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90% of B2C Brand Conversations Happen Offline. True for B2B, Too?


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Best Social PR Guides and Tips of 2010 (So Far)


Social media has fundamentally altered the practice of public relations. And as any blogger can tell you, PR pros understand this, as witnessed by the incredible increase in blogger outreach “pitches&# from corporate PR departments and firms over the past two years. Of course, there’s more to (successful) blogger outreach than just pitching, and there’s more to the new practice of social PR than just blogger outreach. Like what? Will Traditional, Social Media Blend? by MediaPost Marketing Daily Commentary. For example, “PRO: Twitter gives us a great way to leverage PR. 

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The Spirituality of Social Media

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Sure the social web is filled with rants and quacks, but I’ve also been thinking about how the science and technology of this channel lifts people up, and perhaps even makes us better in a deeper, spiritual way.  Here are a couple of personal observations. would love to hear what you think! experience these tiny tugs of hope, optimism and encouragement every day.  The communion of community.

8 Ways to Increase Social Media Interaction


If you’re just getting started with social media, it can be very frustrating if you’re not getting a lot of interaction. You may feel like you’re putting a lot of effort into creating great content and no one is responding. Be Consisten t – No one is going to read your blog or follow you on Twitter if you post a bunch one week and then disappear for several weeks.

150 Content Marketing Tips

Drive traffic—and leads—with these tips for SEO, social media, content optimization, email marketing, and more.

Content Marketing with Emotions: Write with Feeling

Writing on the Web

Are you writing with feeling? Does your blog trigger emotional reactions ? Next time you review your writing, try to identify possible feelings in the reader. Content marketing that doesn’t resonate emotionally can’t do a good job of building relationships, inspiring trust, and moving people into taking action. It doesn’t mean you get all new-agey, touchy-feely. Sadness.

Exclusive Interview Eloqua's Director Of Content @jchernov.


Exclusive Interview Eloqua's Director Of Content- Joe Chernov. We cover the industry and the latest in b2b social media and content marketing

Your blog could be your B2B’s new & improved “front door”

EMagine B2B Blog

We’ve been preaching the virtues of a corporate blog for B2Bs for over 3 years now …as recently as early last month, pointing out the beneficial effect of a blog on your primary website’s search engine results page rankings. Those of you who saw the light, got on board early and now have a company [.].

The Content Marketing Sweet Spot

Content Marketing for BI

I just finished reading this year’s latest marketing survey results over at the Junta42 site. It’s interesting to see the popularity of different marketing content pieces as part of the overall marketing strategy. You can download the report for yourself here. Social media marketing (with the exception of blogs) is now in the number one spot. More hits to the website? More inquiries?

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Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

We surveyed 2016's content marketing leaders on their biggest issues, hurdles, and goals.

Why Integrating Your Blog with Your Homepage Is Vital to Your Content Marketing Strategy and to Google SEO

Content Marketing Today

It’s All about the Maximizing the Frequency of Critical Keywords on Your Homepage. have believed that integrating the two content marketing components was important since the very beginning of my own online efforts. Of course, your content marketing strategy relies on providing relevant, compelling, and frequently updated information that targets your best customers. Why is that?

Is the ability to measure really the main challenge in social media marketing?


For some people social media marketing is a new kind of Holy Grail that will overrule all other forms of marketing. For others it is merely a trend, a hype that is not as important as many media, experts and bloggers claim. Naturally both have it wrong. The truth is not black or white and the. Click title to read more

Sales Managers, and Why Yours May Need to Move On

The CRAP Report

One of my favorite scenes from Office Space is when the Bob’s (you know, the pair of consultants whom Lumbergh brings in to weed out the non-essential employees), meet with middle manager Tom Smykowski.  Tom’s a little nervous to meet with them, as the precedent’s been set that if you don’t really give them a reason to keep you, the Bob’s suggest you leave. 

Three reasons why brands should NOT be or think like publishers


Quiz: who says “brands should be publishers”? If the name Joe Pulizzi, content marketing specialist and founder of Junta42 comes to mind, you have won. Congratulations. This morning, while driving, I was thinking about an event where I have to speak about the importance of content in. Click title to read more

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Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

745 marketers told us how effective their content marketing is. Between November 5 and November 17, we surveyed 601 marketers with an 18-question online survey. A few weeks later, Adweek sent the questionnaire to 144 additional marketers. As the survey was answered by nearly our entire population target, the calculated margin of error was approximately 1 percent. Here's what we learned.

Social media marketing policies and education: the employee perspective


A seemingly minor aspect of the social media marketing plan is drafting a social media policy and training your employees. First, why do you draft such a policy? Partially, because you can use it as a public message to share with customers, partners, etc., explaining how you commit. Click title to read more

Social CRM: the collaboration between sales and marketing in the social customer era


A recent article on MarketingProfs, entitled “Marketing and sales Alignment Pays Off in Recession” summarized several details from the 2010 edition of the “Sales Best Practices Study” by Miller Heiman, a company that specializes in ‘sales performance’ If you. Click title to read more

Content Auditing and Mapping it to the Industrial Buy Cycle

Industrial Marketing Today

These days it is popular to say “Content is marketing currency.” What does it really mean to an industrial marketer, especially if you work for or are a small to mid-size manufacturer or engineering company

Learn Holistic Lead Nurturing


Would you like to learn how Lead Nurturing can turn more of your leads into revenue? On a single afternoon in New York City, Silverpop brings together several expert speakers to discuss Holistic Lead Nurturing strategies. The agenda covers B2B marketing trends, marketing infrastructure, nurturing dialogs, campaign development and implementation advice. Cost: FREE for qualified marketers.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

If you're concerned that your organization's content marketing isn't as effective as it could be, this report is for you.

