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Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Store, Cause, or Business with Foursquare

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Time 19:59. If you are business skeptical about social media here is a new way to look at it. What if someone wants to find a new widget (you make, sell or have something to do with widgets) and this person comes to your place. When they get there, they use their smartphone, one of more than 291 million sold in the third quarter of 2009 alone. Follow #smbdm on Twitter.


Gareth Jones And Lou Dobbs Are They Journalists ?

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In this era of fractured journalism, there is a resurgence of the pamphleteers. Is this good or bad for democracy? In a interview with Joel Kramer, founder of MinnPost we discuss this topic Is a pamphleteer a journalist? This issue is top of mind for me because of two stories in the news about journalists, the first about Lou Dobbs leaving CNN. Ukraine Famine Casualty of Advocacy Journalism?

Companies, Do You Want Continuing Revenues? Help a Customer Out

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Time 29:58. In this second part of a conversation with Twitterville author, Shel Israel and I get into the strategy some companies can use to improve their business in social media. The short answer is be generous. We get into the rewards of being generous, some direct and some not. Trust among individuals practicing and advising in social media has to be pretty high these days. Schmaltzy?,

How Smart is Your Phone and Your Favorite Podcast?

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Time 21:22. Here is some simple math. It is estimated that nearly 22 million Internet users will listen to podcasts this year according to eMarketer. Another survey by PriceGrabber.com made the correlation of more than 50% of consumers that purchase from their site listened to podcasts. OK, that one to me might be a stretch, but hey it’s a statistic, a snapshot right. Yes including me.

Lead Generation Checklist

You spend a lot of time, energy, and money doing lead generation to capture leads but it's how you manage them that makes the difference between success and failure.

Crowd Sourcing Cars, Ford Breaking the Mold

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Time 11:30. Let them built it and they will come is an appropriate phrase for the Ford Fiesta Movement - This will go down as a text book study of incorporating real time information about a new product into that product’s final production, and social media as a communications ecosystem for the product. Monty is one of the Goodfellas of social media. BRILLIANT! Have any questions I should ask?

Can The Social Web Help Change Governments and Perceptions?

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Last month there was much made about social media’s impact on the coverage of protests in Iran. At the 140 Conference. Robert Scoble moderated a panel of journalists and producers that discussed the impact of Twitter on mainstream news media, specifically using the Iran election to illustrate the power of essentially the people. The social technology in place today helps facilitate that desire.

ROI of Anything - Good Discipline, Bad Crutch

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Time 5:17. The next three posts are conversations I had while attending the NewComm Forum of the Society for New Communications Research and the In-Bound Marketing Summit last week in San Francisco. Everyone can use a little ROI just to compare effective tactics at the very least according to globally recognized analyst Charlene Li , founder of the Altimeter Group.


16,000 Ways to Mess With Twitter

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A Tweet flashed across the timeline – 16,000 followers in 90 days. At times like this it pays to be a native of New York City, a former journalist, and political hack for a decade, my BS meter is extremely sensitive. However, my curiosity radar draws me in to see what’s up with that! So I watch the Twitter Traffic Machine video. The sample of Crosby tweets shows its a feed of captions and links.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

25 B2B marketing thought leaders answer the question "What do you expect to B2B marketers to be doing more of or differently in 2016?" The results are amazing insights around content marketing, achieving business results, alignment, employee advocacy, new technologies, customer experience and more.

A Seminal Moment for Social Media – How Can We Avoid Layoffs

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I have thought for a long time that for society to gain the maximum benefits from social media many current cultures in a typical corporate structure would need to change. From legal to finance, HR to PR, the ways of the last 100 years would need to change if transparency is to be rewarded, and improvement was to be an accepted continuing process. Levy’s blog is called Running a Hospital.

Get a Reporter’s Mentality in Your Marketing Department, Social Media Will Reward You

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Let’s connect some dots. DOT 1 - Social media recognizes, even rewards candor and honesty. DOT 2 - Traditional media is declining and those journalists that remain must do more in the same amount of time – God Bless You. DOT 3 – Recession is causing executives to search for something less costly, more effective in marketing. will respond favorably. I said affordable, not free.

How to Help a Reporter Out? Read, Connect, Follow

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Time 16:48. Public relations is changing before your eyes, don’t believe me, visit Help a Reporter Out a website where reporters post their inquiries for experts, guests, and story angles. Then, the site’s founder Peter Shankman emails those inquiries out morning, noon, and night. No, I’m not kidding, three times a day. In fact, I use his emails as a reminder to feed my dog. For PR professionals.

Will Parents Say, What’s Wrong With This Picture?

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Ok perhaps I’m a protective parent, with 5 kids, however, you’d be hard pressed to make that label stick on me. That’s why I don’t think I’m overreacting when I say “What were they thinking?&# when this print ad was produced for the Citi American Airlines Advantage card. Take a look below. Isn’t that kid on what looks to be a ledge?

How to Leverage Content Marketing to Power Your B2B Marketing Automation Funnel

Generate more leads. Better leads. Engage customers, increase upsells, boost revenue and save precious time -- these are the benefits of marketing automation. And content fuels it all.

