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B2B Lead Generation Blog: Targeting Your B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation Blog

often lead generation programs seem more ready-fire-aim instead of ready-aim-fire. mac mcintosh wrote a helpful article on, "targeting your b2b lead generation," that i think provides some good tips and reminders

Where do Your Email Newsletters go? Email Heaven?

Anything Goes Marketing

Does your company have an email newsletter? If you do, then you've decided that your company has something to say and is committed to producing high quality content that is valuable to your customers and potential customers. Typically this content is great stuff and includes tips, industry news, offers and other useful bits of information. Think again - PDFs are not search friendly. Chad H.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Lead qualification and scoring for better leads

B2B Lead Generation Blog

The biggest mistake made by marketers is to give mere inquiries to a salesperson. When inquiries are handed off without being methodically qualified, it doesn't take the sales department long to start viewing all marketing-generated

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Lead Generation for the Complex Sale

B2B Lead Generation Blog

i recently did a phone interview on lead generation for the complex sale with nettie hartsock for allbusiness.com's must read business books column. the brief interview covered the following topics: who are the right people to engage

A Content Formula for Complex B2B Organizations

Content Marketing is essential for anyone who wants continued success and growth.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: How to Become a Thought Leader and Attract Customers

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Would you like to be more visible and generate sales leads on a limited budget? Become a thought leader! Thought leadership gives you an edge to combat commoditization and attract more business. RainToday recently released the results

Email Marketing 101: Tips and Best Practices

Anything Goes Marketing

If you're new to the world of email marketing then I have a few good resources for you! Are you moving from a B2C company to B2B? For a basic overview of some of the differences between B2B and B2C email marketing, check out check out Tricia Robinson's article called " B2B vs. B2C Email Marketing ". Email Marketing Best Practices Looking for some up to date best practices? Hope you enjoy these!

B2B Lead Generation Blog: White Papers and Lead Generation, Key for BtoB Marketers

B2B Lead Generation Blog

complex sales cycles make the development of multi-modal marketing strategies critical. for many b2b marketing pros (especially those in technology), a time-tested tool is the white paper. as i've written before, i'm a big proponent of

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Webinar: A Multimodal approach to Lead Nurturing for Complex Sales

B2B Lead Generation Blog

join me for a complimentary webinar hosted by the american marketing association and sponsored by webex. the secret to successful lead generation and marketing in the business-to-business space today is the process called lead nurturing

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

25 B2B marketing thought leaders answer the question "What do you expect to B2B marketers to be doing more of or differently in 2016?" The results are amazing insights around content marketing, achieving business results, alignment, employee advocacy, new technologies, customer experience and more.

Blogtipping for October on Anything Goes

Anything Goes Marketing

Here are my blogs that I want to give a shout out to for October as part of Easton's Blogtipping : Realty Blogging - Besides being a great resource for real estate agents, this provides some great tips for bloggers and all marketers. like the design and layout as well as the pictures of the bloggers - this adds a personal touch. Keep up the great work! also like the use of images within the posts.

Computerworld Relates BPM to Customer Experience Transparency (But Not in Those Words)

Customer Experience Matrix

According to Computerworld ( www.computerworld.com , October 30, 2006, “BPM Is Helping Firms Control Critical Business Processes”), Business Process Management (BPM) has graduated from improving departmental processes to coordinating mission-critical activities across an enterprise. Click here for the article. That’s nice. But what’s really important from a Customer Experience Management perspective is the article’s claim that BPM provides transparency to both managers and customers about the processes it controls. But simulating even discrete portions of the customer experience can be helpful.

Syspro Sees CRM as Data Sharing

Customer Experience Matrix

It’s time for another round of “What’s My Product Line?”, the game where we try to guess a company’s product by reading its white paper. Today’s contestant is Syspro ( www.syspro.com ) and its entry “How to Embrace CRM and Make it Succeed in Your Organization,” available here. Our first clue is on the cover of the paper itself. The subhead reads “giving small and midsize manufacturers and distributors the visibility required to compete in a highly competitive business climate”. Can you guess who Syspro sells to? Why, yes, it’s small and midsize manufacturers and distributors!

