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Paul Dunay joins Networked Insights as the CMO

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Almost 5 years ago I started this blog with the notion exploring the changing definition of Buzz Marketing in light of this new thing I saw on the horizon called “Social Media”. remember questioning where all this blogging was going to take us. The answer was – neither of us knew! felt there had to be more we can do with the social data that we just cant get out of monitoring. Technology.

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Beat the Big Boys

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

By Stanford Smith, Contributing {grow} Columnist. They say that the rich just get richer and the poor get poorer.  Seems this brutal maxim applies to social media too; big brands crush smaller upstarts in a blizzard of social gimmicks and PR. Savvy startups understand this law and struggle to achieve scale before larger competitors recognize the threat.  So, can the little gal (guy) still compete?

The Future of Social Media


We live in amazing times. Social media is transforming communications in ways unimaginable just a couple of decades ago. We often read about the accelerating pace of innovation, but nowhere is this more pronounced than in the world of communications. Our human species originated, ballpark, 250,000 years ago. Johannes Gutenberg , the Mark Zuckerberg of his day, invented his printing press in 1440.

Got a Cause? Pen a Poem. Win 10 Grand.

Paul Gillin

It’s tough raising nickels and dimes. In even the most prosperous times. One new course of action. That might get some traction. Is pitching nonprofits in rhymes. OK, so I didn’t miss my calling as a poet. But if you’re a nonprofit organization in the U.S., or Canada, and if you can tell your story poetically, you can win up to $10,000 from the CTK Foundation’s Heart and Soul Grant Competition.

Lead Generation Checklist

Silence and the Perfect Leadership Moment

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

I’ve worked with many wonderful leaders over the years but there was one moment that, for me, represented a perfect example of what leadership is all about. spent much of my career at Alcoa, a Fortune 100 metals and mining company.  Alcoa was a principled company. Having an employee killed in an industrial accident is heart-breaking, but it is even more tragic when it is YOUR employee.

Savvy Toolkit: Website Improvement Widgets

Savvy B2B Marketing

In an increasing virtual world your website is increasingly becoming the "store front" for more and more companies. Even if your home page displays a photo of your beautiful corporate headquarters the chances that your prospect will ever visit your brick and mortar manifestation is pretty slim. One quick way to see if your website is to use a tool like Hubspot's Web Site Grader.

FAQ 39

Sales and Marketing: Let Worlds Collide

The Content Factor

At a recent Focus Roundtable on Sales and Marketing alignment (or the lack thereof), we acknowledged the frequently discussed differences between the people who work in sales jobs and the people who work in marketing jobs. Marketing people think of their company’s prospects as a either a homogenous group or grouping of groups (segments), and they communicate with these groups through vehicles that are designed to reach masses of people. read more. Business to Business (B2B) Sales and Marketing Alignment

Looking Past Your Marketing Program – Are You Set Up for Measureable Success? – B2B Marketing and Sales Tip #314

B2B Lead Blog

As B2B Marketers we spend a lot of time, effort and resources creating lead generation programs that drive engagement, higher lead scores and ultimately sales conversions. Your program is finally ready to launch. But, you know that uneasy feeling you get just before you hit the GO button?  The nagging

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

B2B Marketing Mistakes: Do You Label Your Target Audience?

B2B Marketing Insider

Want to know what B2B marketing mistake makes me the craziest? When I see marketing content that adds an unnecessary or inappropriate qualifier to try and get a specific segment of people to read, register, or interact with the piece of content. For example, if I say this blog is only for “B2B marketers&# - will that focus the target audience of the blog? Not in my experience. Image Source.

Lead Nurturing Is Not A Marketing Option, It’s A Sales Necessity

Industrial Marketing Today

Plenty has been written about the importance of lead nurturing in B2B and industrial marketing. If you need a quick primer, read my earlier post, “ B2B Lead Generation without Lead Nurturing is Doomed to Fail. ”. Most of the lead nurturing best practices guides and articles that I’ve read are from a marketing perspective. Let’s switch gears for a moment and think of it from a sales point of view. What does lead nurturing do for sales? IMO, the two key contributions of lead nurturing to sales are: Realigns the timing of buyers and sellers. Builds trusting relationships with permission.

