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June 27, 2008. To bring in real-world concepts and to encourage collaborative research, she broke the class into groups, each of which was assigned a different project: on the history of piracy, on current issues, on new business models for music, protest movements and other topics. ” Of course, she said, one of the fundamental aspects of that experience was research itself, but not just in lab courses or classes on research methods. Edward Winslow , A “tired” refired business professor, at 10:00 am EDT on June 17, 2008. Friday. Sign up.

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Awareness of Twitter has exploded; 87% of Americans said they were “familiar with” Twitter in a poll taken earlier this year, versus just 5% in 2008 and 26% in 2009. With fewer opportunities in most pipelines these days, salesforce management is increasingly focused on executing brilliantly on each and every sales opportunity. . awareness, much was said about the new —now old—Web being all about participation: in the age of User-Generated Content , everybody and their mother became a publisher, leveling the playing field. Focus Group (5). in the 1960s. Email?