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Influencer marketing tools of the trade


BaseCamp 2 — I started with BaseCamp back in 2007, had a BaseCamp mutiny, have tried Asana and Trello and many I have forgotten. Content Marketing Influencer Marketing Public Relations Social Media Marketing AdWords Apple Inc. We’re off to the races! Check, check, check, check, and check! OK, now on to tools. I always come back to BaseCamp. My clients know it. Love it!

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Playing the online reputation shell game


Past the other Chris Abrahams, the Artistic Director of Crow’s Theatre since 2007 and the open source software developer for The Open Planning Project in New York. Reputation Management abraham chris abraham lincoln Brent Franson Google Google AdWords mtv video music award polly wood Search engine optimization My name is Chris Abraham. Secondly, misspellings. Really mix it up.

Google AdWords Average CTR and Best Practices


It's surprisingly difficult, however, to get meaningful data on the average click-through rate (CTR) for Google AdWords ads. On the B2B side, I'd place the average Google AdWords CTR in the range of 0.9-1.4%. So—how can you optimize your Google AdWords CTR to beat those averages? As noted, DoubleClick provides fairly reliable data across those media. 1.2%, 1%-2% and 3%-5%.


Best of 2007: Articles and Blog Posts on Google AdWords


This post focuses on interesting observations and helpful advice pertaining specifically to Google AdWords, the largest SEM platform. by Traffick Blogger Andrew Goodman provides the how and why of dynamic keyword insertion in AdWords, and why, though it's a powerful technique, it doesn't "always" work. has) revealed that this tool does everything but 'fine-tune' an AdWords campaign.


Best of 2007: Marketing Research


Get the answers to these questions and more from this collection of some of the best articles and blog posts from 2007 on marketing research. How is online consumer behavior changing? Which SEO tools and techniques produce the best results—according to the experts who use them? Does advertising on social media sites really work? People Do Read Online -- Who Knew?

Best of 2007: Website Design


With that in mind, here are some of the best articles and blog posts from 2007 on website design considerations and action items. Before embarking on a serious search engine marketing (SEM) program, it's critical that your website is designed to take full advantage of the increased traffic. It's very useful for finding just the right colors for a new site or website redesign.

Best of 2007: Cool Online Tools


File conversion tools Still running Office 2003, but need to convert the new XML-based formats from Office 2007 so you can read and work with them? Here's a list of interesting and useful tools to help you convert files, find content, promote your blog, and add content to your website, among other activities. A free trial of the software is available here. Very cool.

How to Improve SEM Conversion Rates


To optimize the results of a Google AdWords, Yahoo! Utilizing these practices will help achieve your ultimate objective in SEM campaigns—generating prospects and buyers. ** technorati tags: Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, SEM, conversion rates, landing page design, best practices, navigation, call to action, SEM campaigns Keep the contact form short.

Best of 2007: Miscellaneous Marketing Stuff


From advertising to white paper syndication to voicemail, here are a few of the best marketing-related newsletter articles and blog posts from 2007 that simply didn't fit into any other category. Check out these stories from the penultimate entry in WebMarketCentral's Best of 2007 series. No flashing whack-a-mole banners. But that's actually good. You want those failures. seconds.


Best of 2007: Web 2.0 Sites


A number of new social networking, social search, social bookmarking, and other Web 2.0-related websites and tools either got their start or got traction in 2007. Here are some of the most notable new sites and tools that made it onto the radar last year. Billed as "the complete Web 2.0 directory," this site has cataloged more than 2,000 Web 2.0 Ning Marketing 2.0 Web 2.0

More of the Best Website Marketing Tools


Somehow he overlooked WebMarketCentral , but he's probably saving that for the 2007 list.) Google AdWords: Keyword Tool Enter a search phrase, and this Google tool will display related keywords along with advertiser competition and search volume; average cost per click and ad position by bid amount; and global search volume trends over time.

How to Select an SEO Firm


If you want to make sure your company appears on the top half of page one on Google for a specific term, buy the term in your AdWords program. Or to put it in Biblical terms, quoting Matthew 5:15 , "No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket." So, case made, how do you select an SEO partner? Prepare an RFP (good advice in any agency selection process). Have realistic expectations.


Top Internet Advertising Networks


Although Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing remain the gorillas of online advertising, there are a considerable number of alternatives for generating exposure and clicks. Here the top Internet ad network alternatives: Chitika Serves up mini-malls and guided shopping services through a large network (10,000+) of websites and blogs. Strictly B2C. Also B2C-focused. Now owned by AOL.

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Looking Back at 100: Top 10 Posts


15, 2007) More helpful tools for SEO, marketing research and blogging reviewed. 22, 2007) A quick look at browser branding and geo-targeted web marketing. 29, 2007) Web-based advertising services to consider when you're ready to move beyond Google AdWords and Yahoo! On the occasion of the 101st post to this blog, here's a brief look back at the ten most trafficked posts to this point: 10) Business Blogs: PR Tool or Marketing Tool? 30, 2006) In which the question is asked (and answered), what is the fundamental purpose of blogging for business?