Does Eloqua Compete with Aprimo and Unica?

Customer Experience Matrix

Not to be obsessive or anything, but I do want to respond a bit more to the anonymous comment on last Thursday’s post, which said (the comment, that is) “Eloqua is definitely a marketing automation and campaign management tool. They go head to head with likes of Aprimo and Unica and are beating up on them. MRM is not something Eloqua does now, but I would expect them to in the future.” The anonymity of the comment bothered me a bit, but that’s my fault. The rules of this blog have now changed so only registered members can comment. My real concern is the substance.

Screw ROI - Think LOI (Loyal Opt-Ins)

Anything Goes Marketing

Someone signs up to receive your blog feed or email updates from you - what do you do? If you're answer is "nothing" or "We send them an email when the next campaign rolls around" then you should read this post. Generate Loyal Opt-Ins or LOI There is an article by Stefan Pollard on ClickZ called A Good First Impression Equals Stronger Opt-In Relationship in which he provides some easy tips on how to respond to those people who have signed up for updates from you. Links to the most recent newsletter, products, press releases, white papers, webcasts, events etc. Don't wait a few weeks.

The Rise of the Customer Marketer

Explore the changes taking place in customer marketing from the perspective of customer marketers themselves.

My Ask.com Search Engine Optimization Success

Anything Goes Marketing

How can blogs affect marketing campaigns? Very easily actually. wrote a blog post about a Nissan Sentra ad campaign called " 7 Days in a Sentra " that I didn't think was all that great. My blog post was called 7 Days in a Crapbox (Nissan Sentra). I've actually received a tremendous amount of traffic from all of the major search engines except for Yahoo. My biggest success so far has been from Ask.com. If you type in the name of the Nissan Campaign " 7 days in a Nissan Sentra " my blog post appears first ( see image )! I'm #4 if you search on " 7 days in a sentra ". Chad H.

How Different is Small Company CRM?

Customer Experience Matrix

Continuing with yesterday’s theme of hosted CRM, two more studies have come to my attention: - Forrester Research ( www.forrester.com ) published “Comparing The ROI Of SaaS Versus On-Premise Using Forrester's TEI™ Approach” which concluded that SaaS (software as a service) offerings are clearly cheaper for installations with under 100 users, and competitive even up to 500 users. This study looked at several types of software, not just CRM. Click here for details. The study looked at both hosted and on-premise products. Click here for more information.

CSO Insights Study Favors On-Demand CRM

Customer Experience Matrix

I’ve never met Jim Dickie at CSO Insights ( www.csoinsights.com ) but have always been impressed by the thorough, objective (and concise!) nature of his reports on sales methods and technologies. The most recent, “On-Demand Versus On-Premise CRM: Are There Performance Differences?” lives up to expectations. Amid the contradictory and self-interested vendor claims of success for their products, CSC Insights’ surveys of over 2,500 companies found a clear winner: on-demand systems (a.k.a, Margins on other measures are similar. This is not exactly a best practice.) Personally, I doubt it.

Headlines We Thought We'd Never See: "Wal-Mart's Chief Says Chain Became Too Trendy Too Quickly"

Customer Experience Matrix

I know I've already posted today and there are other things I should be doing. But before yesterday's paper vanishes into recycling, I did want to record that headline from The New York Times Business Section on October 25, 2006 for posterity. There must be some deep Customer Experience Management lesson in there somewhere, but mostly I think it's funny

Six Key Steps to Successful Marketing Automation Adoption

Selecting a Marketing Automation platform can be a daunting task. With so many options out there, your success with Marketing Automation depends on selecting the platform that best fits your needs.

Ponemon Institute Study Highlights Impact of Data Breaches on Customer Value

Customer Experience Matrix

The Ponemon Institute ( www.ponemon.org ) earlier this week released its second annual study on the cost to companies of data breachers. The study, “2006 Annual Study: Cost of a Data Breach”, was sponsored by PGP Corporation ( www.pgp.com ) and Vontu, Inc. www.vontu.com ), which both sell data protection technologies. It is available here on the PGP Web site. The study found that just over half the total cost of a breach was due to customer opportunity costs, as measured by increased turnover among existing customers and greater difficulty in acquiring new customers.

