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Exceed Customer Expectations In The New Age Of Personalization

B2B Marketing Insider

The age of personalization is here and you are either matching demands of consumers or encouraging them to do business elsewhere. According to a new study from Accenture Interactive more than 9 in 10 companies are struggling to deliver digital customer experiences that exceed their customer expectations. Further, only 7% say their companies actually do […]. Marketing Strategy


How to Create an Engaging Snapchat Story: A Start-to-Finish Guide


With the average attention span dipping to just 8.25 seconds -- as short as that of a goldfish -- today's marketers are tasked with creating content that's engaging enough to appeal to distracted consumers. This is largely due to the fact that Snapchat content is inherently time-bound: Snapchat Stories disappear after just 24 hours. What is a Snapchat Story? How to Create a Snapchat Story.

Hacking Audience Attention Spans With Interactivity

B2B Marketing Insider

According to new data, the average human attention span hovers around eight seconds. What’s more: That’s down from 12 seconds since the beginning of the mobile era. Even goldfish have longer attention spans than the average human at this point in time (nine seconds)…which is strange to imagine. What’s happening to our ability to focus? […]. Content Marketing


5 Ways to Control Your Email Addiction [Infographic]


If you're among the 50% of us who check email from bed when we should be sleeping, then you know: We, as a society, are completely addicted to our email. And you can chalk it up to dopamine -- the neurotransmitter that makes us keep doing stuff that feels rewarding. Back in the day, those were things like eating, or having a nice conversation. So we repeatedly check it, hoping for the same reward.

150 Content Marketing Tips

Drive traffic—and leads—with these tips for SEO, social media, content optimization, email marketing, and more.

7 Steps To Creating The Best ABM Campaign Ever With Advocacy

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Developing your account-based marketing (ABM) strategy while keeping your brand advocates in mind will ensure your next ABM campaign is a success. Combining the two gives you the best of both worlds: the targeting power of ABM, and the ability to leverage your advocates’ personal connections and stories. But how do you do it?


6 Steps for a Successful B2B Cross-Sell and Upsell Strategy

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Anastasia Pavlova Are you doing enough to hit and potentially exceed your revenue goals? If you’re not marketing additional products or services to existing customers, you’re missing out on low-hanging fruit. In fact, data from Forbes reveals 90% of the customer value for B2B businesses is actually obtained after the initial sale. But how can you get started?

How to select the perfect B2B data vendor


Most B2B marketers rely on customer data from third party suppliers. But how do you choose among the myriad data providers out there? Just To get started, you need to identify your business and marketing objectives.  Let’s look at this process in detail. Here are some examples. Data needs for acquisition. Criteria for vendor evaluation. The data product. Criterion. Considerations. Quantity.


3 Ways to Boost Your Sales With an ROI Calculator


If you caught my recent article What Is an ROI Calculator , you know that online calculators are powerful marketing tools. If you haven’t read that, go check it out. I’ll wait. So you know that an ROI (return on investment) calculator improves the customer experience with 100% user-driven content. What you might not know is that an ROI calculator can actually boost your sales in three ways. 1.

Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat

Each year B2B organizations spend more than $5.2 billion on content creation – and yet, many assets fail to provide true ROI. Download the eBook to avoid the three top problems that keep content from living up to its potential.