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PRMeetsMarketing Weekly Articles: December 20, 2007

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OOPS - forgot to publish this last week =). This will be my last summary until the New Year. Come back next week for my post reflecting on my first 6 months of blogging and popular posts.  You can click on the Weekly Articles tag for previous issues or subscribe to the Weekly Articles Feed :  . Such was the case with a pitch received here several weeks back. Oh No Spock!

Thoughts for 2007: Popular Posts

PR Meets Marketing

It's that time of year to reflect back on the year and make your resolutions for the New Year. gave up resolutions a long time ago - how can you ask a chocolate lover give up chocolate for a whole year? Sorry - just can't do it. So instead of resolutions, here are the top posts from 2007: Let the 2008 Trends Lists Begin. Many of you were curious about me. SEOing press releases was another top post.

Top 2007 Posts

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Top 2007 Posts

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PR 2

Eventricity Lets Banks Buy, Not Build, Event-Based Marketing Systems

Customer Experience Matrix

As you may recall from my posts on Unica and SAS , event-based marketing (also called behavior identification) seems to be gaining traction at long last. By coincidence, I recently found some notes I made two years about a UK-based firm named eventricity Ltd. This led to a long conversation with eventricity founder Mark Holtom, who turned out to be an industry veteran with background at NCR/Teradata and AIMS Software, where he worked on several of the pioneering projects in the field. But those are all part of a larger product line, while eventricity offers event-based software alone.

A Content Formula for Complex B2B Organizations

Content Marketing is essential for anyone who wants continued success and growth.

Segmenting Your Market with Web Analytics

Cliff Allen on Marketing

Market segmentation is a key technique in targeting marketing messages - and maximizing ROI. And, the use of Web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, is making segmentation more specific and more valuable. I've written a feature article that covers the use as Web analytics tools in combination with traditional market segmentation techniques. Take a look at Segmenting Your Market with Web Analytics

Business Blogs Worth Reading & Commenting On

My Travels on the Net

I'm a big fan of reading and commenting on other blogs as a way to network online with an eye toward building readership for your own blog. While blogs on technology and politics abound, it's tough to find good business blogs; especially ones with a large enough readership to expect that your target audiences might actually be reading them. It's been my experience that the best place to find business blogs is not the blog directories but the websites of major newspapers and magazines. It makes sense. We've all heard the stories about how circulation numbers are down. Got a recommendation?