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Sazcast Episode 35 – Twitter Analytics with Dave Peckens


Twitter Analytics – Why, What & How to Measure Your Efforts on Twitter with co-host Dave Peckens. Show notes. Here are the links we discussed in the podcast: HootSuite. Twitalyzer. SproutSocial. PeerIndex. CoTweet. Twitter Grader. Wildfire Analytics. Klout. 10 Twitter tools for better social networking (Webdesigner depot). Subscribe to the Sazcast podcast: Subscribe in iTunes.

How to Master the Art of Storytelling to Increase Social Sharing


Marketing is about telling good stories. Social Social media marketing is about getting your customers to tell them for you. The value and freshness of your content and how well you tap the connections that tie users and businesses together via social networks directly impacts the effectiveness of your social marketing campaigns. Connections are the key to making social business, well, social. But it’s good stories that fuel conversations, allow businesses to be a trusted source, and underpin the success of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. News & Notes

9 Steps to a Daily Blogging Schedule


I publish almost daily on two blogs. have many people comment and ask me how I manage to do it, especially since I have two children, one being three months old. While it is by no means easy, and I spend a lot of my sleeping time awake, there are still many strategies I employ to make it more manageable. 1. Write short, snappy content. The old adage less is more works here. You don’t have to write a lengthy, verbose story to gain a following. Short, snappy posts that entertain and get a point across work well too, especially considering the attention span of our society’s inhabitants.

Pointers for using social media for lead generation


Many B2Bs still think of social media as merely an image/awareness-building vehicle.  But an increasing number are starting to aim at least part of their social-media effort straight at lead generation, as we noted in this earlier post …and you can, too. Any time we embark on a new journey, some guideposts come in handy;  and that’s just what we found in a veritable compendium posted by Debbie Hemley on Social Media Examiner.  As she notes, despite the attractiveness of the movie cliche’ “If you build it, they will come,” that doesn’t really apply here.  Assets. News & Notes

Lead Generation Checklist

9 Ways to Improve Customer Communication on Your Website


If you’re like most business owners, getting leads online is the main reason you created a website in the first place. Sure, you may have a stellar SEO campaign, a beautiful design and an über low bounce rate, but without a well-planned contact strategy, you can’t turn those pageviews into conversions. Online conversions aren’t just for ecommerce websites. In fact, most businesses use their websites to initiate one-on-one conversations. By personally engaging a contact, you are more likely to turn that contact into a customer. So, what’s the trick? News & Notes

How to create marketing that people welcome, share and act on!


I’m going to show you how to create marketing, which people will LOVE, share with their friends and which will inspire them to hire you or buy from you. There’s a huge difference, between someone receiving your message and listening to your message.  TV viewers are sent targeted marketing messages (commercials) during TV shows.  What do most of us do?  We fast forward through them or if watching the show in real-time, we go and make a coffee.  Just because they send their messages, doesn’t mean we are paying attention. by Jim Connolly. News & Notes

7 Silly Google+ Business Page Mistakes to Fix NOW


As marketers and business owners are getting more comfortable using Google+ and integrating it into their overall social media strategy, it’s time to start considering some of the finer points of managing a Google+ business page. As more and more examples of excellent Google+ business pages and creative use of the network’s unique features arise, more instances of huge Google+ misses are also becoming apparent. Silly Google+ Page Mistakes to Avoid. 1.) Not posting consistently. Many posted a few times in the first week, and then went silent. News & Notes

Top Internet strategy, marketing and technology links for the week of December 31, 2011


Here are the top Internet strategy, marketing and technology links for the week of December 31, 2011… 10 Fundamental Tips for Social Media Community Managers (HubSpot). Tools, Twitter and a Ton of Opportunity (SEOMoz). Why Profit Should Be Your Most Important Goal (Duct Tape Marketing). 12 Google+ Marketing Tips From the Pros (Social Media Examiner). Who Owns Your Followers? News & Note

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Top Internet strategy, marketing and technology links for the week of December 10, 2011


Here are the top Internet strategy, marketing and technology links for the week of December 10, 2011… Sales and Marketing Go Together, But They Are Not The Same Thing (Small Biz Trends). 10 Things About “Profitable Social Media” Book (Small Biz Trends). Six Last-Minute Holiday Email Marketing Tactics   (MarketingProfs). Ways to Improve Customer Communication on Your Website  (Mashable!).

Can Facebook Get You A Job?


