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Matrix of 31 Marketing Funnel Metrics [Infographic]


Marketing funnel metrics are always at the forefront of a B2B marketer’s mind. We’re constantly looking at conversion rates, cost data, social shares, open rates, and click-throughs -- just to name a few. While different teams focus on different metrics (because we’re all running different marketing strategies), how do all of these metrics compare to each other? click to enlarge).

Account-Based Marketing and SEO: 4 Reasons They’re Perfect for Each Other

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Nate Dame Whether you’re just getting started with account-based marketing or you’ve been doing it for a while, you may be looking for new ways to maximize your efforts. One effective way to amplify the results of your ABM approach is to make sure it’s incorporated into your SEO strategy. For these reasons, SEO and ABM are a perfect pairing: 1. SEO is Always an Optimal Channel.

The 26 Best WordPress Plugins


WordPress is far and away the most popular content management system (CMS) for websites. It runs between 25% and 28% of all websites, and nearly 60% of all sites built using any sort of CMS platform. There are many reasons for this dominance. That led to web hosts providing one-click install capabilities, and designers creating a vast number of free and low-cost themes. Google Review Count:  312.

What Consumers Really Want From Your Video Content [Infographic]


Video content is no longer an option: It's a necessary component of any successful marketing strategy. The good news? Your audience wants to see more videos from you, and they engage with them at higher rates than other types of content. Even though you know your audience wants more video content, you might not know exactly what they want. Read about their insights in Adweek's infographic below.

How to Leverage Content Marketing to Power Your B2B Marketing Automation Funnel

Step-by-Step Process for Creating Captivating Visuals for Social Media

B2B Marketing Insider

Save the expense of an in-house designer and follow this step-by-step guide to creating consistent visual content optimized for social media channels. Standing out on social media today is no easy task. One of the most effective ways of making an impact and generating more engagement with your social media content is by including compelling […]. Content Marketing

How to Start Live Streaming on a Shoestring Budget

B2B Marketing Insider

Live streaming video content is some of the most engaging, innovative, and results-driving marketing material any business can create. American adults already watch about 5.5 hours of video content every day. And people spend about 3 times longer watching live video than recorded content. Brands that can capture a portion of that time can viscerally […]. Content Marketing video marketing

Five levers of relevance for digital authors


In my last article, Stop doing short-term campaigns , I said that cognitive effort was the “lever of relevance.” ” Several people have asked me what this means. Because it is fundamental to my work, I thought I would write a whole blog post about it. First, a lever is something you use to do a lot of work without a lot of effort. have written a book on this topic. ” etc.

Learn to say no and focus on your three critical business drivers

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

By Mark Schaefer. The other day a friend offered to post my content as a marketing column in his regional lifestyle magazine. It would require almost no work on my side and potentially expose me to a different audience. A no brainer, right? said no. Here’s why. The critical three. once worked with a business leader who would constantly ask, “What are your critical three?”

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Using Link Targeting for Improved Inbox Personalization

It's All About Revenue

For years now, email marketing has continued to defy the haters and provide a reliable, measurable channel for businesses. So far, the email world has survived being labeled as dead, the emergence of social media, the development of collaborative business tools like Slack, and continues to evolve as the marketing channel of choice for consumers all over the globe. What’s Device Targeting?

UserVoice Increases MQLs by 37% Using Predictive Marketing


Many of our customers come to us with a common problem: they have no good way to differentiate best-fit prospects from the tire-kickers, and are often left to rely on “gut instinct” when it comes to prioritizing who they should target. Armed with new predictive insights, the company saw a  2x increase in conversion rates and a  3 7% increase in marketing-qualified leads.

How Marketing Automation Technology Makes Businesses Smarter


Editors Note: This post originally appeared in The Business Debate. . Stereotype: a standardized mental picture that is held in common by members of a group and that represents an oversimplified opinion, affective attitude or uncritical judgment. Webster’s Dictionary. That no longer works in today’s world. Today’s apps, on the other hand, constantly pull in data about traffic, road conditions, etc.

Benefits of Marketing Planning Across the Organization


You’ve seen it happen over and over again. Your marketing organization sits down and really does the work of outlining their goals and creating a marketing plan. Then, as the organization’s different departments get mired in the day to day of doing their jobs, the plan is deviated from and ultimately forgotten. Marketing Planning Hive9

The B2B Demand Gen Marketing Playbook

5 Steps for Improving Your Media Outreach: Insights From 1,300 Publishers


The media needs content to report, and marketers need exposure for their content. Together, it seems like these two would have a pretty simple, mutually beneficial relationship, right? Unfortunately, like most modern-day relationships, it’s never really that simple. Steps for Improving Your Media Outreach. Define your audience. Build media lists. Do their posts see a lot of engagement?