Let’s Mix It Up - Social Media Throwdown, 2/6 @ 1PM CST

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This is kind of a crazy idea, surely not new, but an attempt at driving focused discussion of a timely topic. In addition to good information a topics, there is also some great entertainment value in having a live radio talk show between two people on different sides of an issue, and that’s the intent of Social Media Throwdown.

A Buddhist Marketer – Really, Come On

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Time 22:32. True story, I get a pitch about a marketer who is getting ready to leave the hustle of the rat race to go on a Buddhist retreat next year. I’ve got to tell you that I was a bit skeptical, I think the two disciplines, marketing and Buddhism are about a contrary as you can get. The marketer, James Connor is the author of the book the Perfection of Marketing. Comment & Give to Others.

Brand Buy-In Matters, No Matter What Size Company

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Time 21:52. I’ve always found it interesting that many company CEOs view marketing as an after thought. Their concept of brand begins with a logo rather than a culture. Some may believe that brand is only for large companies that have time and money for a brand strategy and its execution. I take a different view. We get into the details in this podcast the first of a two part conversation.

Doctors’ Grades Help Patients Decide on Healthcare

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Time 20:53. As more consumers use the web to research their medical needs and choices, the greater the demand for some type of performance metrics in healthcare delivery. This dynamic taking place in healthcare is causing greater competition among providers, and more healthcare marketers to look for ways to tell their story. Other physician rating sites include Find a Doc , Vitals , and RateMDs.

The B2B Demand Gen Marketing Playbook

To build integrated, data-driven programs, demand gen marketers need diverse, compelling content at every stage of the buyer's journey.

It is a Gift to be a Relevant Marketer

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Time 20:52. This year a marketing firm that will go nameless gave me a gift. They showed me the importance of being relevant. It was an interesting lesson that I turned into an entertaining podcast, but it’s better if you be the judge of that. The story begins with the presentation I gave about social media in health care to the Minnesota Medical Group Management Association this summer. The group is a professional association for those in clinical practices for the most part. They attended the presentation to discuss how social media is being used by health care delivery practices.

You Need to Answer, Who Are YOU in 2010

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In 2010 Marketers and PR professionals must resolve their personality crisis. It is an issue that Age Ad editor Ad Age Editor Jonah Bloom highlighted at the ANA Conference this week in this 3 minute Ad Age video The issue is whether marketers are media organizations. Bloom highlights how companies including Red Bull have created so much content that they license it to others, they have also become the destination for that content like what can best be described as Red Bull TV. It’s about your universe. The same is true for public relations. Not cool.

Is This Social Media or Word of Mouth?

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I’m not sure how to categorize this video example as social media or word of mouth, help. Find more videos like this on Provident Partners Social Sandbox. I’m not sure how to categorize this video example as social media or word of mouth, help. Find more videos like this on Provident Partners Social Sandbox.

Swedish Covenant Chicago – A Thoughtful Social Media Approach

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Time 23:38. This Marketing Edge podcast focuses on health care and includes an interview with Leigh Ginther director of marketing and public relations of Swedish Covenant hospital in Chicago. Ginther describes the logic, strategy and resources they used to create Swedish Covenant social media programs. Ginther also discusses how they identified resources of physicians to blog and deliver unique content that attracts patients. They spent some months learning the communities first and aligned those that were most active online with the appropriate service lines. Nurse and Midwifery. Pediatrics.

A Content Formula for Complex B2B Organizations

Content Marketing is essential for anyone who wants continued success and growth.

Two New Perspectives for Business

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Time 29:43. A couple of observations about how last century’s business structure needs to change to benefit from the changes in the market brought about by the social web. 1) Coopetition to Community. Coopetition is the word coined for companies that decide to share expenses for in which areas they do not have competitive advantages or perhaps will jointly provide specific and not overlapping functions for a project. Social media exposes all kinds of talent online, plus a public discussion of the issues. Now competitors readily learn, copy, share, and engage each other. Ford Fiesta. Enjoy.

The Mayor of Twitterville Talking Change

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Time 24:46. Social media can bring people together, case in point, Albert Maruggi and Shel Israel. Two guys with little in common on the political spectrum, yet politics is something they exchanged online at first. They would have little chance to break bread except for their new found common ground called social media. Is this that new? No, I spoke to the Rotary Club in Shakopee, MN and saw 50 people many of whom had little in common except living in the same locale and a desire to get involved before joining the Rotary. Over time, there is plenty to share. Twitterville Book Drawing.

Trust Has Value

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Time 22:33. Trust is not a new thing in marketing and communications. The most trusted name in news, is the most hackneyed phrase on TV. I believe trusted means you transfer your brain space for figuring stuff out to others, you transfer your emotional defense mechanisms to another entity. Like, I trust this pilot to land this plane, or OK Guy Fieri, I’ll trust this place that’s a real dive. One of the most awaited studies in the PR world is the annual Edelman Public Relations Trust Barometer. Trust in social media is now at the individual level. We’ll post part two on Thursday, August 20.

