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Some organizations are now introducing PKM systems with some or all of four components: Just-in-time Canvassing - templates and e-mail canvassing lists that enable people looking for experts or expertise to identify and connect with the appropriate people quickly and effectively. PKM has been associated with a focus on personal branding , responsibility for personal learning, personal networking - using networking engines (Ryze, Friendster, LinkedIN) and management of individual documents, thought and writings. Community portal. Personal knowledge management. January 2007).

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Furthermore, there was a 33% percent conversion rate on leads generated through the New York landing page , compared to a 12% conversion rate on 2008. The company started a blog, participated in LinkedIn LinkedIn and engaged on Twitter. From 2008 to 2009, Kinaxis saw a 270% increase in web traffic to and a 320% increase in conversions (customer leads), as a direct result of introducing the community. Virtusa has seen successes with social media, through Twitter , LinkedIn , Facebook and its blog blog. Vice President of Portal Products at.

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But since they’re spread throughout the template, it doesn’t seem overt. Having share buttons below posts and on the right sidebar is well and good, but try to disperse them throughout the template so no matter how a visitor scans the page, they’ll see it. Throughout 2008, I gathered quotes from some of my favorite bloggers and published it: 22 inspirational quotes.

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Prior to the 2008 meltdown, managers had discretionary authority in the five and six figures. Create a service portal just for them. If your IT karma is good enough, consider setting up a customized service portal just for that account. If you let your sales team write the RFP responses, then now is a very, very good time to take a look at the templates they use to ensure they are both accurate and benefits focused. You have to pity sales people in the summertime. Before you hand me over to your sales team for my richly deserved beating, hear me out. A travel mug?