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34 (of the) Best Google+ Tips, Tactics and Guides of 2011


Google+ (or Google Plus) is many different things, depending on who you ask. It’s the fastest-growing social network ever. It’s the tool Google will use to beat Facebook. It will fundamentally change SEO. It’s a pain in the arse because it’s yet another social network to join. It’s Google’s latest attempt at social media, and they finally got it right. ”).

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Social Sleuthing: Who is Sharing Your Content: Twitter & LinkedIn Edition

Digital B2B Marketing

Have you ever wondered who is sharing your blog posts or other content on social media sites but don’t have access to expensive social media monitoring applications that can tell you? Here are ways you can find out who is sharing your content, and in some cases how much traffic each share is driving, on Twitter and LinkedIn. Topsy Example My post on G+ and SEO is more than a month old.

5 Trends in Customer Case Studies – An Interview with Projectline

Stories that Sell

What's new with customer stories and where are we headed? That's the question I recently asked Erica Hansen, director of customer engagement at Projecline. The fast-growing marketing services firm has built a solid reputation by assisting companies like Microsoft with customer references and evidence. I've followed the firm and gotten to know a few folks via social media the past few years.

Lead Generation or Demand Generation? It’s All Just Content Marketing!

B2B Marketing Insider

Last week, Eric Wittlake (@ wittlake ) wrote a great post called Lead Generation is Crippling Demand Generation where he argued that these two marketing activities were working against each other due to the different outcomes each is trying to achieve. Many marketers lose focus on the bigger picture as they chase more leads. Many marketers focus on leads instead of the larger demand picture.

Lead Generation Checklist

You spend a lot of time, energy, and money doing lead generation to capture leads but it's how you manage them that makes the difference between success and failure.

Mad Marketing TV | Changes in B2B Marketing with Paul Dunay — Mad Marketing TV Ep 13

Fearless Competitor

Special Guest: Paul Dunay, CMO of Networked Insights and author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies. Paul’s website: [link]. During this episode, guest host Jeff Ogden and B2B marketing expert, Paul Dunay discuss: Recent changes in B2B marketing. Influencer strategies and why they’re important. Facebook’s IPO and what it means for marketers. New social media tools for B2B marketers. Social data and what it means to B2B marketers. — MadMarketingTV is sponsored by Act-On Software: Marketing Automation for the Fortune 5 Million. Visit [link] to learn more.

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Pinterest math. A {growtoon}.

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Join the growtoonists each Friday for a humorous take on marketing, social media, and current business events. Joey Strawn is a social media strategist that loves enjoying a good book and then drawing in it. Check him out on Twitter: @joey_strawn. growtoons

Five Dumb Things That Unrock Trade Shows

B2B Marketing Unplugged

Last week we talked about how to rock your trade shows. This week let’s follow that up with a glimpse into trade show stupidity with some stuff that just shouldn’t happen, but sadly does (and I have proof). Let’s look at this booth. It’s a 20 by 20. That’s a lot of real estate for this poor guy to cover. No wonder he needs a rest at 10am. Plus it’s soooo boring. There’s nobody in the booth.

My Love/Hate Relationship with B2B Events


I have a confession to make. I have a love/hate relationship with marketing events, a fair share of which I attend each year. At many of these events, I have the good fortune of being able to present on topics such as lead management, lead nurturing and sales-marketing alignment. Along the way, I meet some very smart, interesting marketing people. Events also provide a great opportunity to connect with respected colleagues, partners and client, getting face time that is otherwise so hard to come by. These benefits of marketing events are some of the reasons I look forward to attending them.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

25 B2B marketing thought leaders answer the question "What do you expect to B2B marketers to be doing more of or differently in 2016?" The results are amazing insights around content marketing, achieving business results, alignment, employee advocacy, new technologies, customer experience and more.

