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Sazcast Episode 34 – Mobile Websites with Dave Peckens


Mobile websites and applications with co-host Dave Peckens. Everything you wanted to know about whether you should have a mobile website or mobile application for your business. Show notes. Here are the links we discussed in the podcast: ComScore: Mobile Social Networking App Audience Grows 126% In Past Year (ReadWriteWeb). Half of adult cell phone owners have apps on their phones (Pew Internet).

Google AdWords Auctions Explained


Thanks to our friends over at WordStream, we have this great infographic which explains the whole Google AdWords auction process. By they way, WordStream has some great AdWords tools , some of which are free. 2011 WordStream – a certified AdWords partner. Internet Advertising News & Notes SEO

5 Ways to Turn Social Customers Into Brand Ambassadors


With the advent of social media channels, customer service has forever changed. Consumers are no longer willing to sit and listen to classical music on hold. In today’s age of hyper-responsiveness, customers expect instant responses from support reps on very public online platforms. Instead of shying away from social media, smart businesses will leverage their social channels to spread a positive brand reputation, to connect happy customers and to step up their customer support efforts. Consumers aren’t eager to blast negative messages about your company – unless your brand is unresponsive.

Top Internet strategy, marketing and technology links for the week of November 19, 2011


Here are the top Internet strategy, marketing and technology links for the week of November 19, 2011… 17 Ways to Integrate Facebook and Email Marketing (Convince and Convert). Who are you? Jim’s Marketing Blog). This New Social Network Is Definitely Worth A Try For Your Small Biz (Business Insider). Lifetime value of a customer/cost per customer (Seth Godin’s Blog).

Lead Generation Checklist

You spend a lot of time, energy, and money doing lead generation to capture leads but it's how you manage them that makes the difference between success and failure.

10 Productive Tasks You Should Be Doing On Google+ Right Now


Google+ had a hot start, but has since cooled down. For a lot of people, that means ignoring Google+. I want to warn you that is a bad idea. Although the lights are on and it seems like nobody is home, trust me: there are people there. And they are the very people who can have a huge impact on your blog and business. Why Google+ isn’t going anywhere. Google+ is designed to draw you away from both Twitter and Facebook. And in time, it could do this. Yes, Facebook has over 800 million users. People like to state that number and then say “Facebook isn’t going anywhere.” Fair enough.

Using Twitter for Effective Media Relations


The evolution of technology has moved the PR pitch away from hard copy press releases to the phone and email, but now reporters are busier than ever. Emails too easily get lost in the melee and when you catch them on the phone, they often don’t have time to listen to a pitch and ask you to send an email. So how do you get their attention? Over the past year or so I have been using Twitter to contact journalists. – Using Twitter for Effective Media Relations by Keredy Andrews. News & Notes

PR 30

11 Safeguards to Prevent Business Blogging Embarrassment


You just wrote an awesome blog post. It’s well researched, it will help your audience, and the tone is spot on. The excitement to get it on your site is so overwhelming, you scurry over to the ‘publish’ button and hover over it, about ready to push. Don’t make another move. No matter how remarkable the content of that blog article is, there are still countless things that could be wrong with your post. 11 Things to Do Before Publishing a Blog Post. Did you do your linking? – 11 Safeguards to Prevent Business Blogging Embarrassment by Corey Eridon. News & Note

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts with These 13 Questions


The Google Panda update ranks websites that publish crappy content lower than sites that offer detailed, meaningful content. That’s good news for you because you want to create content that makes the web better, right ? But how do you create that kind of content? Well, over at Google, Amit Singhal suggests that you think like a Google engineer. So in that spirit, I’ve come up with 13 questions that are designed to help you do that so you can create quality articles that your readers and search engines love. Question #1: Is what you wrote original? News & Notes

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

25 B2B marketing thought leaders answer the question "What do you expect to B2B marketers to be doing more of or differently in 2016?" The results are amazing insights around content marketing, achieving business results, alignment, employee advocacy, new technologies, customer experience and more.