Turn email pains into gains: Our new editor can help

Vertical Response

Whether you’ve just kicked off your email marketing program or you’ve been at it for years, you’re bound to run up against a few obstacles. From finding the time to manage and build campaigns to simply making sure that your emails are user-friendly and readable, there are a lot of moving parts. Pain point: Can’t control the look and feel of emails when using templates.

How to Build a Growth-Minded Design Process at Your Agency


As important as creativity is to an agency's success, no great work can be produced without a great process. Next time you admire a stunning design project, think for a moment: This work looks great, but did it go out on time? Did the project exceed budget? Was the client actually happy with the end result? Did the team run into any major project management roadblocks? Culture Change for Designers.

70% of Marketers Intend to Increase 2017 Mobile Marketing Budgets

KoMarketing Associates

Modern marketers are turning to mobile for new opportunities, and research suggests that they intend to invest more in this channel in 2017. The “Mobile Marketing Trends 2017” report from MobileBridge has discovered that this year, 70 percent of marketers intend to “somewhat” or “significantly” increase their budgets to execute their mobile strategy. Eighty-four percent use mobile apps to engage customers, and 66 percent utilize them to drive revenue. Sixty-three percent of marketers have an app to build customer loyalty. Approximately 40 percent are designed to attract new prospects. percent).

A Content Formula for Complex B2B Organizations

Gartner Names Oracle Marketing Cloud a Leader in Digital Marketing Hubs - for the 3rd.

It's All About Revenue

Gartner recently released its 2017 Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Hubs , and honored Oracle Marketing Cloud as a leader in this crucial customer experience category for the third consecutive report. We appreciate the recognition for our capabilities in the identity management space in particular, which we believe is a foundational element of a successful Digital Marketing Hub. Product News

Why Customer Experience is Rooted in Story

Type A Communications

February 23, 2017 by Carla Johnson Stories have characters – heroes, villains and mentors. They have a setting. They have plots that unfold over time. And they have themes. read more. Customer Experience Marketing Storytelling Carla Johnson Emerson Kathy Button Bell Type A Communications

Brainshark Customers: Get More Insight into Your Brainshark Utilization


5 Great Pinterest Marketing Resources

The New Strategist

Is your brand getting great marketing results from Pinterest? Check out these handy Pinterest marketing resources to do even better. Pinterest is a fantastic marketing tool that is under-utilized by countless brands. But what if you spent just a little more time on Pinterest? Would you be surprised if I told you that Pinterest can be a huge driver of highly-engaged traffic to your website?

Six Key Steps to Successful Marketing Automation Adoption

The New Era of Phone Marketing in Professional Services

Hinge Marketing

Sometimes market research can reveal real surprises. The 2017 High Growth Survey was no exception. Over 1,100 firms with combined revenues of over $200 billion participated in Hinge’s second annual study of marketing and growth for professional services firms. Participants were asked about a variety of topics including financial performance, strategy and marketing. During our data analysis, one finding in particular startled us. We found that almost a quarter (23.1% to be precise) of high-growth firms reported that phone marketing had a significant impact on their marketing. 50% actively blog.

Top Webinars You Should Watch For Marketing Success in 2017


It’s that time of year again for marketers – where we take a look at our past efforts, reminisce on the wins, and think about what’s next. That’s exactly what we’ve been doing at Radius these past few weeks. As the demand gen manager, one of my primary goals is to deliver value to the Radius audience. Find out if direct mail is right for you. Drive better conversions with email marketing.

How to Craft a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

KoMarketing Associates

I just got back from taking my first kid-free vacation after having a baby nearly four years ago. This was a real vacation – not to be confused with the time my husband and I spent the weekend in the bright, sunny company of norovirus while my daughter stayed home with grandma. No, it was a full 72 hours doing things like sitting at a nice restaurant without worrying about anyone putting cheese in their socks or spilling chocolate milk in their lap.  It was waking up at noon and thinking to myself, Huh, there is really nothing that I have to get done today. goals, needs, pain points, etc.)

Has B2B ecommerce come of age? Maybe.

MI6 Marketing Agency

The 2016 Intershop Ecommerce report makes the claim that “B2B E-Commerce Comes of Age”. If you market B2B ecommerce systems and solutions this report is a must read for the following reasons: The report was based on surveying B2B decision makers who, for the most part, have an online channel to sell and support their customers. If you’re from Intershop contact me and we can chat!). Maybe.

8 Ways to Create More Effective Lead Generation Programs

How Account-Based Marketing Enhances Your Customer’s Journey


You did it! You landed your dream account, and the deal has been closed. They got on board with your $10K solution. Sure, it’s time to pat yourself (and your team) on the back. But make no mistakes — your job is far from done. The product purchase is merely the first step of your […]. Account Based Marketing cross-sell customer experience customer journey land and expand post sale upsell