out choppy flying conditions, technology marketers wonder when the outlook will stabilize. Will our stomachs be spared the next gut-wrenching drop? For those of us with memories of the last downturn, we ask: Will we see a repeat of the 2001 Tech Meltdown? In 2000, technology spending in America grew 16% but then dropped 6% in 2001. According to a recent article in the Economist , we are unlikely to repeat the cataclysmic events of 2001. IT Departments today are much leaner and less likely to overspend.

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2009 Big List of B2B Marketing and Sales Blogs

Proteus B2B Marketing Blog

With all the micro-blogging, I’ve often wondered whether the number of bloggers who actually create original, substantial content is decreasing. Don’t get me wrong, you can create meaningful thought in 140 characters, but it’s a lot easier to write 140 characters (no matter how well crafted) than it is to consistently create original content for [.].

Sales Ready Leads: Quality vs. Quantity

Smashmouth Marketing

The topic of Quality vs. Quantity in demand gen has been a constant debate. Whether it's inbound marketing or outbound marketing there are costs associated with a lead, there are costs associated with the time and effort needed to convert that lead to an opportunity, and there are costs tied to the quality of those leads and how that impacts conversion rates. As David Greenberg, Sr. Quality Vendor.

6 steps to writing a better Request for Proposals, a primer

Confluent Forms

We believe strongly in Requests for Proposals (RFPs) as a tool for companies to find the best products and services at competitive prices, but also as an evaluation method for finding that elusive "best fit". However, too often the RFP process is run by people who have never experienced the process before, either from the issuer or vendor side, and essentially don't know what to say or what to ask.

Why Are Marketing Automation Managers So Hard to Find?


Even though some vendors have been around for almost 10 years, Marketing Automation is still relatively new. According to Forrester, only 2-5% of B2B firms have invested in full-featured Marketing Automation. But that percentage is rapidly growing. Increasingly, B2B companies realize that Marketing Automation software requires skilled operators. But – if you decide to hire a Marketing Automation manager – what should you look for, and where do you find them? New technology requires people with a new set of skills, nothing new about that. But that’s for web analysts.

2009 Junta42 Golf for Autism Another Success - $30k in Proceeds in 3 Years

Junta 42

  Our original goal for 2009 was $12,000. 2009 was our first year and we have every intention of participating next year. It was another perfect day for an amazing cause.    On August 14th, nearly 100 golfers and over 80 sponsors and contributors came together to raise more than $10,000 to help get children with autism get speech therapy services. All proceeds for the event go to Easter Seals Northern Ohio. By late 2008, it was apparent that this year was going to be much more challenging. All told, we feel pretty good about surpassing the $10k level. Thanks Joe!

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TriComB2B: Smart. Strategic. Technical. - Technically Focused B2B Marketing Agency - formerly TriCom Marketing & Communications

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more » News / Press Releases TriComB2B Named as 2009 Best Places to Work Winner. We get it. From writing technical bulletins for your sales force to composing a speech for your CEO, our technically oriented staff of engineers, account managers and marketers will produce deliverables that make sense for your business with results you can measure. We are distinctive due to our technical aptitude , industry knowledge and business acumen. Contact TriComB2B to learn how our focus on technical products and services can help make your marketing efforts more effective. All Rights Reserved.

13 Top Books for CMOs - Recommended by The CMO Club

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Pete Krainik of the CMO Club posted thirteen books that members of the CMO club have recommended. Great list : Breakthrough Marketing Plans: How to Stop Wasting Time and Start Driving Growth. Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant. Business Stripped Bare: Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur. Clued In: How to Keep Customers Coming Back Again and Again. Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High. Leading Change. Marketing Champions: Practical Strategies for Improving Marketing's Power, Influence, and Business Impact.

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Top 20 CRM Blogs of 2009

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Read Forecasting Clouds' Top 20 CRM Blogs of 2009 Forecasting Clouds ranked the top 20 CRM blogs based on their content, readability and frequency of posting. I'm honored to have been included on the list. As I read over the list of blogs, I discovered some new ones worth reading along with a number of bloggers I already follow. Here's a partial list of the CRM blogs on their list: PGreenblog and CRM: The Conversation – Paul Greenberg. Beagle Consulting Blog – Denis Pombriant. Brent’s Social CRM Blog - Brent Leary. Think Customers: the 1 to 1. Jeremy Nedelka. Carfi. Blog - Michael Maoz.

What Exactly IS Digital Body Language?

Digital Body Language

I've been using the term "Digital Body Language" on this blog quite a lot for obvious reasons. However, I have not really taken a moment to define the term, as I realized recently after a presentation on the topic. An audience member came up to me and very hesitantly asked "I think I get the overall concept, but what exactly IS digital body language." So what is it?

Fire your Director of Social Media!