Fun infographic from Created by: MBA Online. News & Notes

The 5-Step Test to Determine Optimal Email Frequency


You know there’s a delicate balance between infrequent email communications and bombarding your email recipients with messages to the point that they opt out. Maybe you’re interested in ramping up your email marketing in 2012 but don’t want to see all your hard lead generation work go to waste by increasing your sending frequency. How do you know what email sending frequency is the right frequency for your subscriber list? If you guessed “test,” you’re right on the money! So how do you get started with an email send frequency test? News & Notes

How to Create Enough Quality Content for Daily Blog Posting


For the record, I’ve never bought into the theory that you have to post fresh content on a daily basis to be a successful blogger. Quality always trumps quantity, but there is something to be said for updating your blog on a daily basis. You’ll see more traffic, engage your readers more often, and be more relevant as you cover the latest topics. So, if you’re really serious about providing your readers with great content every day, here are some tips to help you do it. That’s where being a good reader will help. Follow other blogs in your field. Keep up with the news. News & Notes

How to Leverage Content Marketing to Power Your B2B Marketing Automation Funnel

Google Will Change Web Marketing in 2012


Google is poised to completely alter how websites market themselves over the next year. While easing users into changing search results pages, Google has also designed a new method for websites to structure data so that its crawler can better pull information. This is a tremendous strategy. Google doesn’t need to own all of the information in the world, but does own the methods of accessing that information — as well as the ability to advertise to people who use that access. Search results will include more direct information. Questions will be answered faster and more simply.

Using Social Media: How Not to Burn Bridges in Your Social Media Campaigns


A social media campaign is a powerful way to promote your website or blog, reach out to an untapped user base, and ultimately make more money through direct sales and/or advertising dollars. Handled incorrectly, a social media campaign can just as quickly alienate potential traffic, damage your brand’s image and have your advertising partners running for greener and more profitable pastures. The key, then, is to understand why a social media campaign is so important, know how to implement it correctly based on your niche, and avoid making rookie mistakes in the process. News & Notes

7 Tips for Stellar Social Media Community Management


You’ve created a killer Facebook business page, started building up your business’ Twitter following, installed company status updates on your LinkedIn Company Page, and maybe you’ve even created a Google+ Page. In short, you’ve done the basics and are already maintaining a presence in the social media communities your target audience populates. Now what? It’s one thing to be present in your social media communities, but it’s another to engage and successfully manage the communities your brand maintains to achieve your marketing goals. Exercise the 80/20 rule.

Rules 16

5 Critical Metrics to Measure Business Blog Performance


Business blogging without measuring results is a complete waste of time. But when it comes to your business blog, there are a whole range of metrics you can consider. In fact, the number of blogging metrics can get so overwhelming that tracking them all wouldn’t leave much time for blogging, let alone other important aspects of inbound marketing. Let’s look at the most important metrics you need to keep an eye on to know how your business blogging is going. 1. Measure Visitors. One of the most basic metrics is also one of the most important ones. Look at your five most successful blog posts.

Range 16

The B2B Demand Gen Marketing Playbook

5 Social Marketing Lessons from Social Fresh Baltimore


Yesterday and today, I joined social media marketers from around the Baltimore area and the country at Social Fresh Baltimore. I’m posting this blog post halfway through the second day, so if the afternoon talks are left out, my apologies–please help me out and comment with your afternoon takeaways. Here’s the top five things that stood out for me from this event: 1. Measure the impact of mobile marketing before you dive in. QR codes can be cool, but they can also be wasteful and ridiculous. Whatever you do, provide multiple options for access. News & Notes

SMS 16

Top Internet strategy, marketing and technology links for the week of December 24, 2011


Here are the top Internet strategy, marketing and technology links for the week of December 24, 2011… Remembering Email (Tech Crunch). Social Media: Spotting the fakes (Jim’s Marketing Blog). What’s the right social cocktail for you? GigaOM). How to Use Images in Your Blog Posts (Pro Blogger). 21 Captivating Social Media Stats: How People Interact With Brands  (HubSpot). All Facebook).

Top Internet strategy, marketing and technology links for the week of December 17, 2011


Here are the top Internet strategy, marketing and technology links for the week of December 17, 2011… Three Things I Would Have Done Differently If I Started Blogging Today   (Danny Brown). Steps to a Daily Blogging Schedule  (ProBlogger). 12 SEO Authority Building Tips (Search Engine Watch). The New, New Twitter and What It Means to You and Your Business (Brian Solis). Business Insider).

Excerpt from Phil Simon’s The Age of the Platform


I’ve been reading The Age of the Platform: How Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google Have Redefined Business ( affiliate link ), which is about how “the Gang of Four”, Apple, Amazon, Facebook & Google, have successfully built platforms which allow them to leverage new products and technologies in ways not previously possible. As we’ll ?see Big Company Syndrome. Examples abound.

A Content Formula for Complex B2B Organizations

Top Internet strategy, marketing and technology links for the week of December 3, 2011


Here are the top Internet strategy, marketing and technology links for the week of December 3, 2011… Niche Social Networks Deliver Big Results for Brands (Mashable!). Social Proof Is The New Marketing (TechCrunch). Stop marketing to yourself (Jim’s Marketing Blog). So, you want more sales leads from your blog or website? Internet Marketing Jam). Mashable!). Logic + Emotion). FutureLab).