Using SEO & Keyword Insights to Build Communities


I gave a talk on how to use the keyword and search engine insights for your website to build a community at FOLIO:SHOW 2011 earlier this month. The great thing about digital content is that we have so much data about how people are getting to it, sharing it and using it. We can use this data to create content & products that our audience actually wants, leading to higher revenue streams. Using SEO & Keyword Insights to Build Communities. View more presentations from Sazbean Consulting. Analytics Content News & Notes SEO

6 Creative Ways to Make Content More Visual


We humans are visual creatures, and sometimes the best way for us to learn or understand a new concept is to actually see it. After all, that’s why they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” right? So if humans love visuals, why not leverage that fact on your blog and in other content creation? Here are six great ways to make your inbound marketing content more visual. 6 Creative Ways to Improve Content With Visuals. Include High-Quality, Professional-Looking Photos and Images: Have you ever clicked through to a blog article that was all — and only — text?

25 Must-Haves for a Remarkable Website


The internet has fundamentally changed the way people learn and shop. A business website is the central component of reaching potential customers, educating them, and convincing them to buy. Almost every business, whether B2B, B2C, non-profit, local, or global, needs an online presence to reach buyers in the internet age. After all, a company’s website is its virtual storefront. But having a website alone isn’t the key to great results. Instead, it’s the ability turn your website into an inbound marketing machine. – 25 Must-Haves for a Remarkable Website by Jessica Meher.

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What We Really Know About Consumer Behavior


Some fifteen years ago, in a period that seemed full of change and uncertainty in marketing, I asked my colleague Ted Levitt where he saw our field heading. Levitt, who had a marvelous talent for speaking in epigrams, responded, “The future of marketing will be more like its past than anyone imagines.” ” Today, as the internet, social media, new analytics, and mobile devices upend the work of marketing, it may seem strange to say he was right. Marketers, then, would do well to ask: what do we really know about how consumers behave in commercial settings? News & Notes

How to Leverage Content Marketing to Power Your B2B Marketing Automation Funnel

Generate more leads. Better leads. Engage customers, increase upsells, boost revenue and save precious time -- these are the benefits of marketing automation. And content fuels it all.

8 Steps to Hosting a Successful Twitter Chat


A TweetChat is a virtual meeting or gathering of people on Twitter to discuss a common topic. Companies like Cisco and FedEx have hosted their own TweetChats to engage with their audiences on a more personal level, and it’s a great inbound marketing tactic for your social media strategy. For B2B companies, hosting TweetChats are an amazing way to get a better understanding of your fans, customers, and leads while also allowing you to grow your Twitter reach. But hosting a TweetChat also requires some thorough planning in order to be successful. 8 Steps to Hosting a Successful TweetChat.

6 Best Practices For Small Business YouTube Marketing


Image via CrunchBase. Mention YouTube and most people will picture cats playing piano. But among a certain type of small businessperson, the name conjures another image: Dollar signs. Such entrepreneurs can often sound like brainwashed cult members — in a good way. For instance, Scott Imbrie, owner of Original Skateboards, a brand that has been built largely on its YouTube presence, says the platform is better for marketers than even Facebook. YouTube is actually the biggest social media site,” he says. “It’s It’s bigger than Facebook or Twitter.”. News & Notes

20 Ways to Increase Content Visibility on the Top 4 Social Networks


With all the content and information cluttering the web, it’s a constant struggle to get people’s attention online. And with so many different social media channels available to marketers, it’s difficult to make your content truly stand out. As soon as you follow a few hundred Twitter users, a few hundred Twitter users are inundating your Twitter feed with information that may or may not pertain to you. So the question is, as a marketer, how do you cut through the clutter and direct the attention of prospects and customers to your social media content and messages?

Who are you?


As far as the marketplace is concerned, who are you? I mean, if I were to read the information about you on your website, blog and social networks, what would I know about you ? Typically, people share very little of their uniqueness and instead, use generic drivel to describe who they are and what their business is all about. They lack the kind of narrative that inspires people, then wonder why prospective clients aren’t motivated enough to contact them! As your prospective client, I need you to show some passion. Some energy. Some creativity. – Who are you? by Jim Connolly.