Brian Halligan, CEO of Hubspot, to appear on Mad Marketing TV

Fearless Competitor

Mad Marketing TV , the B2B marketing show sponsored by Act-On Software (with support from Watchitoo and Avitage ) and hosted by Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers today announced that Brian Halligan, CEO of Hubspot is an upcoming guest on the show. The show with Brian will be filmed at the end of March and will publish in early April. “ The line-up of guests on Mad Marketing TV is incredible.

Why We Took the Shears to the Home Page of Find New Customers

Fearless Competitor

Ever look at your house and decide a Spring Cleaning is in order? That’s what I decided when looking at the home page of the B2B lead generation and global marketing company Find New Customers. It was a Rube Goldberg contraption – 550 words in total. A thorough cleaning was needed. So I broke out the hedge trimmer and went to work. After (28 Words). How to Find New Customers.

The Early Results are In. The make-over of Find New Customers is working!

Fearless Competitor

As you may or may not know, we recently did a major pruning of our home page at Find New Customers. We took it from 550 words to just 28, with a clear call to action of our white paper, How to Find New Customers. How to Find New Customers. Did it work? Are we getting results? It’s too early to say definitively but look at this. The early results look very promising. Take Our Poll.

How to Customize Your Social Updates for Facebook and Twitter


Like every aspect of inbound marketing, social media is constantly evolving. Once upon a time, when marketing on Twitter and Facebook was in its infancy, auto-uploading the same posts to both platforms was considered acceptable and efficient. For the savvy inbound marketer, those days are over. Here's how to approach crafting updates differently on Facebook versus Twitter. 1) Length. 2) Photos.

How to Leverage Content Marketing to Power Your B2B Marketing Automation Funnel

Generate more leads. Better leads. Engage customers, increase upsells, boost revenue and save precious time -- these are the benefits of marketing automation. And content fuels it all.

4 Steps on How Focusing on People, Not Contacts Will Increase Your Revenue

Sales Intelligence View

Do you really have a good understanding of a potential prospect with just his or her contact information? Looking at our friend, Anakin Skywalker, it is clear that there is more to a person than what you see on a business card. The sales professionals who are making it in your industry are the ones leveraging unique people insights gleaned from social media and other resources to reach the right person, with the right message, at the right time. Click on Anakin’s business card to see what I mean. Shift the mindset from a contact to a person. And how likely are you to respond to them?)

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12 Ways to Create a User-Friendly Website Registration Process


As a user, registering for websites is no fun. Because it's on a computer, it's only slightly less annoying than filling out paper forms -- falling somewhere between standing in line and watching water boil on the spectrum of most tedious activities in the world. But it's part of doing business in the online world, and because most website visitors are quite used to the process, they've also come to have pet peeves over UX and UI choices businesses make around their registration process. Why does this matter? 12 Ways to Create a Seamless Website Registration Process for Your Visitors.

The Inbound Marketing Multiplier: How to Maximize Your Inbound Efforts

Modern B2B Marketing

by Maria Pergolino Are you using a mix of inbound and outbound marketing for your lead generation efforts? You should be. Outbound marketing is any paid marketing – both online and offline – used to acquire new leads. It includes everything from trade shows to pay-per-click marketing and is critical to growing inbound marketing. Let’s say your target market is Fortune 1000 companies.

Profile Byte: PR Fly Zone on Social Media’s Radar

WindMill Networking

Channel Goldilocks in determining the right amount of PR “personality” for your social business profile—not too little, not too much. Just right. A sound bite that stood out from a public relations and social media perspective was about how the 19 th century focused on “ character ,” whereas the last and current centuries promote a culture of “ personality.”

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The B2B Demand Gen Marketing Playbook

To build integrated, data-driven programs, demand gen marketers need diverse, compelling content at every stage of the buyer's journey.

Future of Engagement — Social Media Response to Adele at Brit Awards


Future of Engagement – How did blogs (and other social media) respond to Adele giving the middle finger to the Brit Award producers? Adele was awarded her third Brit Award, the British version of the Grammys, on Tuesday night. When she wanted to thank her friends and family for supporting her, the host cut her off after about half a minute. She was angry and gave the middle finger to the producers.

