Fri.Dec 09, 2016

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Weekend Reading: “Marketing 4.0” by Philip Kotler

B2B Marketing Insider

For the 100th episode of The Marketing Book Podcast I was thrilled to interview Dr. Philip Kotler, the man widely regarded at “The Father of Modern Marketing.” A faculty member since 1962 of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Dr. Kotler is the author of over 55 marketing books (translated into more than […]. The post Weekend Reading: “Marketing 4.0”

14 Scientific Reasons to Disconnect This Weekend [Infographic]


Any exciting plans for this weekend? I bet you're looking forward to spending some time with your family, or catching up with friends. Maybe there's a new recipe or restaurant you've wanted to try. And, of course, there are those countless minutes of checking your work email. That doesn't sound like a relaxing way to spend the Saturday. Or Sunday. Or both. And yet, so many of us do it.

19 Demand Generating Content Formats That Aren’t a PDF

B2B Marketing Insider

PDFs have their place. They’re easy to download, send, design, and skim. Over the years, they’ve become the unofficial default for many marketers, but times are a changin. When it comes to building buzz, holding attention, and reaching new markets, PDFs can fall a little … flat. The good news is, there are lots of […]. Demand Generation

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What Not To Do at Your Company Holiday Party


Ah, December: a month filled with festive decorations, hot chocolate, and the long-awaited company holiday party. Company holiday parties are a fun occasion to celebrate the season with your friends, family, and colleagues. However, even if the party has all of the trappings of an event you would throw at your home, such as food, alcohol, and party games, it’s still a work function. Our advice?

The Rise of the Customer Marketer

Explore the changes taking place in customer marketing from the perspective of customer marketers themselves.

Who Needs Crystal Balls? How the ‘Mindset List’ May be Lead Generation Gold

B2B Lead Blog

You know the guy. Your college professor whose hair was whiter than Siberia in February, his suit went out of style sometime during the Nixon administration, and his cultural references were before your grandparents’ time. You couldn’t relate to any of his analogies, because most of those dated to an era before television and the […]. Demand Generation

Why you need a creative brief for every project


Humans are wired to see images. More than half of humans are visual learners. Our brains process visuals incredibly fast: in just 13 milliseconds. We’ve long been visual beasts (think of the most early form of communication, hieroglyphics). But we’ve embraced that with vigor in recent years. Consider the popularity of visual media like Instagram, emojis, and YouTube. People simply aren’t reading much – they’re skimming. An eye-tracking study indicated emails were read in less than a minute. That’s what makes the visual portion of your creative process so important. What is a creative brief?