Stop Talking. You’ll Get More Business.

Sales Lead Dynamics

Your first meeting with Ms. BIG has just ended. Your slides (all 56 of them) were dazzling. You described your services in minute detail. Surely, you “wowed” her with your expertise. At the end, you half-expected her to say “Great presentation. When can we start working together?” Instead, she said “Thanks for coming in. We’ll call if we need your services.”. You just blew it. Be Prepared.

Hard Data to Justify Your Marketing Automation Investment

Customer Experience Matrix

Summary: So you want some hard numbers to prove the value of marketing automation? Here's a bunch. client asked yesterday if I had some benchmark information to justify the cost of her marketing automation project. This set off an hour-long scavenger hunt through my hard drive, followed by sporadic afterthoughts later in the day. Since this is a question that comes up pretty often, I figured I’d share some of the more useful results. If anyone else cares to expand on this list, even better. 1. Neolane “ Making the Business Case for Enterprise Marketing Software ”. Statistics include: • 16.5%


Free Ebook: Understanding Blog, Social Media and Search Engine Usage by Industry


The four most important social media channels to marketers are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube (See the 2010 State of Inbound Marketing for data). But which one(s) are the most active for your industry? HubSpot recently analyzed 33 industries to find out. Download our free eBook to read more. Free Ebook: Online Marketing Opportunity Report. Connect with HubSpot

Visualizing How a Link Spreads Through the Twitterverse


A few months ago, I did some research into visualizing how a story spreads across the Twitterverse and how that spread could be visualized. Using a combination of the Twitter API, the TweetMeme API and the Processing visualization library, I was able to graph the spread of a handful of popular links. The graphs show the first wave of Tweets of each link (generally the first few hours).


Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

Brand voice? Editorial calendar? Approval workflow? Learn how to craft the crucial parts of a content marketing program. In the third installment of our five-part playbook series, discover the necessary steps to execute a content marketing program.

Expert Advice: How to Start a Website Redesign


Here at HubSpot , we get a lot of questions around website redesigns. When should they be done, how should they be done and what mistakes not to make. In this three part series, we’ll examine some of the common pitfalls you might fall into and ways to avoid them. Without these necessary prep steps, you’ll wind up designing a website in a vacuum and wasting money. Photo Credit: zhurnaly.

5 Tips to Improve Channel Partner Lead Generation


Online marketing is unique for each business. For large businesses that rely on channel partners to sell and distribute products, the online marketing process can be a challenge. With many channel partners across multiple locations, how can a business make sure that partners have the leads they need to help grow the business? They are not ready to purchase, but are starting to investigate.

The Role of B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing Insider

I just re-read this interesting article The Role of B2B Marketing is Shifting from Lead Generation to Revenue Generation posted by Achinta Mitra back in May. Now I'm not sure most B2B marketers truly consider lead generation as their

The Role of B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing Insider

I just re-read this interesting article The Role of B2B Marketing is Shifting from Lead Generation to Revenue Generation posted by Achinta Mitra back in May. Now I'm not sure most B2B marketers truly consider lead generation as their

2016 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study

To build a world-class marketing program, it's crucial to compare yourself to the best performers - but competitor data can be scarce.

Holding the Content Clipboard

Junta 42

On my way home last night I was listening to the Cleveland Browns post-game show on the radio. Being interviewed was Colt McCoy, former Texas quarterback and now Browns QB fighting for a starting spot. This preseason, he hasn't had much time to play.  Yesterday, he played half the game. To sum up, Colt said the following: It's been hard to improve standing on the sidelines. Watching video and other players definitely helps, but getting in the game, trying and failing is when I learn the most. Consistency comes from more playing time. It's doing something.

In-source or Outsource Content Marketing?

Junta 42

The answer is.Yes. According to a soon-to-be-released research report from MarketingProfs/Junta42, 55% of b-to-b marketers outsource some portion of their content marketing. Larger companies (1,000 employees or more) are 60% more likely to outsource than micro-companies (less than 10 employees). Makes sense, right?  Smaller companies with smaller budgets doing more with less resources. It may make sense, but business-wise, it's not smart. In my opinion, 100% of companies should be outsourcing at least part of their content marketing.  Why? What, you think you know everything?

Do Your Inside & Outside Sales Communicate Well?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

My first real job out of college was as a supervisor at the front desk of a business hotel just outside of Boston. It was not the most glamorous position but it did teach me the importance of open communication from department to department, as this particular hotel was quite chaotic. When I “stepped up” into my first Jr. Inside Sales role I thought things would be different, but within a week I was struck by the lack of communication I had with the sales team. My cube was placed smack dab in the middle of the marketing department with 5 other Jr.

Brain-Based Blogging: The 4 F’s of Action

Writing on the Web

How is blogging and online content marketing like psychotherapy ? One of the things I like about blog writing and publishing content on the Web is the connection to people. While “real life&# connections put you face-to-face with people you know, publishing content on the web connects you distantly with people you don’t know. You get a chance to poke the brains of strangers within a certain niche. And yet, in  our mammalian brains, we all react to similar things , even when we’re brought up in different cultures across the globe. Our survival depended on quick action. Fleeing.

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

Every brand’s content roadmap is different; each path to success is unique to that brand’s story, perspective, assets, and goals. But there is an overarching approach that’s proven to work—one we’ve refined after helping hundreds of brands reach their content marketing goals and after speaking with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Brand New Was Brand Old

B2B Ideas @ Work

According to a common, antiquated social standard, I am teetering on the slippery gray slope of being (gasp!) middle aged. As a semi-former pro libertine and hipster, I’m certainly not the kind of person who should be considering my yonder years with much regard. The term “middle-aged” is perhaps only annoying to those like me, who find it thrust upon them. love cycling.