Four Things That Can Kill Social Media

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1) Tarnished trust – too much nefarious attempts to game the system. Don’t worry though the government is looking into the matter. 2) Too much stupidity, yes my good social sympathizers I realize stupidity exists everywhere and my stupidity may be another’s genius, however when you are presenting Twitter to a company or a group and the Twitter Trend gets into less than appropriate topics for the audience, (watching out for my personal brand here, let’s just call it R-Rated an then some) it diminishes the attractiveness of the medium – I’m just saying. 3) False expectations unrealized.

Six Key Steps to Successful Marketing Automation Adoption

Selecting a Marketing Automation platform can be a daunting task. With so many options out there, your success with Marketing Automation depends on selecting the platform that best fits your needs.

Kodak Gets The Picture – Jeffrey Hayzlett & The 4Es of Social Media

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Time 9:30. Taking pictures on film has sure changed. Good thing Kodak is in the capturing memories and sharing in them business. You would be hard pressed to find an industry that has been impacted more than photography business. This disruption would set the average marketer on their heals. Not Jeffery Hayzlett, CMO and Vice President of Kodak, he has Kodak giving social media a big bear hug, dozens, maybe hundreds of Kodak employees are participating in social media, here is a short list thanks to Tweepz. You’ll hear in this Marketing Edge interview with Hayzlett, he listens really well.

Is There Money in Communities? Interest = Success

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Time 30:49. There are only a few ways humans show they value something… give their time or give their money. Another, for argument’s sake, is to lend their name, but that isn’t a good example for this post so I’ll leave it as a side note. This podcast with Bryan Person of Live World is about building communities, and the elements necessary to make them successful. It’s focused on how companies should evaluate whether they have what it takes in both culture and potential to establish a community. Live World is both a technology platform and provider of social media services. Enchiladas, anyone?

What’s your ecosystem?

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Time 13:19. We all have them on line, those places and groups we like to exchange ideas with. Whether you call them tweets, updates, photostreams or posterouses, (I made that last one up as a new user of Posterous thanks to a suggestion from Marketing Edge guest Steve Rubel.) the social web is state of being, not a destination. It’s a state of information and comments that is fluid. I met up with Steve Rubel, author of the Micropersuasion blog and columnist for Ad Age at the 140 Conference in New York. We talk in this Marketing Edge podcast about Twitter vs. eco systems as the next big thing.

Notes From the 140 Conference on Twitter

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The 140 Conference in New York produced by Jeff Pulver is a fast paced mindmeld of businesses and personal brands on Twitter. It also featured a clash of social media advocates Robert Scoble among them, leading the heated discussion with mainstream media over their news judgment about the coverage of the Iranian election protests. (I’ll I’ll have a link to the video of the panel when it is posted) I’ll highlight here and cover in more detail in subsequent posts. Business. His premise is that it is always a good thing to be in a place where your customers are. Personal Brands.

8 Ways to Create More Effective Lead Generation Programs

Explore key areas you should focus on with your content syndication strategy in order to help you get the attention of your target audience and build trust.

Closed Networks Limit Reporters – Can Twitter Help?

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There is a toxic formula brewing for journalism in the United States and everywhere there is the illusion of a free press. This cocktail has led to the entire industry missing stories with global impact. I attended a panel discussion at the Media Relations Summit in May (strongly recommend attending other Bulldog Reporter event )with Hannah Clark, of Inc. Robert Lenzner, of Forbes, Stephanie Mehta, of Fortune, and Gregory Morcroft, of MarketWatch. Their lament about the status quo of PR and journalism is the echo we all hear: too little time to read every email pitch.

Social Media: Catalyst for Health Care Reform or Divisive Echo Chamber?

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Time 29:33. An Open Letter to President Obama, Mr. President, allow me to introduce you to Mr. Paul Levy, CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Given your comments about health care reform in your weekly radio address yesterday, I thought you would enjoy Mr. Levy’s perspective on building a culture of improvement in health care, articulated in this Marketing Edge podcast. As one Twitter user to another, you both understand the dynamic created when leadership, ideas, and communication come together. Mr. President, you clearly understand social media from a challenger’s perspective.

Twitter is About Now and More at the 140 Conference

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Time 17:01. Jeff Pulver is a visionary and social web broker of ideas and people. Pulver saw the potential of VOIP as a game changer for telephony. He regularly addresses thought provoking topics where technology is impacting various forms of society. Now Pulver is actually bringing more than 140 thoughtful people together who are pushing the envelope of Twitter at a two day conference June 16-17 called the 140 Conference. Pulver believes, and I agree, that Twitter has created an expectation of being in the Now of information exchange. Now Pulver is actually bringing more than 140 [.].

Using Experts to Get Better Media Coverage

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Time 15:00. Bruce Zanca, SVP and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Bankrate INC, has spent his career reconciling the agendas of journalist with clients, (e.g. employer). In his current position, he has connected the dots between PR and revenue. Bankrate is a media content platform that raises revenue through advertising and the number of eyeballs on the site are increased with the more valuable information about personal finance the site has and other media carry information originated by Bankrate Inc. It is also a resource for other financial and consumer media and bloggers.

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