Buzz Marketing for Technology

At a recent ANA conference I was interviewing Brian Wallace VP of Digital Marketing and Media for RIM when I heard him say “2 years from now- if I still have a Director of Social Media – I should be fired!&# and after thinking about that I can’t help but agree with him. Said differently how do we make social part of the very DNA of the firm? What’s your view? Tweet This! Digg this!

Inbound Marketing University |

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Subscribe by RSS Home News Jobs Forums University Search this site: Home Inbound Marketing University Posted May 5th, 2009 by Rick Burnes Register for IMU | Class Schedule | Professors | Student Tools | IMU Badges | Partners | Student Bulletin Board >>Click here to attend this weeks classes! **By June 15-19, 2009: Inbound Marketing University Classes June 22, 2009: Review Session and Certification Exam New feature! By clicking the above link, you will have access to the upcoming and recorded webinars. Program Schedule: ( Cant make one of the classes?

Top 35 Most Useful Twitter Blog Posts of 2009

WindMill Networking

2009 was, without doubt, the year of Twitter. Related posts: Top 25 Most Useful LinkedIn Blog Posts of 2009 As the year comes to a close, it is. Whether it was the massive hacker attacks that created a massive Twitter outage and reminded us of how Twitter has now become an important part of our lives, the interest in both Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses to utilize Twitter as part of their [.] Twitter Tip #1 for Beginners: Follow Lists Before You Follow People! This is a continuation of my previous post, where.

5 quick tips to writing better proposals (RFP responses)

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We're frequently asked for any tips we might have for people writing proposal responses to Requests for Proposals (RFP) that they've received. After finding us through the RFP Database , seeing the abundance of RFPs that it contains, and knowing that all of those RFPs are open competitions, the natural question is "if I'm going to spend time writing a proposal it has got to be a winner". Faced with the situation of having to read 300+ pages of different vendors' proposals many people read the first page and then start skimming, and if they're not skimming, their minds are probably going numb.

The Content Marketing Workbook | Velocity - the B2B marketing acceleration agency for technology companies

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Doug Kessler Tuesday, June 9th, 2009 Your prospects are being buffeted by a firehose of information. First Name (required) Last Name (required) Email (valid email required) Company (required) cforms contact form by delicious:days Tags: Add new tag , B2B content marketing , B2B Demand Generation , B2B lead generation , B2B social media Posted in Featured Paper , Papers | Comments The Velocity B2B Content Marketing Workbook | Velocity - the B2B marketing acceleration agency for technology companies says: June 11, 2009 at 2:25 pm [.] Add Comment Click here to cancel reply.

7 Reasons Why Marketing Automation Projects Fail


Needless to say, Marketing Automation software is very popular today. It can be used for email campaigns, drip marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring, landing page management and for brewing coffee. It is often positioned as something that will solve all your marketing problems for a couple of thousand dollars per month. Okay, I made up the part about brewing coffee. Unclear Prospect Profile(s).

Lead Generation Tips - Take 3 Hour Lunches

Smashmouth Marketing

There were days in my lead gen life where I could have easily left for lunch and not come back for four hours. MIT data shows that that might have been a good idea! Gerhard Gschwandtner of Selling Power just highlighted last year's MIT / study of outbound prospecting lead conversion. It got me thinking. Layer the times together and stagger them for time zone.

Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers

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Posted by Magdalena Georgieva on Mon, Jun 29, 2009 @ 07:40 AM COMMENTS Been searching for an answer.everyone (nearly) agrees that blogs are a great way to bring eyes to your pages. posted on Monday, June 29, 2009 at 10:02 AM by Jack Leblond Jack - thanks for the comment. posted on Monday, June 29, 2009 at 11:25 AM by Rick Short Rick, Great blog topic - enjoyed reading. Wrong.

Is social media effective for B2B lead generation?

Sales Lead Insights

I’m probably biased, but I believe the primary objective of business-to-business marketing is driving sales of the company’s products and services. Of course branding and awareness are also roles that can be played effectively by B2B marketing, but from my point of view these are only supporting roles—secondary to the primary objective of helping drive sales. Yet many of these same companies eventually come to the realization that not every prospective customer is ready to buy now. What’s all this have to do with social media? about a survey they recently conducted. Not bad!

5 Things My Father Taught Me About Selling

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Today is fathers day, and my kids lived up to the holiday tradition by surprising me with a baked french toast casserole and bacon. The joke was (for the big guy that has one stent in place already) that they were out to kill me. We're heading up to my sister's house today to visit with my dad, Roger Damphousse ("Pepere" as the kids call him), and eat again. Dad, here's to you.(see,

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5 Steps for Brainstorming Your Marketing Plan

B2B Marketing Traction

Tweet. One of the most fun aspects of marketing planning can be brainstorming. Here are ways to make sure your marketing brainstorming is fun and productive. Invite the right people. Don’t brainstorm in a marketing silo. Invite others who deal with your customers, including customer service, product development, sales, distributors and possibly suppliers or strategic alliance partners. Worst?

Plan 37