Measuring the Customer Value of Non-Customer Decisions

Customer Experience Matrix

One of the bedrock propositions of Client X Client’s approach to Customer Experience Management is that ALL business decisions should be measured by their impact on customer lifetime value. That sounds simple and dramatic enough to be memorable, which may be reason enough to say it: after all, a good part of what we’re doing is evangelism, and a simple, clear message is critical for effective communication. But, marketing aside, are we serious? believe there’s more to it than that. The critical point about customer value is that it’s always based on assumptions about future transactions.

QualPro Applies Multivariate Testing to Marketing

Customer Experience Matrix

As loyal readers of this blog know, multivariate testing is one of the techniques I feel are critical to advancing the art of Customer Experience Management. This is because MVT allows systematic analysis of the factors affecting the outcome of a process. Without a systematic approach, it’s impossible to understand or predict the long-term impact of changes in the Customer Experience. This means that each change is essentially an independent test, rather than part of a continuous improvement (that is, optimization) cycle. But time hasn't stood still at QualPro.

How Many Slots Can Fit on the Head of a Pin?

Customer Experience Matrix

Infor ( www.infor.com ), an enterprise software vendor which now owns Epiphany marketing software, was one of four winners of the CRM Magazine 2006 CRM Elite Award for its deployment at Interval International, a vacation exchange network. One critical component was Web site personalization: “Instead of delivering 12 offers on two spots on its Web site as in the past, Interval is able to deliver more than 150 offers on 45 locations on the site.” In Client X Client terminology, those “two spots” which grew to “45 locations” are as “slots”. How many decals can you fit on a NASCAR racer?

8 Ways to Create More Effective Lead Generation Programs

Explore key areas you should focus on with your content syndication strategy in order to help you get the attention of your target audience and build trust.

Aberdeen Group Study Raises Question about Marketing Serivces Providers

Customer Experience Matrix

Aberdeen Group ( www.aberdeen.com ) recently released “The Precision Marketing Benchmark Report”. It found that companies making “best in class” use of precision marketing tools—which apparently means treating customers differently based on their value—enjoy higher customer retention, cross-sell and up-sell revenues, and customer satisfaction than companies that don’t. haven’t read the study itself, since Aberdeen’s Web site informed me “Our records indicate you are a Technology Services Provider” and therefore not eligible to receive a copy. This is real news.

Marketing Edge

Marketing Edge

today's marketing edge features an interview with nomi prins, author of “jacked: how conservatives are picking your pocket.” we highlight how some marketers are being intellectually dishonest in marketing their services and products

[x+1] Product is Better than Its White Paper

Customer Experience Matrix

[x+1] ( www.xplusone.com ) offers some pretty intriguing technology for online conversion optimization—that is, it automatically identifies customer segments based on behavior and demographics and determines the most productive offer for each segment. Founded in 1999 and previously known as Poindexter Systems, it has an impressive track record and substantial credibility. Knowing this, I was pleased to see they had published a paper titled “Five Steps to Achieving Precise Customer Targeting Online.” It would be interesting to see a simple explanation of such a complicated product.

Overcoming a Bad Customer Experience

Customer Experience Matrix

I received an email this morning from HyperOffice ( www.hyperoffice.com ) but I don’t know what it was for. Which is exactly their problem. HyperOffice offers hosted versions of common office functions such as group calendars and project management. took a detailed look at them a couple of years ago and was impressed by quality design at an extremely low price—about $5 per person per month then, still under $10 per month today. But I chose not to write about them because the service proved very unreliable. And that was it for HyperOffice and me. So the contents of the ad itself never register.

A Blueprint for Content Marketing Success

84% of marketers plan to increase their content marketing spend over the next 5 years but less than half have any real confidence such content investments are paying off, based on a recent CEB survey.