The B2B Demand Gen Marketing Playbook

To build integrated, data-driven programs, demand gen marketers need diverse, compelling content at every stage of the buyer's journey.

The Business of SEO: Perception vs. Reality


As SEOs we often live in a bubble, sometimes it’s a social media bubble where we only tweet amongst our peers, sometimes it’s a literal bubble that we don’t explore outside our comfort zone, but that bubble can easily keep us from seeing things that to consultants in other fields is painfully obvious. At the end of the day, an SEO consultant isn’t any more special than a CPA or a Financial Planner, we’re all consultants and ultimately our job is to give our clients what they want. The question then is, what do our clients want? - Egan. . News & Notes

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Top Internet strategy, marketing and technology links for the week of November 26, 2011


Here are the top Internet strategy, marketing and technology links for the week of November 26, 2011… The Secret Ingredient to a Successful Blog (ProBlogger). Social media has evolved into the art of storytelling, and we must all become masters of it. Simply Zesty). Introducing Social Media to Your Business (Danny Brown). The Four-Step Plan for Word-of-Mouth Lead Generation (MarketingProfs).

Stop marketing to yourself


One of the keys to building a great client list, is to embrace the following 2 points. There is more than one opinion: You may believe you are right, but you have to believe that there is more than one way to look at things. There is more than one truth: It may be true to you that cheesecake is delicious, but it is equally true to another person, that it tastes disgusting. It can be tempting to assume that our own perspectives, are the only valid ones. Now, if you are marketing exclusively to people, who are just like you, you may get away with that kind of narrow assumption.

The Secret Ingredient to a Successful Blog


If you’ve been blogging for any amount of time, you’ve heard that content is king. You’ve been told that everything else—design, SEO, in and outbound links—those things are a bonus, but the real thing you need to focus on is your content. And it’s true, content is king, because even an SEO-optimized blog with a beautiful, user-friendly design and a parade of in and outbound links will fail without great content. But although content is important, there’s something more—something that only you can bring to the table, something that only you have to offer that will really make your blog shine.


A Content Formula for Complex B2B Organizations

Content Marketing is essential for anyone who wants continued success and growth.

Five great examples of product page copywriting


While product page design has improved in the past few years, an often neglected area is sales copy. A common mistake is to simply place the manufacturer’s product descriptions on pages. While this approach is easier, a more personal touch and unique tone of voice can help your product pages stand out and really sell the benefits of products. I’m going to explain why good sales copy is so important, and look at some examples where retailers are getting this spot on… Five great examples of product page copywriting by Graham Charlton. News & Notes

5 Hidden Tricks for Better B2B Lead Generation


Many marketers who have discovered tips or tricks about succeeding in their industry keep those secrets close to their chest. It’s understandable why they would want to preserve these secrets, whether it’s for competitive advantage, job security, or just plain selfishness. Marketers will use these strategies to help generate leads for their sales teams, watching their secret tools or methods mature over time and finding ways to improve them or get a little more out of them. – 5 Hidden Tricks for Better B2B Lead Generation by Brian Whalley. News & Notes

10 Steps to Writing Mindfully for Your Blog


These past few months—in my summer and early autumn creative writing classes—I’ve not focused so much on the mindfulness aspect of my teachings. Perhaps this had to do with the energetic pace of summer, which only recently faded here in the South East of England. Just last week autumn seemed finally to arrive and with it the cozy, heartwarming smells of wood and coal smoke rising from the chimneys of local cottages. The end of our unseasonably warm Indian summer ushered in that back-to-school feeling of my childhood days growing up on the South Shore of Massachusetts. News & Notes

Social Media Success Is About Purpose (Not Technology)


In the real estate world, there is a saying: “The three considerations that most impact value are location, location, and location.” ” In the world of social media, they are purpose, purpose, and purpose. Nothing impacts the success of a social media effort more than the choice of its purpose. Because purpose becomes the cause around which people will rally and be inspired to act, it is also the source of social media’s business value. What is a good purpose for social media? Would you recognize one if you saw it? Bradley and Mark P. McDonald. News & Notes

Six Key Steps to Successful Marketing Automation Adoption

Selecting a Marketing Automation platform can be a daunting task. With so many options out there, your success with Marketing Automation depends on selecting the platform that best fits your needs.