Best of 2007: Amusing and Creative Marketing Stuff


It's the final—and best—installment of WebMarketCentral's Best of 2007 series. Here are some of the most humorous, creative, and just plain odd, yet strangely relevant to interactive marketing, blog posts and articles from 2007. Sell your soul on eBay. Buy trash at Target. 404 Error" pages that are actually entertaining. A bedtime story about search engines. What's going on here?

Ads Producing An ROI Are Bought, Not Sold

Cliff Allen on Marketing

For example, it has become possible to connect Google AdWords placements to shopping cart sales results -- with the ROI for each ad tabulated in Google Analytics (or another Web analytics system). Seth Godin talks about how difficult it is to sell advertising -- especially advertising in media that are not trackable and cannot demonstrate an ROI. My first career was in radio and TV -- two of the most un-trackable media there are. I did what I could to fix this problem with our reach-and-frequency software, but their problem is too big for most advertisers to deal with.

Smart Marketing: Search engine marketing tip - Read Search Marketing Standard

Smart Marketing

In this most recent issue there are articles by noted search engine marketing experts on such issues as: Finding the Right Search Marketing Firm Google AdWords Optimizer Video Marketing Click Fraud Standards In it youll also find an article I wrote called "Top 10 Pay-Per-Click Campaign Mistakes" If you dont yet subscribe to Search Marketing Standard , I suggest you do.

The New Google AdWords Strategy Is Custom-Fitted for Marketers and Consumers

Content Standard

Google’s latest update presents a solid opportunity for marketers to both beef up their content marketing strategy and improve their Google AdWords strategy. Google launched Affinity Segments for AdWords and YouTube last year, allowing advertisers to retarget audiences based on 80 predefined options. Affinity matching isn’t new, though. Content Strategy Marketing

Best of 2007: Articles and Blog Posts on Strategy and Branding


The first step in crafting a marketing plan is to determine overall strategy, and among the first questions to ask when thinking about the strategy are "What do I want my brand to stand for?" and "What are best ways to communicate my brand message?" While the research was focused on commercial packaged goods, the findings likely apply across a broader range of B2C and B2B products and services.

getting stuff done with ms outlook

The Effective Marketer

The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking Getting Stuff Done with MS Outlook Note: the tips I give below work in MS Outlook 2003 as well as 2007 version. Outlook 2007 has even more features for helping you categorize stuff, but we’ll keep it simple for now and focus on the features available in both versions.

Best of 2007: Articles and Blog Posts on SEO (Part 2)


Following up on my last post, there were just too many excellent newsletter articles and blog posts on SEO last year to fit them all into one post, so here are more of the best bits of SEO guidance from 2007. The Alternative Search Engine of the Year, 2007! video, audio files and PDFs) and encouraging mashups. you get the point so stop it already." However.a

Best of 2007: Articles and Blog Posts on SEO (Part 1)


Here are (part one of) some of the best posts and stories devoted to SEO in 2007: 20 Hard Core SEO Tips by SEO Theory and Analysis Blog A compelling mix of indispensable (Learn how to write Who, What, Where, When, and Why in 4 paragraphs or less. SEO is dead? Balderdash! Because you should never write a press release that starts out with, “John Shlock Smith the Shmuck proudly announces….”)

The History of Marketing [Infographic]

Puzzle Marketer

Google launches in 1998 and launches paid search marketing through Adwords. Twitter launches in 2007 and doesn’t stop growing. If you’re looking for a quick and easy Marketing 100 class then look no further than this great infographic created by HubSpot and designed by BlueGlass. Quick summary: It’s amazing to see how marketing has transformed over the years and even more impressive is the rate in which a single message is distributed instantly to millions or billions of people. Internet advertising spikes in 1995-2002 as the dot-com bubble grows. Anyone?

9 SEO Tactics That Just Don’t Work Anymore


To solve these problems, try using Google Adwords to create a great keyword strategy relating to your business, and be sure to use enticing meta descriptions to get people to the site. Google’s own, Matt Cutts, warned us in 2007 against stuffing your page with keywords to rank higher in the search results. It's 2015 and SEO hasn't gotten any easier for digital marketers.

Payment systems for eCommerce websites: which one to choose?

Business Growth Development

Integrates with AdWords, therefore the fees are much lower for AdWords account owners. Since 2007 this provider has become one of the largest merchant acquirers in the world, having processed over 4 billion transactions in that year. Which on-line payment systems are the most popular? Which purposes do they serve? What is the best to choose for an average eCommerce web-store?

The Biggest SEO Shakeups of All Time


In 2007, Google said goodbye to its standard, 10-listing search engine results page (SERP), and said hello to an integrated system that incorporates results from Google News, Images, and other verticals. If you use Google Adwords, you can still glean some keyword insights using their Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Like, not even remotely close. I know, bummer). ”).