Customer Respect Group: Wish I'd Thought of It First

Customer Experience Matrix

A press release from The Customer Respect Group ( www.customerrespect.com ) last week announced results from a survey of how “High-Technology and Computer Industry” companies treat their customers online. Short answer: a bit better than average except that they’re really bad at answering emails.) But who is the Customer Respect Group? look at their Web site shows they visit corporate Web sites, score them on a 100 or so elements, and sell the results to anyone who is interested. Quite frankly, this is brilliant. would only like to see the survey results carried further. - To other channels.

Putting Value on Building Community

Customer Experience Matrix

I spent a little more time at shop.org yesterday, finishing up my tour of the exhibit hall. One set of vendors that caught my eye were those helping companies to engage with customers outside of the normal purchasing process. These include services that let customers write and post product reviews, from Bazaarvoice ( www.bazaarvoice.com ) PowerReviews ( www.powerreviews.com ), and on-line customer training from Powered ( www.powered.com ). Such applications are not new, but they highlight the importance of experiences that treat customers as part of a community.

Marketing Edge

Marketing Edge

the past three guests on the marketing edge have been among the biggest visionaries of the podcasting medium: leo laporte, scott bourne and paul dunay. today we continue that line up with andrew michael baron, the founder of rocketboom

Note to Self: Keep It Simple

Customer Experience Matrix

I spent several stimulating hours yesterday at the shop.org conference on Internet retailing. Given my current interests, I paid particular attention to vendors who test and optimize customer treatments. Some worth looking at are Certona ( www.certona.com ), ForeSeeResults ( www.foreseeresults.com ), Offermatica ( www.offermatica.com ), optimost ( www.optimost.com ) and Usability Sciences Corporation ( www.usabilitysciences.com ) One thing I found is that even the most sophisticated vendors work primarily with short-term data. This isn’t because the vendors are unaware of long-term issues.

Why B2B Content Strategies Are Paramount for Generating Quality Leads

Generating demand and ensuring the consistent flow of high-quality, actionable leads is what makes B2B marketers successful.

Vtrenz Gives a Solid Overview of Relationship Marketing

Customer Experience Matrix

The question with vendor white papers is not whether they are self-serving—that’s inevitable—but whether they are useful as well. The best you can usually hope for is that the information will be accurate and relevant, even if not objective or complete. So it came as a pleasant surprise to find that marketing automation vendor Vtrenz’ ( www.vtrenz.com ) series “Effective Relationship Marketing” presented a fairly comprehensive overview of its topic, including several points with no obvious direct relationship to Vtrenz products. But a few points caught my eye. Fair enough. It’s worth a look

Building a Customer Experience Simulation, Part II

Customer Experience Matrix

Yesterday’s entry showed that a simple simulation model, predicting only whether customers make a purchase in each time period, could generate meaningful statistics about customer value and status. Such a model can be generated with a few lines of code in an agent-based modeling system. (I did just this using StarLogo TNG, available for free from [link]. Building something similar in a conventional programming language or process simulation tool would have been vastly more difficult. The only variable required in the model is the probability of each individual making a purchase.

Building a Customer Experience Simulation

Customer Experience Matrix

What’s the simplest possible Customer Experience Matrix? You probably haven’t spent a lot of time wondering that, and I don’t generally lose sleep over it myself. But as we at Client X Client start building more sophisticated simulation models, defining the simplest possible case gives us an important reference point. Of course, the question has an obvious answer: the simplest version of any matrix is a single cell. In a Customer Experience Matrix, this would describe one activity in one channel. So the real question is whether a one cell model is too simple to be useful.

B2B Case Study: Integrated Marketing Works for Revivio

Anything Goes Marketing

Trying to justify the costs of an expensive integrated marketing campaign in which you use multiple marketing channels to generate leads? Check out this article on BtoBOnline called: Revivio uses integrated e-mail campaign to boost lead generation. Revivio sent multiple emails with the call to action being a sales meeting and the chance to receive a free stereo. Muliple emails that reinforced each other were backed up by direct mail and telephone calls. They used a combination of in-house and purchased lists. Chad H.

The B2B Marketer's Field Guide To Customer Engagement

Leverage customer engagement and advocacy to drive brand, demand and profitable growth.