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10 Trends That Defined Digital Marketing in 2016

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Mike Tomita As the role of marketing continues to expand, it’s more challenging than ever to keep a pulse on what changes are occurring in the field. Continued learning is critical, and if you’re not taking the time to keep up with industry news and marketing trends, your efforts may fall flat. If you’re worried you might have missed something major this year, we have you covered.

Healthcare Marketing: Google’s Guide to Patient Recruitment

B2B Marketing Insider

The healthcare industry is vast, featuring a variety of B2B and B2C organizations for which the marketing goals are different. While B2B healthcare companies such as EHR providers ultimately aim to increase leads from hospitals and other healthcare facilities, B2C healthcare organizations instead aim for increased patient recruitment. According to a recent Google webinar, the […].

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28 of the Best Chrome Extensions for SEO, Productivity & More


For all of the greatness that the internet affords -- cute animal videos , GIFs , and interesting blogs -- I think its biggest downside is how distracting it can be. How many times have you sat down to work and been pulled into a pit of procrastination ? No matter where you click online, it’s easy to be pulled into a black hole of distraction and low productivity. Social Media. 1) bitly. Blogging.

Interpreting Email Metrics During the Holidays

It's All About Revenue

The holiday season is officially here and with revenue on the line, many marketers will increase their outbound campaign volumes to meet the shopping demands of their customers—and with good reason. The National Retail Federation now expects sales in November and December to increase 3.6% to $655.8 In fact, the opposite is true. Period. Again, this is not necessarily a good thing.


The Rise of the Customer Marketer

Explore the changes taking place in customer marketing from the perspective of customer marketers themselves.

Men vs. women? Who should narrate your explainer video?


Is there any reason to prefer a male or female explainer video narrator for tech-oriented videos? My answer has always been “not really.” However,  ” However,  Ben Lebay , a researcher at , has published a nice study of the perceived “trustworthiness” of male and female narrators, professional and non-professional. Sample size: 200). Opposites attract.

6 Steps to Save a Project That's Gone Off the Rails


No matter how much careful planning goes into a project, disaster can still strike when you least expect it. And when it does, it's important for project managers to know how to minimize the damage and keep the team moving forward. Other times, the signs a project is headed for trouble are more difficult to spot. If your latest project seems like it's spinning out of control, we're here to help.

Spot 10

The Evolution of Sales and Marketing Ops


Marketing and Sales Operations today are more than just plumbers. These roles typically started as tactical positions, performing tasks like database management, data hygiene, spreadsheet analysis and reporting preparation. Strategic Marketing B2B Sales


Channel Sales Readiness: Ideas to Create a Successful Partner Strategy [Infographic]


Your channel sales partners are an extension of your in-house team – so why aren’t your enablement strategies reaching them


B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

25 B2B marketing thought leaders answer the question "What do you expect to B2B marketers to be doing more of or differently in 2016?" The results are amazing insights around content marketing, achieving business results, alignment, employee advocacy, new technologies, customer experience and more.

What B2B Marketers Need to Know About AMP

KoMarketing Associates

Let’s face it; We’ve all been there, riding the subway trying fruitlessly to load a mobile page that takes FOREVERRRR. It’s an extremely frustrating experience, and, oftentimes, I give up all together – most users do. Slow loading mobile pages can drastically cut down on a site’s conversion rate and visitors. Ah yes, AMP pages. Don’t know where to start with AMP? AMP Pages Are Additional Pages.


Learn to create effective content by putting it through the RITE test

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

By Mark Schaefer. Here’s a proven method to consistently create effective content: Put it to the RITE test. RITE is an acronym that stands for Relevant, Interesting, Timely, and Entertaining. If you create content that hits at least three out of these four angles, you’ll be spinning gold my friend. Let’s take a deeper look. Relevant. What if you have multiple interests like books, pets, and cars? Can you create content about everything you’re interested in? The answer is … kind of. You don’t want to confuse people. came here for the woodworking tips!” You’re no longer relevant. Timely.


Fixing Native Advertising: What Consumers Want From Brands, Publishers, and the FTC


As 2016 comes to an end, the media industry faces an uncertain future. Fake news has flooded Facebook, captivated the attention of people across the nation, and likely influenced a presidential election. BuzzFeed report found that the top 20 fake news stories about the election were shared 1.4 million times more than the top 20 real news stories.


Rethink Podcast Episode #8 – Top Search Marketing Trends for 2017


In this episode of the Rethink Podcast, we interview Mike Arnesen, the CEO of Upbuild, a Portland-based digital agency. Mike is a recognized expert in technical search marketing, and we asked him to share his thoughts about search marketing for 2017. In the interview, we discuss AMP, responsive design, voice search, and link building. We also discuss how to determine when a project should be done in-house or hired out to an agency, how to find the right agency partner, and the one question you should ask each other. In this Episode (with URL links to sections): AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

How Millennials in the Workplace Are Revolutionizing Marketing

Content Standard

For young marketing professionals, a simple phrase might define their marketing approach: out with the old, in with the new. Today’s new wave of marketers and business leaders aren’t following in the footsteps of their older counterparts. Switching over to digital—now—is the younger crowd’s imperative. Where older marketers tread lightly, Millennials dive right in.