15 Fluff-Free Ways to Step Up Your Social Media Game


Marketers are really starting to understand the impact social media can have on their businesses. recent survey conducted at the Pivot Conference revealed that 37% of marketers plan to move beyond just experimentation in social media in 2012. The reason for this shift? 68% of marketers said that an increased understanding of the benefits of social media is the factor that most influenced them to flip the switch. Hallelujah! After all, no one ever achieved anything noteworthy by doing the bare minimum, right? We’re pulling out the big guns. Are you using them? News & Notes

16 Quick Ways to Squeeze More ROI From Your Blog


You’re a dedicated inbound marketer putting already strapped time and resources into creating content for your blog on a regular basis. And you deserve to get as much return as possible on that investment. But did you know there are some things you can do on top of creating remarkable content that will make those blog posts work even harder for you? Alone, each one of these things may not seem like much; but together, they add up to a powerhouse punch that will bring a blog post from good to great. 16 Ways to Squeeze More ROI From Your Blog Posts. 1.) News & Notes

7 B2B Buying Signals Marketers Should Pounce On


Inbound marketers are getting even better at attracting visitors to their websites. But as we all know, in B2B environments, eyeballs don’t pay the bills. Getting visitors to convert into leads and ultimately sales is the name of the profitability game. With today’s modern analytics and marketing automation tools, marketers can play a bigger role in that ‘middle of the funnel’ conversion path with the power to re-engage interested prospects and tee up their sales teams for success. Multiple Visitors to Your Site in a Short Time. Well, you can. News & Notes

Six Key Steps to Successful Marketing Automation Adoption

What’s the right social cocktail for you?


Based upon the 30 billion public social activities we are delivering each month, I can confidently state that the largest companies in the world are in process of figuring out how they can incorporate public social conversations into their daily business operations.  From supply chain management to PR crisis management, the role of public social data in the enterprise is no longer framed around the question of “why does this data matter?” That said, we are still in the very early stages of corporate adoption and there are plenty of unanswered questions for most companies.   Facebook?  Twitter?

PR 9

Five key marketing trends for 2012: Are you being served?


In a fluctuating economic world, it is essential for brands to adapt. For 2012, businesses must become agile and adopt innovative strategies that engage with today’s increasingly ‘switched-on’ consumer. Here’s how. 1. Advertising-as-a-service. Traditional advertising must evolve. Recent research from Havas Media revealed that consumers are no longer enamored with the advertising they see, and feel that “just one in five brands has a notable positive impact on their quality of life.” The Connected devices. – Five key marketing trends for 2012: Are you being served? News & Notes


5 Easy Fixes for the Most Common Twitter Faux Pas


Whether you’ve been using Twitter for a while or you’re just dipping your toe into those whale infested waters, there are several common Twitter mistakes that tons of people are making. These mistakes are easy to fix, but if you keep doing them, it will keep you from getting the most out of this platform as part of your inbound marketing strategy. And you don’t want that, right? Here are five common Twitter mistakes, and how to fix them. 1. Sending Sketchy Auto-DMs. Seriously, people are still doing this! Don’t waste your time setting these impersonal messages up.

The Simple Power of Asking


What is asking? It is a simple act of putting together a query in order to obtain the answer. Whether you get an answer or not depends on how a question has been framed and asked. Asking has an awesome power, yet it is one of the most unused methods of advancement. When you enter the blogging world, there are lots of things which you might want to know. You can get them by just asking. Still, most people avoid doing that: they try to get all the answers by themselves. Asking in practice. News & Notes

8 Ways to Create More Effective Lead Generation Programs

The Three Most Dangerous Social Media Metrics

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

By Srini nvas Rao, Contributing {grow} Columnist. while back I said that metrics and measurements have a tendency to limit our potential. What I failed to realize was that this is only the case when we measure the wrong things.  As bloggers it’s really easy to get caught up in comparison and competition. As a result we end up measuring the things that don’t have a strong impact on our business.

3 Developments that are Sabotaging the Social Media Movement

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

By Stanford Smith, Contributing {grow} Columnist. I’m worried about the social media movement. Although in some ways the initial enthusiasm in social was overblown, we were right to place high expectations on the convergence of media, social networking, and collaboraton. However, as of late, something seems to be missing. Thought Leadership has morphed into clever personal grandstanding.

#NewNewTwitter: A New Opportunity for Marketers

Digital B2B Marketing

Twitter announced a new interface, rolling out over the next few weeks, this morning. You can preview the interface and the new features at Compared to this change, the previous change to New Twitter (the current interface) was minor. This is a major change and for marketers, it is a far more interesting change. Discover. Discover. Discover.

The anti-prediction of 2012 social media predictions

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

This is the time of year for predictions and it’s all starting to sound like yada-yada to me. Probably you too? But how many bloggers go back and actually let you know how they did with last year’s predictions? Lets’s start there, and then I will add four surprising 2012 predictions of my own at the end. Google+ will not be the Facebook killer. Doesn’t matter. Grade = A +.

Why B2B Content Strategies Are Paramount for Generating Quality Leads