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What will 2025 be like?

Smashmouth Marketing

China. 81% of the world's toys are made there. 80% of the world's christmas ornaments are made there. It consumes more grain steel and meat than any other country. It plans to put a probe on the moon in 2007. It mines and burns 25% of the world's coal, and in 2004 had 6000 mine workers killed. It is the 3rd largest military budget behind the US and Russia. By 2031, it has an appetite for oil larger than the world produces today. India could be larger in 20 years. Interested in more ? Read more by Lester Brown.

Marketing Edge

Marketing Edge

the real-time news cycle has created pressure on companies in fast moving situations to make a quick decision on whether to hold a news conference or issue a statement. this marketing minute by albert maruggi highlights the pros and

B2B Lead Generation Blog: This Years Hot New Lead Generation Strategy is Thinking

B2B Lead Generation Blog

I finally caught up on a long overdue "to read" pile on my desk. Each year, it seems, a few hot new lead generation tactics get lots of media attention. Based on the recent headlines, it's safe to say that

Caribbean Marketing


I just got back from Aruba, on a "free" trip that's going to end up costing me dearly -- though that is a topic for another post. Although focused on the tourist trade, Aruba has not yet become as commercialized as many other sunny tourist desinations. The lack of marketing sophistication is charming in its own way. For example: Aruba has a spectacular national park.

Lead Generation Checklist

You spend a lot of time, energy, and money doing lead generation to capture leads but it's how you manage them that makes the difference between success and failure.

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B2B Lead Generation Blog: Improve your online sales lead tracking

B2B Lead Generation Blog

I liked the lead tracking tips provided in Michael Ortner's article, "Eight Ways to Improve your Online Lead Tracking," on Here's a summary of Michael Ortner's eight points: 1. Understand the significance of your Web


Ben Franklin - the First Blogger

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Ben Franklin's 300'th birthday is today. Poor Richard, Richard Saunders , Silence Dogood.was he the first blogger ? And he was tempted, but gave to good judgement, to almost be one of the first famous vegetarians ? Franklin was an incredible innovator, diplomat and entrepreneur, but one idea he had has outlived its usefulness (in my humble opinion. Daylight Savings Time: While in Paris, Franklin was the first to propose the idea of Daylight Savings Time. Sorry, I see no benefit. Who needs it! End Daylight Savings Time.

540% ROI for the week

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I know, only a week, but my new approach is paying off. I play sit-n-gos, otherwise known as ATMs, to earn the base earnings to play 5-7 multi-table-tourneys per day. I don't play the multis unless the sngs have paid for them. I made this decision based on 3 years of PokerTracker data. It showed me that my ROI in sngs was less than my ROI in mtt. So I thought I would spend a month experimenting. Yes, the rate of ruin is higher, the variance unbearable sometimes, but as long as I stick to the plan of only entering multis after I've earned the money through sngs, it seems to work. Tomorrow.