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Tips for Retooling Your Business

Client Bridge

While the recession is over, the business climate remains stormy, and small companies which survived may still be struggling. From Donald Todrin on, here are some tips for SMBs struggling to make the bottom line. Stop Being a Bank for Your Customers Cash flow is important. Establish short-term or no-term payment rules for customers. Otherwise, you're loaning customers money, interest-free for 30, 60 or 75 days. Start Collecting Have a consistent collection strategy and process with an employee dedicated to it. Base your policies on the principle of clients keeping their word.

Why Every Business Blog Needs Evergreen Content


When it comes to the different types of content you can publish on a business blog, there is a world of possibilities. But among all those variations of blog content is a very important one that often gets overlooked. That, my friend, is evergreen content, and every blog could use some. In this article, we’ll dive into what evergreen content is (and isn’t), why it’s so important to the success of a blog, and how you can effectively leverage it for your business. What Is Evergreen Blog Content? – Why Every Business Blog Needs Evergreen Content by Pamela Vaughan.

What Business-Owner Needs to Know about Social Media Marketing

Tomorrow People

Three things every business-owner needs to know about social media marketing and why social marketing is still not working for every business. Social media marketing. It’s one of the biggest things to hit the world of marketing for some time. But many business-owners are leaping head first into social media marketing – without taking some essential rules into consideration first. This is causing many companies to fail at winning with social media marketing. Three things that every business-owner needs to now right now are: 1. Your social media needs to be more than just social.

A Content Formula for Complex B2B Organizations

Content Marketing is essential for anyone who wants continued success and growth.

Content Marketing – Quality vs. Quantity

Great B2B Marketing

Let’s face it – there are days when the creative well is dry and you would rather go to the dentist than write some fresh content for social media or your website. After all, if you can’t create outstanding content, why do it at all? You may be tempted to chuck the whole thing and back to doing something more fun – like filling out expense reports. I promise that you will be rewarded by your decision to stay the course and persevere with content marketing, but it will require a switch in mindset. This is particularly important in B2B Marketing and specifically online content marketing.

Social Business within the Enterprise: Is It Revolutionary?


Image via Wikipedia. Then, you go back to your cubicle or home office, and realize that your inbox and calendars are still full, you still have 10 people between you and the CEO, and getting the information you need to do your job still feels like pulling teeth. Where did all that promise go? Wasn’t the world supposed to be changing? Or is it true? from broadcast to dialogs. to index them.

6 Sales & Marketing Strategy Recommendations for 2012


I’m an avid reader of Bob Apollo’s “Accelerating Revenue Growth” blog. Bob is the founder of Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners, a UK firm that engages with B2B companies to improve their sales and marketing strategy and drive revenue. He does a great job of clearly presenting, assessing and recommending solutions for today’s pressing sales lead management challenges. I encourage you to visit and explore the entire post in which Hugh suggests that leaders should adopt these six sales and marketing strategies in 2012: 1. Forget about branding. Outsource marketing.

When a Fan is Not a Fan -- Getting the Highest Quality Facebook Following


You likely know that Facebook is the premier social media platform for reaching a high quantity of people. It's the second most frequently visited site on the web, surpassed only by Google. It's the subject of Dummies guides and web tutorials. With the click of a button, Facebook members can subscribe to your message by the thousands. However, your Facebook audience may not be as engaged as you may think. When Romenesko sent out a call asking his subscribers who they were, only 20 (that's 0.13 percent) responded. Engage Your Subscribers. Actively solicit comments in your posts and updates.


Six Key Steps to Successful Marketing Automation Adoption

Selecting a Marketing Automation platform can be a daunting task. With so many options out there, your success with Marketing Automation depends on selecting the platform that best fits your needs.