Six Key Steps to Successful Marketing Automation Adoption

Selecting a Marketing Automation platform can be a daunting task. With so many options out there, your success with Marketing Automation depends on selecting the platform that best fits your needs.

Stop press! The secrets to successful content sign-off

Connecting Element

Getting copy signed off has always been challenging. But with digital content rising up the agenda, it’s time we asked: how do we prevent valuable work being killed by committee? The post Stop press! The secrets to successful content sign-off appeared first on Connecting Element. Blog brand content guide content guidelines content strategy content workshops copywriting managing stakeholders

How to Develop a Business Guest Post Program

Hinge Marketing

There are numerous benefits to guest blogging. Hinge’s research found that blogging is one of the most effective online marketing tools, right up there with SEO and web analytics. In fact, when done properly guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to reach new audiences, strengthen your reputation and build a critical collection of backlinks to your website. With the proliferation of blogs and online publications, you’d think that securing a business guest post would be easy. But it’s not. And while the time involved may seem daunting at first, the payoff is worth it. Develop a Plan.


Wearables market outlook 2020: drivers and new markets


Where is wearable technology heading and what can we expect from the wearables market? End 2015, IDC expected that the main drivers of the market would be the newer generations of smarter wearable devices, whereas until then mainly basic wearables were the most popular. Smart wearables are the next step in the Consumer Internet of […]. Research consumer Internet of Things consumer IoT IDC IDTechEx smart clothing smart eyewear smart wearables smartwatch wearable devices wearable technology wearable technology forecast wristbands


Advanced Reporting Is Awesome: Part 2 — Geographic Data

Vertical Response

Here at VerticalResponse headquarters, we’re pretty excited about all the insights Advanced Reporting offers users. To showcase the unique edge Advanced Reporting brings to your email marketing, we’re examining each feature individually to highlight its advantages. Last week, we took a look at the use and benefits of device and browser statistics. Map view. All rights reserved.

8 Ways to Create More Effective Lead Generation Programs

Explore key areas you should focus on with your content syndication strategy in order to help you get the attention of your target audience and build trust.

How to Improve Your Content Marketing with Digital Branding


Content marketing has become one of the most prominent techniques used by brands to attract, educate, and convert an audience. While content marketing is a powerful and proven technique alone, you can combine content marketing and digital branding to achieve greater results. How are Content Marketing and Digital Branding Complementary? Your digital brand is composed of your digital identity, visibility, and credibility as defined by the Digital Branding Institute. Content marketing and digital branding are complementary because each technique enhances the aims of the other. notreally.


B2B ABM: Seven Sales & Marketing Tips for 2017 - Tip #1: Should you leave a Voicemail?


Should you leave a voicemail? One of the best responses to this question that I have seen is from a somewhat dated (2015) article in Eyes On Sales in which the author asks: “How many callbacks do you get if you DON'T leave a voicemail?”. The following is from my favorite author (“New Sales. Simplified.” and “Sales Management. And, together, they’re twice as effective as all other touches combined.”


5 Reasons Why Your Channel Partners Are Underperforming

Great B2B Marketing

Channel sales has so much promise for enterprise software and SaaS companies. The leverage you can get from a performing […


Better Content in Half the Time: Applying Scrum Principles to Content Marketing


Let’s begin with a question: if someone told you they were, “moderately successful” or “minimally successful” at something, would you recommend that they do more of that thing in the near future? Probably not. Even more troubling, when asked what contributed to their stagnancy or decline in success, these marketers cited a lack of time and content-creation challenges as their primary hurdles.

A Blueprint for Content Marketing Success

84% of marketers plan to increase their content marketing spend over the next 5 years but less than half have any real confidence such content investments are paying off, based on a recent CEB survey.

Best Way to Max Customer Experience is INVEST in Employees (@tom_peters)

Blue Focus Marketing

Every brand strives for authenticity. But how do you measure your success? And more importantly, why is professional development valuable to create employee advocacy? You’ve got to hand it to Tom Peters: He certainly has a way with words. Never one to shy away from a debate or share his wisdom on an important topic, […].


Who Will Win the War for TV Ad Dollars?


The cycle keeps repeating itself. A big TV event gets broadcast. Millions of people watch it. But then come the headlines: Numbers are down, again. They’re especially down among millennials, who now make up America’s largest generation. Network executives spin the news and make excuses, but behind closed doors, the thin smile they brave in front of reporters turns to a beset frown.