Online Advertising Metrics: A Simple Framework

Digital B2B Marketing

When planning an online advertising campaign, or reviewing results, the data can be overwhelming. It seems everything can be measured sixteen different ways. Other times, it seems nothing that matters is measured

5 Tips for Creating Share-Worthy B2B Email Content

Social Media B2B

Just because your B2B email recipients are business contacts doesn’t mean your email content can’t be interesting enough to start conversations and generate social shares. If you can create share-worthy B2B email content, you can generate additional brand awareness and boost your potential for lead acquisition and sales. Here’s some tips that may help you with this approach. 1.

How to Leverage Content Marketing to Power Your B2B Marketing Automation Funnel

Email Marketing: Tips on Open Rates, Offers & Lead Quality

The Point

Recently I was invited to participate in a discussion with Sridhar Ramanathan, a 20-year Silicon Valley veteran and General Partner at the Aventi Group , a leading consulting firm specializing in accelerating revenue for technology companies. We discussed the changing role of email marketing, how to choose the best offer, and what companies can do to increase lead quality. You can read the complete interview here. What else should VPs or Directors of Marketing consider when architecting an online marketing campaign to drive high quality leads (not just quantity)?

11 Questions to Help Evaluate Your Demand Generation Plan

Fearless Competitor

Is Your Demand Generation Plan as good as it can be? Find out here. Howard Sewell of Spear Marketing wrote this great post and I wish to use it. Hope you don’t mind, Howard, and I use great care to give you full credit too. Jon’s piece got me thinking about not just marketing automation but demand generation in general. Some of those plans are good, some average, and some downright scary.

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Swish! How The Phoenix Suns Used Fan History To Drive Sales

It's All About Revenue

by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. You probably remember the sights and smells from the first time you went to a baseball game. Or when you first saw your childhood hero throw a Hail Mary pass across the field for a touchdown. Or witnessed that first gravity-defying dunk in person. For sports fans, allegiance to a team is often driven by these early, intimate memories. And savvy sports marketers are constantly attempting to tap into fans’ personal histories with a team. Full disclosure: The Suns are an Eloqua client.). The Suns ran an intriguing play to accomplish its goal. It was nothing but net.

CRM 16

Inside Sales Managers: 4 Ways to Motivate Your Team

Smashmouth Marketing

You'd think that in today's economy, a steady paycheck would be enough motivation to get the best out of people, right? Not always the case, nor should it be. Part of any manager's role is to make the people around them better. Whether it's mentoring someone to take over your role when you ascend the corporate ladder, or taking a rep with just enough potential under your wing, ultimately, the job of a manager is to improve his or her team. The Sales Manager is always looking for better performance from a team, and in order to get that, you've got to give a little. Believe me, it works! 3.

The B2B Demand Gen Marketing Playbook

Can a content management system really help your SEO?

EMagine B2B Blog

Those of you who use a content management system (CMS) to maintain your website are probably aware of its numerous advantages, including… standardizing the pages of the site enabling non-technical people (e.g., writers) to update the site providing version control for your content enforcing an approval process workflow for every site change But did you [.]. B2B Web Strategy Search Engine Marketing

Sales Management is the Hardest Job in Sales.Period

Your Sales Management Guru

Sales Management is the Hardest Job in Sales. Period.    By Jeb Blount, Author of People Buy You  .   Ken’s Comment : This week’s blog is a guest blog:  When I saw this article published I knew you would enjoy it. It hits the mark and reinforces what I have written in my latest books on Sales Management. Why is Sales Management so hard?  Sales Managers bear 100% of the responsibility for the performance of their sales team yet receive little glory for their efforts. In many cases even the best sales managers earn less than their top salespeople. Everyone! This creates more turnover.

Frequently Asked Questions about B2B Social Media – Part 2

Modern B2B Marketing

by Andrew Spoeth This post is a follow up to our earlier post titled Frequently Asked Questions about B2B Social Media. It is based on one of our most successful webinars to date, titled Social Media for Business Marketers – the real ways B2B marketers can use social media to drive success. Due to time constraints, we weren’t able to get to all of the questions in the webinar itself.