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3 Steps to Blow Your Visitor’s Mind with Content Marketing

Marketing Action

Our friend and AdWords expert Perry Marshall calls this understanding the Happy Juice Principle. In a recent analysis of nearly 100,000 AdWords accounts, representing $3 billion in annualized spend, we found that the average click-through rate of ads in the first position is between 5 and 6%. About the author: Larry Kim founded WordStream in 2007. And there’s a lot of noise!

It’s Not Just Politics: The Evolution of Marketing in Presidential Campaigns

Modern B2B Marketing

A marked departure from the clutter of the earlier websites, Barack Obama’s 2007 website harnessed the power of a clear message and call-to-action. In fact, on she has 14 or so webtrackers, including Optimizely, Facebook Custom Audiences, and Google Adwords. voters. Having a strong digital presence is now table stakes for political candidates. The Website.

7 Google for Nonprofits Tools That Will Change Your Cause Marketing Forever


Chief Almir of the Sururi tribe in the Brazilian Amazon started using Google Earth in 2007 as a way to protect the rain forest and preserve his people’s way of living in harmony. Determine which of your AdWords ads are most effective. Google for Nonprofits , a membership program for nonprofits based in the U.S. and U.K. 1) Google Apps for Nonprofits. Google Apps in Action. 6) Google+.

Gene Carr's Patron Technology Blog

Buzz Marketing for Technology

December 2007. November 2007. October 2007. It was a study of responses from 30,000 surveys sent in April, to senior executives at companies with 2007 revenues exceeding $100 million. But then again, neither was Google until it invented AdWords. Gene Carrs Patron Technology Blog. E-marketing Insight to help arts & non-profit organizations leverage the Internet.

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Best Social Media and Digitial Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 1


companies are currently using blogs for marketing purposes, up from 29% in 2009 and just 16% in 2007. Facebook was valued at $15 billion in 2007, but is expected to go public next year at a valuation of close to $100 billion. Sure, teenagers spend a lot of time on YouTube, but did you know that three-quarters of business executives watch work-related online videos weekly? Oh yeah.

Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010


Email open rates continue to decline from 14% in the second half of 2007 to just 11.2% Google Instant is bad for long-tail searches, but good overall for AdWords advertisers: overall impressions for paid search ads have increased by more than 9%, while clicks are up more than 5%. How are consumers and b2b decision makers using social media in their buying processes? And much more.

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How NOT to pitch a blog | Online Marketing Blog

delicious b2bmarketing

Home About Resources Archives Subscribe Consulting Contact How NOT to pitch a blog 29 Comments | Posted by Lee Odden on Aug 29th, 2007 in Blog Marketing , Blogging , Online Marketing , Online PR In the past I’ve written about blogger relations offering tips on how marketers or PR professionals ought to present their story ideas to bloggers. Missed Opportunity Online Public Relations and Blogs Comments: Jason Falls says: August 29, 2007 at 7:54 am Great list. Lee Odden says: August 29, 2007 at 9:43 am This is amazing. Jason Falls says: August 29, 2007 at 10:46 am Wow!

What have you learned from Mobilegeddon?


When Google pioneered AdWords, it first used clickthrough rate, and now uses myriad factors that try to identify better quality search results. 2007: Social media is an important kind of content. What pundits refer to as Mobilegeddon was the big change in Google’s search algorithm. It’s caused a minor panic among sites that weren’t ready. Like this post?

SEO vs. Social Media for B2B Marketing: Join us Wednesday for a Tweet Chat with Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank and author of Optimize

Modern B2B Marketing

In 2007, search engines like Google and began to incorporate images, books, videos, news, maps and more into their results. In 2010, Twitter introduced search ads similar to Google’s AdWords, and it continues to acquire search-related companies, such as Julpan and Bagcheck. by Seth Resler We love putting you up close and personal with the top minds in B2B marketing.

Looking Back at 300: Top 10 Posts


9: Best of 2007: Articles and Blog Posts on SEO (Part 1) , January 28, 2008 Summaries of and links to a dozen outstanding articles on SEO from some of the top pros like Lee Odden , Jon Rognerud and Danny Sullivan. Social Tagging Sites, Part 7: The Best , June 26, 2007 "Based on two months of testing across a half-dozen B2B websites and blogs, these Web 2.0 8: Web 2.0 7: Web 2.0

Looking Back at 400: Top 10 Posts


10: Best of 2007: Website Design , February 4, 2008 Reviews of articles and tools on website design, including a couple of pieces from the brilliant and frequently cited Stoney deGeyter. Social Tagging Sites, Part 4: B2B Traffic Building , May 15, 2007 Original research on the quantitative impact of social bookmarking on b2b site traffic. 8: Web 2.0 qualifying as outstanding.