Measuring Social Media ROI: 3 Things to Consider


What’s the ROI of social media? That’s the million-dollar question that every marketer and brand manager would like to answer — and yet, we still can’t do it. Earlier this year, a study reported that 74% of CMOs predicted that 2011 would be the year that social efforts were finally tied to hard ROI. And here we are, nearing the end of 2011, still not certain how to uniformly measure the economic benefits of using social media. Instead, social media ROI is a mystery to most marketers, and the pros who are measuring it all have their own theories and practices. News & Notes

10 Writing Mistakes that Will Guarantee Your Blog’s Failure


You have the ideas. You have the expertise. You have the ability to project them well on your blog, and you are quite confident in your writing ability. Yet, unknowingly, you could be building a sinking ship, punctured by these ten writing mistakes that will doom any blog to failure. You needn’t be disheartened, however, as any blogger can avoid them. It just takes awareness of their existence, and a keen focus on giving the reader what they want, at all costs. Do you make any of these ten fatal writing mistakes on your blog? You have nothing to say. News & Notes

Social Business vs. Social Marketing: Understanding the fight over “content”


Let me preface this short post with the catalyst behind it – this article by Sarah Shearman for “Content key to marketing in social media says P&G exec.” Let me throw a few bits and pieces of the article your way, and we’ll get started. Content is the best currency in social media, according to Usama Al-Qassab, e-commerce marketing and digital innovation team leader at Procter & Gamble. On sites such as Facebook, the majority of people do not go there to purchase and still prefer their traditional online retailers. But unless you have content, there is no point.

7 ideas to turn PowerPoint slides into social media marketing gold

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Although PowerPoint has been around for years, it is still the king of presentation software tools. It is an absolutely critical arrow in my business marketing quiver … and for some reasons that might surprise you! Here are seven ideas to use PowerPoint slides to create new value for your social media marketing efforts: 1. Populate Slideshare. Do it. Spice up a blog post. Embed in LinkedIn.

8 Ways to Create More Effective Lead Generation Programs

Explore key areas you should focus on with your content syndication strategy in order to help you get the attention of your target audience and build trust.

Make Your CFO a Social Media Fan

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Social media definitely pays off, but you’ve got to focus on the approach not the tools. Social Media has hit the mainstream these days but the big concern on every product marketer’s mind has been how to justify the ROI? Never is that more true than at budget time. Why are you wasting the company’s money by giving them geek toys when they should be doing real work for us? Users. Employees.

5 ways corporate culture determines social media success

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

A while back I was working with a new client in New York. In the lobby of their impressive building, there was a huge plaque with the corporate philosophies of the company’s founder — a man who had died 25 years ago. In every meeting I attended, his name, and his values, were mentioned at least once. It is inevitably a function of the personality of the organization.

15 ways to use Twitter to toast your competition

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There are lots of success stories and case studies documenting business success through Twitter. Here are a few of my favorite ways to leverage this platform for new business benefits. 1) Using Twitter search and other simple listening tools, monitor real time conversations about your brand that can assist your marketing and management teams in seeing what is really being about your company today.

Social media pioneer says technology will transfom education

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LinkedIn Co-Founder Reid Hoffman is sitting on top of the digital world. Hoffman helped create one of the world’s most successful social media platforms. He dominated his niche and monetized his idea. His company’s IPO assured that he has the financial resources to fund his dreams and passions for the rest of his life. And a particular passion is education. How do you work as a team?

Why B2B Content Strategies Are Paramount for Generating Quality Leads

Generating demand and ensuring the consistent flow of high-quality, actionable leads is what makes B2B marketers successful.