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Salespeople endorsing skills on LinkedIn profiles just to ingratiate themselves with prospects. It’s not just about knowing how to use a hashtag. No one wants to be hunted, farmed or prospected. The way I’ve heard it best-described is jab, jab, jab, then right hook,” Rowley said. “It should be give, give, give, then ask. She tweeted about how dumb that tip was for someone who has been on Twitter since 2008 and has almost 28,000 followers. You are not what you eat. Or so believes social-selling evangelist Jill Rowley. “I say you are what you Tweet,” she said.

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We’re on a mission to bring our readers the very best. In a complex selling environment, marketing needs to feed direct, actionable, and real-time behavioral information directly to the sales team at the moment the lead score or other specific prospect behavior indicates it’s time for a real person to engage. However, good content on your blog or website doesn’t help much without a strategy to reach prospects wherever they are naturally doing research on your market and solutions.  What’s the best mix of programs to drive deals? Thanks, Scott.

Top 60 B2B Marketing Posts and Hottest Topics November 2010

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Here’s what the social signals said was the best content and the hottest topics. It is currently a front-runner for Slideshare’s 2010 World’s Best Presentation Contest (I’d love it if you went and voted for it. Hashtags. This is up from 16% in 2008. We’ve assembled some simple best practices that you can use to build better campaigns. B2BMarketingSmarts , November 17, 2010 What was the best part of playing tag as a youngster? Best Practice (100). Really great content around B2B Marketing again this month.  There better be.