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B2B Lead Generation Blog: Budget Wars: Sales & Finance vs Marketing

B2B Lead Generation Blog

i look at the challenge that marketers often face when it comes to getting their budgets approved by finance and i wonder why does it have to be so hard? many financial executives still view marketing as an expense, aka cost center

Why Smartphones Matter

Customer Experience Matrix

It may seem that I’m obsessed with smartphones, but I’m truly not. I was about to drop the topic when my wife came home yesterday from meeting a new client who turned out to be—you guessed it—developing smartphone content. So now I’m thinking about it again. Just what makes me feel smartphones are so important? In part, it’s the “third screen” notion I wrote about yesterday: the idea that the smartphone really has the potential to be as important a device as a TV or personal computer. Naturally, this gets my attention. But there’s more to it. Indeed it would, and no I’m not. So much the better.

Blogger: Redirecting

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Tech marketing spending is on the rise again and will increase by 7.5%, the highest growth rate in four years, according to a report from IDC. While tech marketing investment will climb this year, it will also outpace global IT spending

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me (as if you care)


Ardath Albee at the Marketing Interactions blog tagged me , so in the Christmas spirit, I'll play the game. 1. biked to Canada with my oldest brother when I was 15. That's biked in as 10-speed, not motorcycle. 920 miles in eight days. 2. My wife and I like to joke that we are both "perfect 10s" -- I was the tenth child out of ten, she was the tenth out of 11. I'm a (very) amateur carpenter.

How to Leverage Content Marketing to Power Your B2B Marketing Automation Funnel

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Business Intelligence on Smart Phones: Not Just Humbug

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I’m a bit behind on my reading so I just spotted a piece in the December 11, 2006 issue of InformationWeek about accessing business intelligence software on a mobile phone. See “Power Of A Data Warehouse In The Palm Of Your Hand” available here.) The author is highly skeptical of the notion: “It remains to be seen how many mobile professionals actually need to slice and dice data from handheld devices. In a world where people view TV shows on their iPods and make Web purchases on their cell phone, it’s dangerous to predict what people won’t do on small screens.

Onyx Reinvents Itself as a Process Manager

Customer Experience Matrix

Onyx Software ( ) is a veteran player in mid-market CRM. It’s been years since I looked at their software. When they were purchased earlier this year by M2M Holdings, which already owned mid-market ERP vendor Made2Manage Systems, it seemed like still further evidence that traditional on-premise CRM software is a dying breed. But my never-ending quest for white papers did turn up a piece from Onyx entitled “Customer Process Management: The Real-time Enterprise depends on the merging of CRM and BPM”, available here. No, I don’t know who the guy in the picture is.)

Tools to Measure Buzz and Distinguishing Customer Centric Marketing from Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Matrix

Sunday’s The New York Times had a long article on buzz measurement vendor Nielsen BuzzMetrics ( ) (“Brands For the Chattering Masses”, Sunday Business , December 17, 2006, page 1). Naturally this caught my eye since I had been pondering how to measure buzz for Customer Experience Management (see entry for December 8). haven’t decided whether to do a detailed examination of this particular topic, but did take a quick pass through the Web sites of the major vendors. Like most analyst reports, this provides some useful perspective but not much detail.

Defining Your Micromarket


Many companies, particularly smaller firms, struggle to properly define their target micromarket properly. The natural temptation is to spread efforts widely so as not to miss any possible prospects. For example, one company I worked with said it "focused" on eight (!) vertical markets. You can focus on one, two, possibly even three things simultaneously -- but not eight. The practical result of a "scattershot" approach is that the best prospects are inadequately communicated to, resulting in wasted marketing efforts and dollars, a mushy message, and an inordinately difficult sales process.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016