Sun.Sep 25, 2011

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Can you make money managing social media?

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Now, here’s the next big question … can you make money managing social media for others? My original prediction was based on a statement I heard at many companies: “Can you please just do this social media stuff for me?” ” Of the course the purists will contend that everybody should do their own social media because of the “authenticity” value.  Overseas.

B2B marketing sector bounces back: 57% report rising budgets

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To say it’s been an eventful few years economically is an understatement.  First we had the credit crunch and a deep recession.  Now deficit reduction measures are biting and bond markets shaking. These turbulent times make the latest instalment of the bi-annual B2B Barometer interesting reading.  The survey – conducted in August 2011 and based on the opinions of 137 B2B agencies and marketers – shows that despite strong headwinds, the last 12 months have been rather rosy for most. One quarter (26%) report increased billings and a further third (33%) have seen significant increases. 

Blogging and Content Marketing: Results Versus Personality


A corporate blog has a purpose. In fact, it can serve several purposes. So, it’s obvious you want to get results with your blog. However, the rules and best practices of efficient blogging should not undermine vision and personality. Blogging is a balancing act. Content is produced by people for people, with a focus on [.]. Blogging Content marketing blogging content marketing

Sunday Post: TED Talk on Standing Out with Seth Godin

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We’re passionate about the need to differentiate your offerings. This is an important topic for B2B companies , as buyers see them as all alike. In fact, when I was the special guest on HubspotTV last Fall, I was asked for my marketing take-away of the week. said “ Think Different. “ Seth was a keynote speaker at the Aprimo Marketing Summit. hosted of the B2B track there. In fact, I’ve been invited to write an article on standing out (differentiation) for “If more companies listened to ( Find New Customers) a lot more would be sold.”

How to Leverage Content Marketing to Power Your B2B Marketing Automation Funnel