Where Does Social Media Fit into the Marketing Mix?

Client Bridge

Social media spending will become a bigger percentage of companies’ overall marketing budgets in the next several years. However, CMOs still have challenges to integrate social media into their overall strategies. The American Marketing Association and Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business surveyed more than 400 top marketers for the February 2011 CMO Survey. View Original Articl

A Content Formula for Complex B2B Organizations

B2B Marketing Automation from a CMO Perspective

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MarketingSherpa's special report addressing how CMOs use marketing automation, is available for free download. The report is the result of research conducted with almost 300 senior marketing decision makers. It focuses on in-depth analysis of the processes CMOs are using to optimize their marketing-sales pipelines, as well as implementation of the software applications that enable automation.

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Online Registration and Social Sign-In

Client Bridge

A study conducted by Blue Research focused on consumer attitudes about traditional online registration and perceptions about using social identities across the Web. The online survey was completed by 657 respondents. Results show a shift in behavior patterns and demonstrate the challenges of obtaining accurate information from consumers. Requiring new user accounts encourages misinformation.

Four Insights for Cloud Computing Marketers

Digital B2B Marketing

IDG Enterprise released its Cloud Computing Research results at the end of last year, and I finally had the opportunity to review it recently. just wish I had looked at it earlier. The research is based on a survey of approximately

Customer Retention Starts With A Happy Employee!

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Much is said these days about taking care of your customer. Some would say that we spend far too much time selling, and not enough time making sure your client/customer’s existing needs are fully met. Don’t get me wrong, my sales guys do a hell of a job bringing in new business and we certainly want them to keep it coming, but in my completely biased opinion it starts with a happy customer. Every Marketing/Management/Sales 101 class beat the stat in my head – it costs an organization 5x more to bring a new client on than it does to retain an existing client.

Six Key Steps to Successful Marketing Automation Adoption

Money alone can't buy digital marketing success


Image by dolphinsdock via Flickr. I've been talking to some small business owners recently who are all complaining that they are getting squeezed out of social media, search marketing, and other forms of Internet marketing by the big guys--big companies with big budgets. This would seem, on the surface, to be a simple question. who's right?

Facebook Launches Updated Comment Platform to Socialize Blogs


Facebook has started 2011 off with a ton of announcements, such as the new business page features. Today, the social media giant made another step forward into getting itself even deeper into the lives of Internet users. Facebook announced that they have released a major upgrade to their commenting system. Today Facebook's commenting plugin experienced a major face lift. The Trade Offs.

B2B Marketing Events Around The World - Mar 2011

B2B Ideas @ Work

The changing nature of our industry propels us to stay on top of the latest trends. Meeting and learning from other professionals helps us do our jobs better. Here's what's on tap for marketing industry events for March 2011. March 1-2, TFM&A. London, UK: The UK’s largest and longest running multi-channel marketing, media and advertising event. March 2, Seth Godin. March 18, L2.

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Inbound Leads Cost 62% Less than Outbound [New Data]


HubSpot's latest 2011 " State of Inbound Marketing " report is now available for download. The report is based on data from a recent survey of 644 professionals familiar with their business’ marketing strategy. The research indicates that inbound marketing dominated organizations experience a 62% lower cost per lead than outbound marketing dominated organizations. Connect with HubSpot

8 Ways to Create More Effective Lead Generation Programs

February's Top 3 Marketing Tools | Marketri


How to Record a Webinar


A wise man once told me " Your time belongs to you. You and only you decide how to use it best. Choose wisely.". With only so many hours in the day, it's often difficult to find time to accomplish everything you'd like. Every day I receive emails about different webinars I'd love to attend and eagerly register anticipating how much I'm going to learn about the topic at hand. Playback." That's it!

A 4-Step Guide to Producing Crowdsourced Video


Did the crowdsourced concert films by Radiohead and the Beastie Boys ever inspire you to produce something similarly community-driven and creative? Because they definitely had that effect on marketing author and speaker David Meerman Scott. In January 2011, David was the keynote speaker at MarketingSherpa's Email Summit in Las Vegas. ” View complete video here! Coordination on Social Media.