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I'm sure we can all relate to this


Marketers can drink it up at the Tiki Bar and the new short form genre

Marketing Edge

Time 20:22. Tiki Bar TV is one of the most popular vidcasts. This wonderful comedy short-form with colorful characters and a winning drink recipe at the end of every show is an excellent example of great work in this new genre — one in which marketers can access a community of fans. Tosca Musk of Musk Entertainment is the producer of Tiki Bar TV. ” They even invited me over for a drink.

Hello, My Name is Cece and I'm a Control Freak

PR Meets Marketing

Admit it. If you're in PR, you're probably a control freak. Come on, the first step in recovery is admitting that you have a problem. It took me over 10 years, and I can now calmly stand before my fellow PR colleagues, "My name is Cece and I'm a control freak." Follow these SEVEN steps and you too can start down the road to recovery: . Not everything is in your control. Let me repeat that.

Service Oriented Architectures Might Really Change Everything

Customer Experience Matrix

I put in a brief but productive appearance at the DAMA International Symposium and Wilshire Meta-Data Conference running this week in San Diego. This is THE event for people who care passionately about topics like “A Semantic-Driven Application for Master Data Management” and “Dimensional-Modeling – Alternative Designs for Slowly Changing Dimensions”. As you might imagine, there aren't that many of them, and it’s always clear that the attendees revel in spending time with others in their field. One of the few sessions I did catch was a keynote by Gartner Vice President Michael Blechar.

5 Pillars of Marketing Automation Success

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Email Branding Tip to Increase Open Rates

Anything Goes Marketing

This is a quick post on a great tip from Stefan Pollard in hist post: Use Brand-Recognition Elements to Combat Inbox Triage. Stefan recommends putting your company name in the "view online" link at the top of your email. For example: "BEFORE : If you can't see the images in this e-mail, please click here to view this e-mail through your Internet browser. AFTER : If you can't see the images in your edition of Browning eBlast, please click here." I liked this tip as it's easy to implement and should make a difference. Chad H.

Should You Still Email Your Press Releases?

Anything Goes Marketing

On B2B Online, Tricia Robinson answers the question " Any tips for using e-mail to send press releases? ". She goes on to write about not placing the whole release in the email, not including attachments and some other typical email "best practices". Here's a tip: "Don't do it". Does your whole database need to know every time you hire a new executive or win an award? Perhaps but you should really consider what you send and how you send it because email recipients these days no longer have the same patience as they once had.

Takin' A Short Break


After being part of a team launching a company this week and four new website design projects, plus my "regular" work of helping clients achieve superior online and offline marketing results, I need a short vacation getaway for some family time. So, the blog will take a brief time out. I'll be back to writing about social networking, interactive PR, SEO and SEM, and the usual stuff as soon as I make sure my clients are well taken care of for the moment.

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